Friday, June 19, 2015

Full of Memories

No regrets!
Today's Show - 

Nathan and Maxie meet for lunch at The Metro Court. She talks about a boycott at Wyndom's, because of what happened to TJ. Then Nathan brings up Maxie yelling at Valerie and asks what happened. Maxie defends her actions by saying Lulu needed her to be proactive on her behalf. Nathan says it was impulsive, but he understands that Maxie wants to protect Lulu. He thinks Dante and Lulu are too solid of a couple for anything to happen between them.

Morgan and "Denise" make out at ELQ and almost have sex on Michael's office couch. Rosalie walks in and sees them. She questions Morgan about his loyalty to Kiki while they fumble to get dressed. Then Kiki walks in and senses the awkwardness. Denise quickly explains that she came to see Michael and Rosalie tells all of them to leave. After Kiki, Morgan and Denise head to the The Metro Court for lunch. Kiki wants to set Denise up on a date with Silas. Denise gets nervous and makes an excuse to leave.

Nik wants to know if Dillon will sell him part of his ELQ stock in exchange for Nik funding his next three films. However Dillon refuses out of loyalty to his family. Nikolas plays it cool, but is disappointed and walks out. After Lulu and Dillon talk. Lulu starts to wonder if Nikolas is up to something with ELQ. She remembers seeing Rosalie at Wyndermere. After Dillon calls to tell Tracy about Rosalie and Nik.

Dante and Valerie talk about what Maxie said at the PCPD. Valerie is worried about what Lulu might think. Dante doesn't think she should worry. Valerie isn't so sure, because of the newspaper headline. She thinks maybe she should quit her job. Dante talks her out of it and says he'll clear the air with Lulu. At the end, Valerie goes to Lulu's apartment to make peace. She sees Lulu hugging Dillon while discussing a "secret" they are keeping from Dante.

At the Q's, Michael, Sam, Jake, Tracy and Sabrina are determined to find out who's after ELQ. Jake asks Sam to try and think about who the man on the other end of Rosalie's phone was. Sam can't place it. Then Michael tells them about telling Rosalie about the phone bug. Everyone thinks that was a bad call. Jake comes up with a plan. Later at ELQ, Michael and Jake call Rosalie into Michael's office for a chat. Dante shows up and Michael tells Rosalie that Dante is arresting her. Meanwhile over at the Metro Court, Sam wants to talk to Nik about his relationship with Rosalie. 

Luke and Laura make it to British Columbia and back to the Triple L Diner. Laura says the place is full of memories and sees a picture of her, Luke and Lucky on the wall from the early 90's. Then Luke gets the old generator running and they talk about their time at the Triple L. Laura feels nostalgic, but Luke thinks their time there made them vulnerable. It leads to a conversation about his recent troubles. Luke assures Laura that he doesn't regret their life together and he never will. After Luke wonders if Lulu can keep the secret from Dante. He's also worried about Tracy. At the end, they finally get a call from the kidnappers but the call is hung up abruptly. Then an unseen person walks in the door and Luke says, "What the hell?"

End of show!

Good Luke & Laura scenes today. I liked seeing them finally be familiar with each other. 

Have a great weekend!

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