Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Kingpin

Thursday's Recap - 

Hayden guesses that Jake is Jason in bed with Nikolas at Wyndermere. She tells him that she overheard his conversation at the ball with Elizabeth about Jason. Nikolas insists that Hayden misunderstood. Hayden doesn't bite and surmises that Nik is after ELQ. She rails against Elizabeth and reminds him that Carly and Sonny won't be happy he kept this a secret. Hayden wants in on Nik's nefarious business and wants to move into Wyndermere. She threatens to expose him if he's doesn't comply. Nik coldly allows her to stay, but refuses a second round of sex with her.

Jake asks Liz at her house if he's who she wants to be with. Liz answers that she's wanted him for a long time. Then they kiss. Liz tells Jake she wants him to stay and they head upstairs. We get a music montage as they hit the sheets. After Liz says Jake needs to go home so Cameron doesn't get confused. Jake agrees to go back to the Metro Court. On his way out the door, Jake promises Liz that nothing will come between them again. At the end, Liz talks to Jason's picture and apologizes for lying. She says it's their chance and she's taking it.

Anna returns to her hotel room and thinks about her plan to run away with Duke. She starts to pack when Agent Sloan knocks on the door. Sloan says he needs to talk to her and walks into her room. He sees her bags and asks if she's going somewhere. Anna lies and claims she's going to Washington. Then Agent Sloan says he thinks Duke ordered the hit on Jordan. Anna is reluctant to believe it, but starts to get upset. Then she tells Sloan she's going away with Duke.

Duke tries to contact his security guard, Bruce, in the Metro Court parking garage to call off the hit on Jordan. Then Carlos calls out, "Hey Duke Lavery!" He walks up to Duke and pulls his gun out. Carlos explains that Duke has to die. Duke keeps his cool and says Carlos would be a fool to kill him, a Kingpin. Carlos tells Duke Julian ordered the hit on him. Duke makes a grab for the gun and they struggle. A shot rings out, but we don't see who got shot. At the end, Jake goes into the garage and notices blood on the floor. 

Shawn and Jordan talk about Shawn's fight with Julian outside of her apartment. They go inside as Bruce walks up behind them with his gun. Inside Jordan and Shawn have a night cap. Shawn tells her he hates the idea of anyone hurting her. They put on some music and start making out. They end up in bed and after Bruce calls Shawn's cell phone. He tells Shawn Duke needs him to oversee a shipment on the pier asap. At the end, Shawn heads out and Bruce gets ready to kill Jordan while she's alone.

Julian overhears Sam telling Olivia that she doesn't want to lie to her father at the Metro Court. Julian asks what she's talking about. Patrick tells Julian Sam will tell him when she's ready. Olivia and Ned insist that Julian heard wrong as Alexis stands by Julian's side. Julian guesses that it has to do with Olivia's baby. Olivia gets stressed and starts to have cramps. Patrick examines her while Julian grills Sam about what's going on. Finally Sam confirms that Olivia's baby is his. At the end, Patrick announces that Olivia's water broke!

End of show!

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