Friday, June 26, 2015

Holly Day

The first half of GH was interrupted today so this recap is condensed.

Here's What Happened - 

Valerie convinces Dante not to go after Lulu. She tells him to stay with her at his apartment. She makes him dinner while Dante wonders why Lulu left town with Dillon. At the end, Valerie promises Dante she's there for him and he kisses her.

Madeline puts the moves on Ric and he decides to take her up on her advances. Meanwhile, Denise helps Franco convince Nina that they're dating at The Metro Court. Carly, Morgan and Kiki watch in confusion. Morgan gets upset and Kiki wonders why. In private, Denise tells Franco their fake relationship helps her too. Later Nina goes to her hotel room looking for Ric. She finds him coming out of the shower and asks if he was with Madeline. He says no, but Madeline hides in the back in her bathrobe.

TJ goes to Sonny's house and they talk about Shawn and Michael. Later Carly comes home and Sonny tells her that TJ is going to be staying in Michael's old room. Meanwhile, Sabrina tries to talk Michael into returning Avery to Sonny at her apartment. At the end, Michael and Sabrina decide to bring Avery to Sonny's house.

Dillon and Lulu find Luke and Laura in British Columbia. They want to help in the search for Lucky, but Luke and Laura refuse them. Lulu and Dillon go back to their hotel room and wait for news. Meanwhile in Luke and Laura's room, Holly bursts in with a gun pointed at them!

End of show!

Have a great weekend!

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