Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cut the Crap!

Is this how you treat a guest?
Here's What Happened - 

Silas returns to his apartment and Kiki fills him in on what he's missed. She tells him that she's back together with Morgan and it feels right. Then she tells Silas that Olivia's baby died and it was Julian's child. After Kiki tells Silas about Denise's arrival and Delia's confession about having twins. Silas has a flashback of his administering a fatal injection to Ava in NYC. Then Silas heads out saying he has to go to the hospital, but promises Kiki he'll be there for her going forward. Once he leaves, Kiki calls Denise and asks to meet her at the Floating Rib. 

Julian works out shirtless in his apartment with a kettle ball when Ava, I mean Denise walks in and asks him to turn down the music. He refuses so she turns the music off for him. Julian tells Denise he killed his other sister. Denise makes a comment about Olivia (Julian's sister), which makes Julian wonder how Denise knew who she was. Then Denise claims she did research on the Jerome's on the internet. After Denise brings up Avery and Julian tells her the baby is with Michael now. At the end, Silas shows up to see Denise when she's alone. He tells her to cut the crap, because he knows she is really Ava.

Morgan boxes at the gym while thinking of Denise. Michael storms in holding a newspaper detailing Denise's arrival and demands that Morgan explain what's going on. Morgan tells him about Denise being Ava's sister. Then he tells Michael he's back with Kiki. They end up arguing about Morgan's scheme with Kiki to drug Michael and the other bad blood between them. Morgan wants them to fight it out in the boxing ring. Michael grudgingly agrees, but they end up taking their gloves off and fighting for real. After they're both exhausted and Morgan apologizes for his actions. At the end, they agree that things have changed between them but decide to call a cease fire. 

Dante tells Jordan at the PCPD that Luke has returned and Sloane was fired. Dante thinks Anna should be back in the commissioner's seat. Then Major Lomax walks in and offers Jordan the position of commissioner. Jordan is shocked and says Anna is better for the role. Lomax refuses to rehire Anna and says as long as she's Major, Anna will never get her job back. Jordan is hesitant, but finally accepts. Dante congratulates her and Jordan hopes she made the right decision.

Anna and Sloane wake up in bed together and feel hung over. Anna gets sick and after they talk about how Anna needed to blow off steam. She looks at Duke's picture and ashes and feels guilty for sleeping with Sloane. Agent Sloane tells her that Duke would understand and he doesn't regret anything. He's says he cares about Anna even though he knows the timing is bad. Sloane tells Anna he's had feelings for her for awhile and he hopes that maybe she cares for him too. However Anna is overcome by her grief and insists that Sloane leave. 

Tracy is surprised to see Luke awake at the Q's. He tells her it's one of the changes he's making and hands her a bag of croissants from Eckert's bakery. Luke's says he has to face the mistakes he's made starting with Tracy. Later Tracy tells Luke about how Avery is Sonny's baby, but Michael is taking care of her at the Quartermaine's. Sabrina walks in to take Avery and after Luke hands Tracy an engagement ring. He tells Tracy she's his "constant" and Luke proposes since their marriage was annulled previously. Tracy says she wants to trust him, but she's not sure if this is real or not. At the end, NuDillon walks in and tells Tracy not to take the ring.

End of show!

Apparently Wyndom's doesn't have a great selection of menswear, because the men on GH rarely wear shirts anymore! Not that I'm complaining. ;)

Have a great night!


  1. Loving MW as Denise - enjoy her as Ava too. Happy to have Madeline back - loved her putting Ric in his place yesterday. Oh my, when did Sloan get to be such a hottie...whew!

  2. I think he's always been a hottie. I like them together!

  3. I agree, this Agent Sloane is pretty funny and has great chemistry with Anna. Finger's crossed it will be written well.


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