Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vegas Is That Way!

Here's What Happened - 

Tracy talks to Edward's picture at the Quartermaine's. Then Denise stops by for a visit. Tracy tells her "Vegas is that way" and points in the opposite direction. Denise asks about where Michael and Avery are. Tracy won't tell her anything and insists she leave. Meanwhile, Michael wakes up at Sabrina's worrying about Avery. Sabrina calms him and they kiss. Later they head to the Q's and find Denise waiting for Michael. He tells Denise that he gave Avery back to Sonny.

Sonny gets a visit from Dante at his house. Sonny tells him that Michael brought Avery home to him. Then Dante fills Sonny in on Lulu going off with Dillon. He also tells Sonny about kissing Valerie. Sonny advises Dante to talk to Lulu before doing anything rash. Dante asks Sonny to babysit Rocco so he can go find Lulu. Sonny tells him he's got his back. At the end, Sonny is alone and gets a visit from Denise. 

Liz and Jake talk about Nik's ELQ takeover at Kelly's. Jake wonders if maybe Nikolas said something to her about his plans, but Liz says she had no idea what Nik was up to. Then Nikolas walks in and sits down with them. He and Jake have a tense conversation. Nikolas asks Jake to keep working at ELQ. Jake gets angry and refuses. After Liz asks Jake for a moment to chat with Nik alone. Once alone, she has a pow wow with Nik and thinks its better Jake stays away from the Quartermaine's. Meanwhile Jake goes to see Michael and offers to help him get ELQ back. Michael welcomes him back. 

Luke wakes up in bed with Laura and Holly on either side of him. Luke is restless waiting for news. Holly suggests that whoever took Ethan and Lucky is after Luke. He ends up stepping out of the room. After Laura and Holly have a conversation about Ethan's conception taking place when Laura was still married to Luke. Holly explains how it happened and apologizes to Laura. They make peace and agree they need to focus on getting their sons home safely. They talk about Bill Eckert and Luke's broken childhood. Then the kidnapper calls. He tells them to open the door. When they do, they see a picture of Ethan and Lucky tied up. 

Dillon wakes Lulu up with coffee in their hotel room. He asks her to read his script to get her mind off of her parents and Dante. Later Luke stops by and tells them that Holly showed up. Lulu gets scared when Luke tells her that Ethan is missing too. Luke tells Dillon he still loves Tracy and hates that he had to hurt her. At the end, Dante arrives and finds Lulu's things mixed in with Dillon's stuff. Meanwhile Laura shows Luke, Lulu and Dillon the picture of Ethan and Lucky back in their room. They vow to find the kidnappers together!

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday's Show

Relationship status: It's Complicated!
No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a blurb from the ABC GH Blog:

Holly explains that she went to visit Ethan she discovered his place turned upside down and he had vanished. Laura is amazed since it is the same thing that happened to her with Lucky. 

Sonny's stunned when Michael reveals that he's giving him back his daughter. Sonny has an emotional reunion with his daughter.

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you haven't heard, Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) and Brian Craig (Morgan) got in engaged in real life yesterday! Read here: Britt & Morgan

Friday, June 26, 2015

Holly Day

The first half of GH was interrupted today so this recap is condensed.

Here's What Happened - 

Valerie convinces Dante not to go after Lulu. She tells him to stay with her at his apartment. She makes him dinner while Dante wonders why Lulu left town with Dillon. At the end, Valerie promises Dante she's there for him and he kisses her.

Madeline puts the moves on Ric and he decides to take her up on her advances. Meanwhile, Denise helps Franco convince Nina that they're dating at The Metro Court. Carly, Morgan and Kiki watch in confusion. Morgan gets upset and Kiki wonders why. In private, Denise tells Franco their fake relationship helps her too. Later Nina goes to her hotel room looking for Ric. She finds him coming out of the shower and asks if he was with Madeline. He says no, but Madeline hides in the back in her bathrobe.

TJ goes to Sonny's house and they talk about Shawn and Michael. Later Carly comes home and Sonny tells her that TJ is going to be staying in Michael's old room. Meanwhile, Sabrina tries to talk Michael into returning Avery to Sonny at her apartment. At the end, Michael and Sabrina decide to bring Avery to Sonny's house.

Dillon and Lulu find Luke and Laura in British Columbia. They want to help in the search for Lucky, but Luke and Laura refuse them. Lulu and Dillon go back to their hotel room and wait for news. Meanwhile in Luke and Laura's room, Holly bursts in with a gun pointed at them!

End of show!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

No Panic Room Imprisonment

Thursday's Recap - 

Rosalie gets chewed out by Nikolas at ELQ. He's angry at her for giving the police his name. Nik gets in her face and screams that she's lucky he doesn't lock her up on Cassadine Island and make her Helena's bitch. He insists that she recant her confession to the police. Nik says if she does she can continue working for him and he'll keep her secret. If not, he plans to expose her. Rosalie reluctantly agrees and heads to the PCPD.

Michael shows up at Sabrina's door looking for moral support. He vents to her about how Nikolas usurped him as CEO with Lucy's help. Sabrina is surprised that Lucy would do something like that. Michael explains that Lucy took issue with him taking Avery to spite Sonny. Michael talks about AJ and the way Sonny murdered him. He says after everything he's starting to want Sonny and Carly back in his life. Sabrina advises that he return Avery to Sonny to make peace. 

Morgan stops by Sonny's place to talk to Carly and Sonny about Michael's ELQ problems. Carly leaves to go to the hotel. After Sonny and Morgan talk about Denise. Morgan admits that he fooled around with her again and Rosalie saw them. Sonny is worried that Rosalie will let it slip to Kiki. Morgan thinks there is more to the story with Rosalie. Meanwhile "Denise" goes to GH to see Silas. She interrupts him with a patient to talk about her issues visiting Avery. Then she talks about fooling around with Morgan in Michael's office. Silas gets annoyed and tells her not expect him to be her "booty call" in Morgan's absence. 

Ric gives Nina a pearl necklace in their hotel room. He agrees to meet Nina in The Metro Court bar later for dinner, but says he wants to change his clothes first. Once alone, Ric gets a visit from Madeline. She's anxious to know about his progress getting Nina's money. Ric says Franco is a problem and suggests they get rid of Nina. Madeline slaps him and says he's not to touch her. She warns, "no panic room imprisonment either!" Madeline suggests that Ric have Nina committed to a mental institution instead. 

Kiki runs into Franco at The Metro Court bar. Franco fills Kiki in on Nina's marriage to Ric and his hurt feelings. Kiki calls Nina a loon and advises him to stay out of it. Then Nina walks in as Franco is talking about Madeline. Franco tells Nina that Madeline is out of jail now. He takes her aside and says Ric is full of crap. Nina won't hear him and makes a comment about having sex with Ric. Franco gets insecure and says he's got a new woman in his life. Nina asks who.

Meanwhile Carly comes to the hotel and talks to Kiki about Michael. Kiki mentions that Denise has been trying see Avery. Then Denise walks in and strolls up to Carly. Franco sees her and tells Nina that she's his new girlfriend. Nina runs up to Denise and is taken aback when she sees her face. Back in Nina's room, Madeline tells Ric he needs to assure her of his commitment. Then she plants a big kiss on him.

End of show!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Coming Up On Today's GH

No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime according to GHH here is what's coming up on today's show:

Lucy has an explanation to make concerning her ELQ vote.

Rosalie is in big trouble.

TJ wonders if Sonny ordered the hit on Jordan.

Dante's suspicions of Lulu and Dillon grow.

Dillon confronts Nikolas over his ELQ takeover.

Luke receives a shocking proposition that tests his love for Tracy-- leaving him in an impossible situation.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Just An Average Cassadine

Naughty Nik!
Tuesday's Recap - 

Sam and Jake talk about Nik at The Metro Court. After they start joking around. Patrick and Liz walk in and Sam tells them about Nik's attempts to take over ELQ. Liz listens with a guilty expression on her face. Later Jake offers to pay for dinner for all four of them. At the end, Patrick tells them he's starting to feel like a father to Danny. Jake says he's staying at Kelly's and taking it slow with Liz. He thanks Patrick and Sam for their support and toasts to new friends. 

Valerie debates telling Dante about Lulu and Dillon at the PCPD. Dante senses something is bothering her and pushes to know what's up. Valerie spills the beans and tells Dante she saw Dillon and Lulu hugging while discussing keeping a secret from him. Dante tells Valerie that he's going to talk to Lulu about it. 

Lulu and Dillon talk on the phone about their secret together. Lucy walks into the Q's so Dillon gets hangs up. Then he tells Lucy that ELQ needs her help. Meanwhile Maxie comes by to see Lulu with cupcakes. They get into a conversation about Valerie. Lulu ends up letting it slip that she has a secret with Dillon. Maxie pushes to know what, but Lulu won't tell her. At the end, Dante goes home and asks if Lulu knows what Nikolas has been up to. Then Dante asks why Dillon was visiting. Lulu tells him it was just to see Rocco.

Nik strolls into ELQ and informs Tracy and Michael about his plans. Tracy asks how he could do this to Emily's memory. She calls Nik, "Just an average Cassadine!" Michael tells Nik that Lucy Coe will be the Q's secret weapon. Michael also tells him that Edward put a loophole in his will allowing the family to strip a majority share holder from their voting rights. Later Michael calls a voting meeting. Dillon and Lucy show up, but Lucy decides to vote with Nikolas.

At the Triple L Diner, Jennifer Smith tells Luke he needs to spend one night with her in exchange for Lucky's safe return. Jennifer talks about her history of failed relationships and calls Luke her white whale. Laura thinks Jennifer's actions are rape. Jennifer says Laura should see it as a karmic revenge since Luke raped her back in the day. Luke finally gets fed up and agrees to Jennifer's deal. 

End of show!

This storyline with Jennifer Smith is just so stupid. Sorry I hate to be negative, but dear lord! Bad, bad writing!

Have a great night!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Jennifer Smith

She looks like Claudia Z.
Here's What Happened - 

Luke and Laura get a surprise visitor at the Triple L Diner. Jennifer Smith walks in the door looking 20 years younger than she should be. Luke and Laura point their guns at her, but Jennifer's henchmen come in behind her and take their weapons. After they all sit down to talk. Jennifer tells them she knows Luke told Lulu about Lucky's disappearance. Then she says that she kidnapped Lucky in exchange for sex with Luke. Jennifer informs Luke he has to spend one night with her to get his son back.

Michael, Jake and Dante inform Rosalie at ELQ that she's being arrested for corporate espionage. Rosalie tries to blame Sabrina for bad mouthing her, but Jake says he's got proof from Nina. Jake pulls out a recording from Nina of her exchange with Rosalie about the stock. They offer her a deal if she names the person she's working for. At first she hesitates for fear of her secret coming out, but under pressure Rosalie admits she's working for Nikolas. After Rosalie apologizes to Michael, but he doesn't want to hear it. Then Dante takes her to the station to make an official statement. Once alone, Jake promises Michael he can trust him to help save ELQ. 

Valerie sees Dillon and Lulu hugging at her apartment while discussing their secret. They end up seeing Valerie so Lulu invites her inside. Dillon leaves and after Lulu tries to figure out what Valerie heard. Valerie starts to talk about the headline of her and Dante in the newspaper and tells Lulu about Maxie's reaction. Valerie asks if Lulu thinks she's after Dante. Lulu admits that she's been a little concerned, but Valerie promises that she's not making a move on Dante. Lulu decides to make peace and assures Valerie it's all good. At the end, Valerie goes back to the PCPD and debates telling Dante about seeing Lulu hug Dillon. Meanwhile Lulu tells Dillon on the phone that Valerie won't say anything to Dante.

Sam questions Nikolas at The Metro Court about his relationship with Rosalie. Nikolas tries to make excuses, but Sam calls him out for lying. Nik gets defensive and says it's none of Sam's business. Sam won't back down so he finally admits he's trying to take over ELQ. She can't believe that Nikolas would do this to Emily's family. Nik explains it's not personal. He says Helena and Victor burned through a lot of the Cassadine's money. He says he has a lifestyle to maintain. Sam thinks Nik is jeopardizing his integrity and starts yelling at him. Sam tells him he's acting like Helena. Nik claims he's nothing like Helena and walks out. At the end, Jake meets Sam at the bar and she tells him that Nikolas admitted everything to her. 

Tracy and Sabrina anxiously await news about Rosalie, Nikolas and ELQ at the Quartermaine's. They talk about the situation while folding baby clothes together. Tracy thinks Edward would be turning in his grave. Later they try to analyst how much of ELQ's stock Nikolas might have control of. Tracy decides to call Brooklyn to see if anyone's approached her. Brooklyn tells Tracy she was blackmailed into turning her shares over. Then Dillon walks in and tells them about how Nikolas tried to get his shares to no avail. At the end, Tracy goes to ELQ to tell Michael that Nikolas has 50% of ELQ. Right then Nikolas walks in!

End of show!

Good Sam & Nik scenes today! I like the relationship developing between Sabrina and Tracy too. 

Have a great night!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Full of Memories

No regrets!
Today's Show - 

Nathan and Maxie meet for lunch at The Metro Court. She talks about a boycott at Wyndom's, because of what happened to TJ. Then Nathan brings up Maxie yelling at Valerie and asks what happened. Maxie defends her actions by saying Lulu needed her to be proactive on her behalf. Nathan says it was impulsive, but he understands that Maxie wants to protect Lulu. He thinks Dante and Lulu are too solid of a couple for anything to happen between them.

Morgan and "Denise" make out at ELQ and almost have sex on Michael's office couch. Rosalie walks in and sees them. She questions Morgan about his loyalty to Kiki while they fumble to get dressed. Then Kiki walks in and senses the awkwardness. Denise quickly explains that she came to see Michael and Rosalie tells all of them to leave. After Kiki, Morgan and Denise head to the The Metro Court for lunch. Kiki wants to set Denise up on a date with Silas. Denise gets nervous and makes an excuse to leave.

Nik wants to know if Dillon will sell him part of his ELQ stock in exchange for Nik funding his next three films. However Dillon refuses out of loyalty to his family. Nikolas plays it cool, but is disappointed and walks out. After Lulu and Dillon talk. Lulu starts to wonder if Nikolas is up to something with ELQ. She remembers seeing Rosalie at Wyndermere. After Dillon calls to tell Tracy about Rosalie and Nik.

Dante and Valerie talk about what Maxie said at the PCPD. Valerie is worried about what Lulu might think. Dante doesn't think she should worry. Valerie isn't so sure, because of the newspaper headline. She thinks maybe she should quit her job. Dante talks her out of it and says he'll clear the air with Lulu. At the end, Valerie goes to Lulu's apartment to make peace. She sees Lulu hugging Dillon while discussing a "secret" they are keeping from Dante.

At the Q's, Michael, Sam, Jake, Tracy and Sabrina are determined to find out who's after ELQ. Jake asks Sam to try and think about who the man on the other end of Rosalie's phone was. Sam can't place it. Then Michael tells them about telling Rosalie about the phone bug. Everyone thinks that was a bad call. Jake comes up with a plan. Later at ELQ, Michael and Jake call Rosalie into Michael's office for a chat. Dante shows up and Michael tells Rosalie that Dante is arresting her. Meanwhile over at the Metro Court, Sam wants to talk to Nik about his relationship with Rosalie. 

Luke and Laura make it to British Columbia and back to the Triple L Diner. Laura says the place is full of memories and sees a picture of her, Luke and Lucky on the wall from the early 90's. Then Luke gets the old generator running and they talk about their time at the Triple L. Laura feels nostalgic, but Luke thinks their time there made them vulnerable. It leads to a conversation about his recent troubles. Luke assures Laura that he doesn't regret their life together and he never will. After Luke wonders if Lulu can keep the secret from Dante. He's also worried about Tracy. At the end, they finally get a call from the kidnappers but the call is hung up abruptly. Then an unseen person walks in the door and Luke says, "What the hell?"

End of show!

Good Luke & Laura scenes today. I liked seeing them finally be familiar with each other. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday's Recap

It was better with Steve!
No recap today. I'll be back tomorrow.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Standing By Her Man

Looking out for my best friend!
Here's What Happened - 

Sam listens in as Rosalie goes to make a phone call at ELQ from her bed at home. Patrick asks what's going on so Sam tells him she heard a man's voice with her bug, but it disconnected. Sam thinks Jake might have suspected something. The mention of Jake upsets Patrick. Sam promises him she's going to be careful. Meanwhile Michael stops Rosalie from calling Nikolas at the office. He tells her there is a bug in her phone. 

At the Metro Court, Rosalie calls Nik from her cell phone and tells him her office phone is being bugged. Meanwhile Jake tells Liz he's looking into Sam while in bed together. He tells Liz about his investigation with Michael, which makes Liz nervous. Later Liz goes to the Metro Court to see Nikolas. She tells Nik that Sam is the one bugging ELQ. Liz starts to panic, but Nik insists she get it together and keep their plan in tact. Then Nik mentions wanting to use Dillon for his ELQ shares via Lulu. Meanwhile Jake arrives at ELQ. Michael tells him he told Rosalie about the bug. 

Lulu dreams that Dillon tells her Dante found out about Lucky and got him killed. Dante wakes her and asks what she was dreaming about. Later Lulu sees a newspaper headline with Valerie and Dante that says, "Standing By Her Man." Then Dante leaves for work and after Lulu asks Dillon to come over. When Dillon arrives Lulu tells him about her dream. Lulu feels guilty for keeping secrets from Dante so Dillon hugs her. After Lulu introduces Rocco to Dillon, which leads to a conversation about the abortion Lulu had with Dillon's baby years ago. At the end, Lulu says she hates lying to Dante, but they agree they need to keep this secret.

At the PCPD, Maxie grills Valerie about her intentions towards Dante. She shows Valerie the newspaper heading. Valerie tries to defend what happened to Maxie, but Maxie questions if she's trying to steal Dante from Lulu. Right then Dante walks in. He takes Maxie aside and tells her not to worry about Valerie. Maxie apologizes to Valerie reluctantly and Valerie accepts. At the end, Dante tells Valerie not to worry about Maxie because he knows their just friends. 

At the Quartermaine's, Tracy questions Sabrina about Sam's investigation. Then Dillon walks in shirtless and asks how Tracy is doing. Tracy expresses her appreciation for Dillon looking out for her. Later when alone, Tracy tells Sabrina about Dillon's past relationships with Georgie and Lulu. At the end, Sam comes by to see Tracy. Jake spy's on them and assumes Sam is working for Tracy.

End of show!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Racial Tension

Dante is a good man!
Today's Recap - 

Ava kisses Silas at his apartment to get her mind off of Morgan. She tells him that their moments from the past were some of the best of her life. Ava thinks the way he saved her life shows how much he cares for her. Silas admits that he does have feelings for her, but doesn't want to recapture what they once happened. Silas refuses to play second fiddle to Morgan so Ava storms out in anger.

Kiki asks Morgan at The Metro Court what he was talking to Sonny about it. Morgan thinks about kissing Denise, but tells Kiki he was talking to Sonny about taking her on a trip to Atlantic City. Kiki gets excited, but asks if he wanted to take her because of Denise looking like Ava. Morgan says he's a little freaked out. Kiki tells him that she understands, but can't go away with him. 

Molly brings TJ a tie to wear to his hearing at the PCPD. He tells her about Duke ordering a hit on Jordan and Molly wonders if Sonny was involved. Outside Ric scolds Jordan for letting TJ stay in jail. Jordan tries to defend her position, but Ric says if it were Molly he would have had her released. Jordan insists that Ric get TJ's charges dropped or else. 

Sonny and Scotty have a run in at the courthouse. Scotty says he's going to stick it to TJ just like he did to Shawn. Scotty explains that the mall security guard developed shoulder pain and is pressing assault charges. Later TJ, Ric, Jordan, and Molly arrive at the courthouse. Sonny takes a minute alone with Ric after making a discreet phone call. Ric tells Sonny to stay out of the courtroom. Meanwhile Jordan tells Scotty to give TJ justice inside the courtroom. Later Scotty gets a call that the guard is dropping the charges so Scotty tells TJ he's free to go. 

Back at the police department, Dante gets bamboozled by a reporter who accuses him of being a racist. The reporter says Dante arrested TJ, because he's black. Valerie jumps in and defends Dante. Then she insists the reporter leave the station. After Dante thanks Valerie for having his back. Valerie says that offering support is what family is all about. 

At the Haunted Star, Tracy walks in just as Lulu is asking Dillon not to tell Tracy the truth. Tracy pressures Dillon to tell her what's going on. Dillon decides to cover for Luke and Laura and says they were planning a honeymoon. Tracy gets disgusted and hands Laura her engagement ring. Laura won't take it. Tracy ends up putting it in Luke's hand and goes to walk out. Luke stops her and says he'll always be sorry for hurting her. Tracy says that's worth nothing and leaves. After Luke and Laura thank Dillon for staying quiet about Lucky's kidnapping. Meanwhile Tracy goes back to the Q's and Sabrina sees that she's upset.

At the end, Laura gets an unknown text with an address in British Columbia. She swears Lulu and Dillon to secrecy and warns Lulu not to tell Dante. Then Luke and Laura take off to find Lucky. Meanwhile Valerie and Dante enjoy some coffee together the station. Kiki tells Morgan she wants to spend time with Denise and can't leave town. Denise heads to the Quartermaine's to see Avery and is greeted by Sabrina. She's not happy to learn that Sabrina is the Avery's nanny. Sabrina refuses to let her visit with Avery without Michael's permission. At the courthouse, Jordan asks Sonny if he knows anything about the charges being dropped. Sonny answers that all that matters is that justice was served and walks away!

End of show!

I like that GH is touching on race issues and diversified the cast, but I still don't like Valerie!

Have a great night!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Today's Show

Got home too late to recap today. I'm sorry, I'll be back tomorrow.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Today's Show + Next Week's Scoop

No official recap today, I need wine! lol I'll be back on Monday. You can also find my end of week recap on SoapHub, which should be up on Sunday. In the meantime, here's what happened on today's show according to the ABC GH Blog: 

Lulu and Dillon demand answers from Luke.The confrontation grows heated when Luke reveals that he and Laura lied to everyone.

Here's what coming up next week. Read here --- > Week of June 15th

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I Don't Care Anymore

Free bird!
Thursday's Recap - 

Liz vents to Nikolas at Wyndermere about Jake. She fills him in on Jake's interest in working at ELQ with Michael. Liz worries that Jake will remember and feels guilty for keeping his identity from him. Later Nikolas tells Liz that he's close to acquiring control of ELQ. He thinks Jake could end up working for him. Liz is slightly relieved by the news. Nik says she's worrying for no reason.

Jake goes to interview with Michael at ELQ. Rosalie eavesdrops on their conversation over the intercom. She hears Michael voice concerns about her and the ELQ stock to Jake. Meanwhile Sabrina walks into ELQ and sees Rosalie listening to the intercom. They have a chilly conversation about Sabrina's suspicions that Rosalie lied about getting the shares from Nina. In Michael's office, he asks Jake about his previous issues with Helena. Jake assures him he's better and very interested in learning all about Helena.

Later Jake tells Michael about dreaming that Danny was his son. Jake notices a picture of Monica and Danny on Michael's desk. It leads to a conversation about Jason and the Quartermaine's. Michael gives Jake background on the company, Edward and the various misadventures that the family got into over the years. At the end, Michael offers Jake the job. Jake's first assignment is to find out who took the missing ELQ shares. Outside, Sabrina tells Rosalie the truth about will come out sooner or later. 

Sam chats Nina up at The Metro Court to find out dirt on Rosalie. Nina gets suspicious of Sam's motives so Sam decides to come clean. She tells Nina she was asked to look into her relationship with Rosalie. Later Nina swears that she sold her ELQ shares to Rosalie. Sam says Rosalie has a different version of the story. Then Sam asks about Rosalie's secret. Nina plays it coy and refuses to tell her anything.

Madeline surprises Franco and Dr. Obrecht at GH. She explains that she got of jail, because Ric worked some legal magic for her. Then Franco asks Madeline to help him protect Nina and her money from Ric. Madeline pretends she doesn't care about anything other than freedom, but Dr. O ends up laughing out loud her. 

Dante tells Jordan and Ric that TJ was arrested for using a fake credit card at the PCPD. He says that the mall security guard knew TJ was going to see Shawn at Pentonville and assumed he was a criminal too. Meanwhile TJ explains to Molly in the interrogation room that he tried to buy her earrings with his credit card and got into a scuffle with the security guard. Ric is hopeful he can get the charges dropped. However at the end, Jordan gets a call from Mayor Lomax who demands that TJ stay locked up!

End of show!

I really liked Sam and Nina's scenes today. They should be crazy fun friends together!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Call Me Mom

I'm not talking!
Today's Recap - 

Jake has a dream that he's playing with Danny and Liz. Then he wakes up startled and Liz brings him coffee in bed. She tells him how much her boys like him. Jake confides in her that he dreamt of Danny. Liz decides to distract him and they start fooling around. Later they talk in bed and Jake says he needs a job. He sees a job for head of security online at ELQ. Liz is nervous at the idea of Jake working with Michael.

Sam takes Danny to the Quartermaine's to see Monica. She runs into Sabrina and they talk about Rosalie. Sabrina gives Sam some details about Michael's attempt to get Franco's shares back. Sam wants to help, because she cares about Michael. Sabrina tells Sam about her budding relationship with Michael and asks her look into Rosalie's big secret. 

At ELQ, Michael coldly greets Rosalie as he walks into the office. He asks to speak with her and questions her about Franco's shares. Rosalie convinces Michael that she wasn't able to buy them from Nina. After she realizes that Sabrina must have made Michael have doubts about her. Michael tells her they shouldn't be talking about Sabrina and they decide to forget they had that conversation. At the end, Jake comes to see Michael for a job interview. 

Franco brings Dr. Obrecht her Egg Salad painting back at GH. When she unwraps it, Dr. O sees it's been ripped. He explains that Nina is responsible for the damage. Franco ends up telling her about his failed plan with Nathan to blackmail Nina into annulling her marriage. Dr. O thinks Madeline would help Franco get Ric out of the picture to protect Nina's money. At the end, Dr. O finds out that Madeline is gone from Pentonville.

Ric is late to have breakfast with Nina at The Metro Court. She tells him she sold Franco's shares of ELQ, which makes Ric choke on his food. Nina toys with him about the money she got and notes how relieved he seems when she tells him it's in the bank. Then Molly walks in and greets Nina harshly. Nina tries to be nice and tells Molly to call her "mom" but of course Molly refuses.

Agent Sloane comes to see Nikolas at Wyndermere. He threatens to expose their secret about fixing the election unless Nikolas orders Mayor Lomax to give Sloane his job back. Nikolas decides to offer him a job helping him get control of ELQ instead. Sloan agrees and leaves. Right then Liz comes to see Nik and says they have a problem.

Valerie tells Jordan at the PCPD that there is a "perp" in the interrogation room she should see. Jordan opens the door and sees TJ. She asks why Dante had him arrested. TJ catches an attitude and says he wants to make his one phone call. Jordan allows it and TJ calls Molly for help. Meanwhile Jordan and Valerie try to reach Dante to find out what happened with TJ. At the end, Molly brings Ric to the police station to help TJ.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nobody Ever Loved Me

I'm done!
Here's What Happened - 

Maxie and Nathan talk about his plan with Franco to blackmail Nina in Nathan's room. He worries that he drove Nina closer to Ric as a result. Maxie thinks any plan with Franco is doomed to fail. Then she advises Nathan to give it time. She thinks Nina will come around. At the end, Nathan thanks Maxie for supporting him as they lay in bed. 

Kiki tells Silas at The Floating Rib that she's waiting for Denise to meet her for dinner. She decides to go look for Denise at her apartment instead. After Silas chats with Nina at the bar. Franco walks in and tells Nina he wants his ELQ shares back. Nina tells him she sold his shares to Rosalie on Michael's behalf. Franco gets angry and walks out. At the end, Nina thanks Silas for believing that she didn't kidnap Avery.

Morgan and Ava/Denise can't resist each other at her apartment. They start making out, but Morgan gets freaked out and pulls away. He asks her not to tell Kiki. Right then Kiki walks in. Denise tells Kiki about her visit with Avery. After Kiki mentions that she and Morgan are dating. Denise doesn't like what she hears. She tells Morgan in private that Kiki doesn't deserve a two timer.

Michael tells Sabrina at the Q's that he wasn't able to get Franco's ELQ shares back. He mentions using Rosalie as a go between with Nina. Sabrina says she doesn't trust Rosalie. Later Franco storms in and says he wants his money. Michael tells him that he never got his shares. Meanwhile, Nikolas tells Rosalie at Wyndermere that he just needs one more block of ELQ shares. Nik says he wants Dillon Quartermaine's stocks to get controlling interest. Nik thinks he can use Lulu as a means to get close to Dillon.

At The Haunted Star, Luke tells everyone to leave and Tracy that their engagement's off. Dillon yells at Luke and demands to know why. Lulu also demands to know why. Laura tells Tracy that now that she knows Luke's secret, she wants him back. Luke confirms to Tracy that he's going back to Laura. Tracy gets pissed off and tells Luke she's done being his fool. She swears to him that there is no chance she'll ever take him back. Then Tracy storms off. After Dillon tells Luke off and walks out. Then Lulu takes a moment alone with her parents and tells them she hates what they did to Tracy.

Back at the Q's, Dillon tries to comfort Tracy. She says she feels like an idiot for not seeing that Luke never loved her. Tracy thinks no ever loved her. Dillon disagrees and says he loves her. At the end, Lulu stops by. Dillon says her parents are the reason Tracy is hurting. Meanwhile at The Haunted Star, Luke and Laura agree they did what they had to do.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Party Pooper

Acting like strangers...sigh!
No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, here's today's highlights according the ABC GH Blog:

Morgan & "Denise" cannot resist each other. At the Haunted Star after talking with Laura, Luke suddenly puts the brakes on the party and engagement!

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Laura's Back!

Today's Show - 

Valerie pushes Dante into letting her take him to dinner at the PCPD. Meanwhile, Carly, Sonny, Bobby, and Scotty celebrate Lucas and Brad's engagement at The Floating Rib. Bobby is anxious to meet Brad's family and firm up a wedding date. Scotty ends up annoying Sonny when he makes a jab about Shawn shooting Hayden. Scotty starts yelling about Sonny's pardon and accuses him of having the governor in his pocket. Valerie and Dante walk in and see the whole thing. The subject of Scotty's daughter Karen comes up and they end up fighting. Dante breaks it up and after Sonny is introduced to Valerie. 

Denise admits she's Ava to Silas. She tells him to keep quiet or she'll tell the police what he did to save her. Ava thinks she can stay dead in the world's eyes and become Denise for good. She explains that Delia helped her and Denise was born. Ava talks about getting a tattoo and how bad it hurt getting rid of her fingerprints. She tells Silas she wants her family back, even if it's under a different name. Silas reluctantly agrees to play along.

Alice helps Tracy pick out jewelry for the party at the Q's and wonders how Luke did all the bad things he did. Luke walks in and asks Alice if they can start over. She happily accepts and hugs him. Then Michael walks in. He tells Tracy that he was unable to get Ned's ELQ shares back and says he's too tired to attend their party. Later Dillon and Michael have a reunion. At the end, Michael goes to put Avery to bed when someone rings the doorbell. Michael answers and sees its Denise!

Lucy questions Lulu on The Haunted Star about Luke's engagement party. Lulu assures her that she had the boat searched for bombs. Later Lucy helps Lulu invite guests for the party. Then Lulu tells Lucy that Dillon is back in town. Lucy wonders if Lulu might be tempted by her past with him. Then Tracy and Luke walk in. Lulu promises them all the guests are on the way. She calls Dante to find out where everyone is and he mentions he's with Valerie. 

Franco and Nathan try to force Nina into getting an annulment at the PCPD. Nina is surprised that Nathan is helping Franco force her hand. Franco insists that if she won't divorce Ric, he'll turn her in for kidnapping Avery. Nina insists she's in love with Ric. She calls their bluff and tells Nathan to put her in handcuffs. Nathan backs down and asks to speak with Franco in private. Once alone, he tells Franco they need to back off. Then Nathan tells Nina she's free to go. At the end, Franco yells at Nathan that he blew it and drove Nina into the arms of another man. Meanwhile, Nina runs into Silas at The Floating Rib and tells him she's being framed for Avery's kidnapping.

At the Haunted Star, everyone shows up for the party. Luke thanks Lulu for helping him and she tells Luke he's her hero. After Valerie tells Lulu about her new job at the PCPD. Lulu decides to introduce Dillon to Dante and Valerie. Nearby Luke thanks Sonny for coming and offers condolences about Sonny losing Avery. At the end, Luke makes a speech apologizing for his actions. He asks for everyone's forgiveness. Then he thanks Tracy for all her support and love. At the end, Luke makes a toast to Tracy just as Laura walks in!

End of show!

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Today's Recap

No time to recap today. I'll be back tomorrow! 

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

You're Ava!

I Saved You!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Dillon stops Tracy from accepting Luke's engagement ring at the Q's. Tracy is delighted to see him. Dillon explains that Ned asked him to look in on her. Dillon accuses Luke of using Tracy. Luke tries to explain what happened with him. Dillon softens and tells Tracy he'll support her in whatever decision she makes. Luke asks Tracy to give him 30 days to prove himself. She agrees and takes his ring. At the end, Luke says he wants to throw an engagement party.

Kiki goes to the gym and sees Morgan and Michael making peace. Michael heads out and after Morgan fills Kiki on his cease fire with Michael. Then they talk about Denise. Kiki says she wishes she was Ava. Later they end up making out.

Nikolas gets a call from Rosalie while he's at the Metro Court. He demands she go through with his request to get close to Nina for the ELQ shares. Then Michael walks in and asks what he was talking about. Nikolas tells Michael he was talking to Lulu about Luke and his name came up. They get to talking and Michael says ELQ belongs to all the Quartermaine's, including Emily. Then Michael recounts to Nik about Franco taking Ned's shares and his plans to get them back.

Rosalie knocks on Nina's door. Nina says they were never friends and asks why Rosalie called her out of the blue. Rosalie tells her about her job with Michael. Then she shows Nina the money briefcase and explains that Michael wants Franco's ELQ shares. Nina tells her that Franco is out of her life and she married Ric. Nina says Franco put the shares in the hotel safe. Rosalie convinces her to try and open it to see if he left them there. Nina does and the shares are still inside. However Nina refuses to turn them over to Rosalie. At the end, Rosalie manages to change Nina's mind and gives the shares to Nikolas. 

Silas calls Denise out and accuses her of being Ava. He has a flashback of his time with Ava at the hospital in NYC. We see Ava wake up after she was supposed to have died. Silas explains to Ava that he put her under to save her life with a bone marrow transplant. At the end. Silas explains the donor was Avery.

End of show!

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P.S. Jonathan Jackson & Nathan Parsons are back for Luke's exit story. Read here: JJ & Parsons Back

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cut the Crap!

Is this how you treat a guest?
Here's What Happened - 

Silas returns to his apartment and Kiki fills him in on what he's missed. She tells him that she's back together with Morgan and it feels right. Then she tells Silas that Olivia's baby died and it was Julian's child. After Kiki tells Silas about Denise's arrival and Delia's confession about having twins. Silas has a flashback of his administering a fatal injection to Ava in NYC. Then Silas heads out saying he has to go to the hospital, but promises Kiki he'll be there for her going forward. Once he leaves, Kiki calls Denise and asks to meet her at the Floating Rib. 

Julian works out shirtless in his apartment with a kettle ball when Ava, I mean Denise walks in and asks him to turn down the music. He refuses so she turns the music off for him. Julian tells Denise he killed his other sister. Denise makes a comment about Olivia (Julian's sister), which makes Julian wonder how Denise knew who she was. Then Denise claims she did research on the Jerome's on the internet. After Denise brings up Avery and Julian tells her the baby is with Michael now. At the end, Silas shows up to see Denise when she's alone. He tells her to cut the crap, because he knows she is really Ava.

Morgan boxes at the gym while thinking of Denise. Michael storms in holding a newspaper detailing Denise's arrival and demands that Morgan explain what's going on. Morgan tells him about Denise being Ava's sister. Then he tells Michael he's back with Kiki. They end up arguing about Morgan's scheme with Kiki to drug Michael and the other bad blood between them. Morgan wants them to fight it out in the boxing ring. Michael grudgingly agrees, but they end up taking their gloves off and fighting for real. After they're both exhausted and Morgan apologizes for his actions. At the end, they agree that things have changed between them but decide to call a cease fire. 

Dante tells Jordan at the PCPD that Luke has returned and Sloane was fired. Dante thinks Anna should be back in the commissioner's seat. Then Major Lomax walks in and offers Jordan the position of commissioner. Jordan is shocked and says Anna is better for the role. Lomax refuses to rehire Anna and says as long as she's Major, Anna will never get her job back. Jordan is hesitant, but finally accepts. Dante congratulates her and Jordan hopes she made the right decision.

Anna and Sloane wake up in bed together and feel hung over. Anna gets sick and after they talk about how Anna needed to blow off steam. She looks at Duke's picture and ashes and feels guilty for sleeping with Sloane. Agent Sloane tells her that Duke would understand and he doesn't regret anything. He's says he cares about Anna even though he knows the timing is bad. Sloane tells Anna he's had feelings for her for awhile and he hopes that maybe she cares for him too. However Anna is overcome by her grief and insists that Sloane leave. 

Tracy is surprised to see Luke awake at the Q's. He tells her it's one of the changes he's making and hands her a bag of croissants from Eckert's bakery. Luke's says he has to face the mistakes he's made starting with Tracy. Later Tracy tells Luke about how Avery is Sonny's baby, but Michael is taking care of her at the Quartermaine's. Sabrina walks in to take Avery and after Luke hands Tracy an engagement ring. He tells Tracy she's his "constant" and Luke proposes since their marriage was annulled previously. Tracy says she wants to trust him, but she's not sure if this is real or not. At the end, NuDillon walks in and tells Tracy not to take the ring.

End of show!

Apparently Wyndom's doesn't have a great selection of menswear, because the men on GH rarely wear shirts anymore! Not that I'm complaining. ;)

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Monday, June 1, 2015

I've Moved On

Say it ain't so?
Monday's Recap - 

Delia tells everyone at the PCPD that Denise is her daughter. Denise and Delia exchange some nasty words, but after Delia explains that Denise is Ava's twin that she gave up for adoption. Sonny thinks it's all too convenient. Julian agrees, but Delia says no one ever asked so she never told. Morgan, Alexis and Lucas believe Delia's story, as does Kiki. Dante decides to release Denise from police custody. At the end, Denise is excited about her new family and decides to stay in Port Charles. She asks Julian if she can crash with him.

Tracy hears Rosalie on the phone at the Q's and asks who she's conspiring with. Rosalie tells Tracy she was talking to Nina, even though it was Nikolas. She explains that Michael asked to reach out to Nina. Then Rosalie leaves and Lulu comes to tell Tracy that Luke disappeared. Lulu tells Tracy that Luke was released two days ago. Tracy is ready to call the police, but then Luke strolls into the living room. He explains that he's okay and he took a side trip to get a replica of Tim Spencer's tattoo on his arm. Lulu and Tracy are confused so Luke explains that the tattoo is a symbol to remind him of who he is and what he's capable of. He promises to do right by them going forward.

Nik wants Rosalie to remember who she works for from his cell phone at Wyndermere. Later Rosalie comes to see him and Nik yells at her for letting Tracy hear part of their conversation. Rosalie explains that she covered and told Tracy about Michael wanting her to connect with Nina. Rosalie shows Nik a briefcase full of money that Michael gave her to buy back Franco's ELQ shares. Nik tells her to get the shares and bring them to him. At the end, Rosalie contacts Nina and asks for a get together.

Franco asks Nina at the Metro Court why Ric isn't with her. Nina says she wore him out sexually and Ric needed a break. Franco tries to talk to Nina about Ric being interested in her money. Nina doesn't want to hear it and tells Franco she's moved on. Then she walks away and runs into Nathan. Franco eavesdrops as Nathan questions Nina about her marriage to Ric. Later Franco decides to interrupt their conversation. Nathan wants to take Nina to annul her marriage, but she refuses and storms off. At the end, Franco and Nathan decide to work together to save Nina from Ric. 

Ric and Madeline discuss Nina's fortunate at Pentonville. Madeline blames Ava for her being stuck in prison. After Ric tells Madeline that he married Nina. Madeline doesn't like the idea, but Ric says it was the only way he could get the money from Nina for himself. Ric taunts Madeline and says he'll visit her in prison from time to time. Madeline threatens Ric that she'll get Nathan to investigate if Ric tries to cut her out. At the end, Ric decides to go back to the original plan and work with Madeline afterall.

Agent Sloane tells Anna that Nikolas foiled the election in her hotel room. Anna doesn't believe Nikolas is capable of that, but Sloane insists its the truth. They have a drink and Sloane explains to Anna how Nik fixed the election with his help. They end up getting a little tipsy and have a laugh at the time Agent Sloane dropped his towel when Anna came to search his room. Sloane decides to make a move and kisses Anna. She responds and they end up having sex on the couch!

End of show!

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