Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Call Me Mom

I'm not talking!
Today's Recap - 

Jake has a dream that he's playing with Danny and Liz. Then he wakes up startled and Liz brings him coffee in bed. She tells him how much her boys like him. Jake confides in her that he dreamt of Danny. Liz decides to distract him and they start fooling around. Later they talk in bed and Jake says he needs a job. He sees a job for head of security online at ELQ. Liz is nervous at the idea of Jake working with Michael.

Sam takes Danny to the Quartermaine's to see Monica. She runs into Sabrina and they talk about Rosalie. Sabrina gives Sam some details about Michael's attempt to get Franco's shares back. Sam wants to help, because she cares about Michael. Sabrina tells Sam about her budding relationship with Michael and asks her look into Rosalie's big secret. 

At ELQ, Michael coldly greets Rosalie as he walks into the office. He asks to speak with her and questions her about Franco's shares. Rosalie convinces Michael that she wasn't able to buy them from Nina. After she realizes that Sabrina must have made Michael have doubts about her. Michael tells her they shouldn't be talking about Sabrina and they decide to forget they had that conversation. At the end, Jake comes to see Michael for a job interview. 

Franco brings Dr. Obrecht her Egg Salad painting back at GH. When she unwraps it, Dr. O sees it's been ripped. He explains that Nina is responsible for the damage. Franco ends up telling her about his failed plan with Nathan to blackmail Nina into annulling her marriage. Dr. O thinks Madeline would help Franco get Ric out of the picture to protect Nina's money. At the end, Dr. O finds out that Madeline is gone from Pentonville.

Ric is late to have breakfast with Nina at The Metro Court. She tells him she sold Franco's shares of ELQ, which makes Ric choke on his food. Nina toys with him about the money she got and notes how relieved he seems when she tells him it's in the bank. Then Molly walks in and greets Nina harshly. Nina tries to be nice and tells Molly to call her "mom" but of course Molly refuses.

Agent Sloane comes to see Nikolas at Wyndermere. He threatens to expose their secret about fixing the election unless Nikolas orders Mayor Lomax to give Sloane his job back. Nikolas decides to offer him a job helping him get control of ELQ instead. Sloan agrees and leaves. Right then Liz comes to see Nik and says they have a problem.

Valerie tells Jordan at the PCPD that there is a "perp" in the interrogation room she should see. Jordan opens the door and sees TJ. She asks why Dante had him arrested. TJ catches an attitude and says he wants to make his one phone call. Jordan allows it and TJ calls Molly for help. Meanwhile Jordan and Valerie try to reach Dante to find out what happened with TJ. At the end, Molly brings Ric to the police station to help TJ.

End of show!

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