Monday, May 4, 2015

The Ball Continues

He said yes!
Here's What Happened - 

Brad awaits Lucas's answer to his marriage proposal at the Nurses Ball. Lucas tells him to only ask if he means it. Brad promises he's sincere so Lucas says yes. After Julian congratulates them and Lucas gets ready to perform. Then Lucas starts the next number with Felix, Michael, TJ, Nathan and Magic Milo performing New Sensation by Inxs. Of course all the boys end up shirtless and make their way into the audience. Spinelli gets jealous when Ellie dances with Nathan. The guys end up in their underwear at the end of the routine, which reads Nurses Ball on their backsides.

Dante and Valerie have a moment in the hallway about the Aveeno swag bags and Dante appears to like her. Back in the ballroom, The Haunted Starlets take the stage which consists of Sabrina, Maxie, Ellie, Lulu, Sam and Valerie performing a duwop routine to a song called Dear Future Husband. All the men are impressed. Both Nathan and Spinelli seem more interested in Ellie rather than Maxie. 

Emma finds Cameron backstage upset over Ric and Liz's breakup. Nearby Spencer walks in wearing a "Phantom of the Nurses Ball" costume. Spencer wants to take Emma on a tour of the catacombs, but Emma says no. Spencer is certain it's because of his face. Then Emma and Cameron walk off to start their performance. They take the stage and do the tango. Seeing it makes Anna and Duke think of each other. In the middle of their routine, Spencer interrupts by dropping weighted bags on stage and he appears on the video monitor. Spencer then magically appears on the stage with claims of sabotaging the ball. Dante, Lulu and Valerie end up taking Spencer back to Wyndermere. At the end, Spencer is visited by what appears to be a ghost Courtney. (I hated Courtney back in the day, not sure if I can handle this!)

Lucy notices that Duke wants to get involved with Anna and Emma backstage and advises him to fight for Anna. Lucy is in the middle of changing her outfits while she lectures Duke. Right then the curtain goes up and everyone sees Lucy is her underwear. She decides to improvise and says Anna and Duke are dancing together. Duke and Anna decide to play along and perform a lovely tango together. During the routine we get flashbacks of their first tango from the 80's. After Patrick and Emma sing and play guitar together and bring the audience to tears. 

Carly and Jake talk about Hayden in the lobby. Jake is annoyed at Carly for embarrassing Elizabeth in public. Carly tries to explain her motives and apologizes. He accepts her apology and thanks Carly for exposing Hayden's lie. Jake says he was on the verge of starting something with Elizabeth before Hayden showed up. He wants to go find Liz, but Carly stops him and asks if he's sure. Jake says he wants to fight for Liz and asks Carly to have his back. 

Nikolas tells Liz in Lucy's dressing room that Jake is really Jason Morgan. At first Liz thinks Nikolas is lying to her, but Nikolas says that Helena told him and it's true. Liz says she felt a connection to Jake the second she saw him and gets emotional thinking about Jason choosing Jake for a name. After Elizabeth asks why Nikolas didn't say something sooner and assumes Helena forced him to keep quiet somehow. Nikolas can't take the guilt and admits that he kept it secret, because of his plans for ELQ. Liz slaps Nik hard in response. Nik says he was made a fool of in the past few years and he wanted to take his power back. Liz goes to tell Sam and Jason the truth, but has second thoughts when she sees how Sam reacts to Emma and Patrick's performance together. However at the end, Liz gets on stage and announces that she has something to tell everyone.

End of show!

Have a great night!

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