Thursday, May 14, 2015

We Almost Made It

Today's Show - 

Liz goes to Wyndermere to ask Nikolas why he's allowing Hayden to stay with him. He explains that Hayden knows Jake is really Jason, because she heard them talking at the Nurses Ball. Then Liz says she thinks Jason might have killed Duke and that he tried to break things off with her. However Liz insists to Nik that she has no intention of letting Jason go. She wants them to make sure Hayden keeps her mouth shut. At the end, Hayden walks in and boldly asks Liz what she plans to do.

Jake explains to Julian at the garage that he found blood and a gun and was arrested. Julian wants to know exactly what he said to the police. Jake assures Julian that he kept his mouth shut, but Julian is suspicious. After Jake tries to get information from Julian about Carlos. Jake says if the police think he's guilty they won't be looking for Carlos. Julian thanks him for drawing the heat away and gives Jake some extra protection.

Agent Sloane brings Bruce's cell phone to Anna at the church before Duke's funeral. He let's Anna listen to the last message Duke left him calling off the hit on Jordan. After listening Anna says, "we almost made it!" Then Felicia and Mac arrive to support Anna. Lucy walks in and tells Anna that Duke's heart never stopped loving her. She explains that she arranged for them to dance at the Nurses Ball together. Anna is touched and hugs Lucy. Later Dante, Lulu, Nathan and Maxie arrive. All of them hug and console Anna. 

Sam and Patrick talk to Emma at their house about Duke's death. Sam gives Emma a dress to wear to the funeral and offers words of comfort. Emma still wonders if Duke will come back like Robin did. Patrick explains that he saw Duke die in the ER and knows it's for real. Emma wants to be there for Anna so she goes to get ready. Later Emma and Patrick head to the church, but Sam stays behind to look for her purse. Once alone, Sam looks at her and Jason's wedding rings and gets emotional. Meanwhile at the church, Patrick, Emma and Anna talk. Emma gives Anna a picture of Emma dancing with Duke from last year's ball. Then Sam finally arrives.

Sonny and Carly hear a knock on the door. Sonny answers and sees that it's Duke. Duke tells them that he planned his death as a ruse to get his enemy's off their back. Then Sonny wakes up and talks to Carly about Julian. He tells her that he's giving Julian a chance to hand the shooter over or he's gonna kill him. Later they head to the church, but Carly leaves Jake a message warning him to beware of Sonny before walking in. Inside Jordan, Shawn and TJ give Anna their condolences. TJ tells Anna he's dedicating his education to Duke. After Sonny approaches Anna and says he's going to miss Duke. Anna coldly responds that Duke wouldn't be dead if he didn't work for Sonny. She promises to get justice for Duke. 

Later the funeral begins while Scottish bagpipes play Amazing Grace. The pastor reads a kind service and everyone listens carefully. At the end back at the church, Anna thinks of her past with Duke and we get a series of terrific flashbacks from the 80's to current day. Thinking of it brings Anna to tears. At the garage, Jake calls Sloane to tell him he thinks Julian is starting to trust him. Then he hears Carly's message. Meanwhile Julian heads to Sonny's and says he's ready give up Duke's killer. Sam decides to go visit Jake!

End of show!

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