Friday, May 8, 2015

Let's Have a Baby

It's go time!
Today's Show - 

Bruce tries to kill Jordan in her apartment when she's alone. He sneaks in and fires at her bed, but Jordan isn't there. She comes up behind him with a gun and shoots him point blank. Meanwhile on the docks, Shawn runs into TJ. He tells TJ that he was supposed to work, but no one showed up. Then they talk about Shawn's budding relationship with Jordan. TJ says he's happy for them, but hates the line of work they are in. Shawn promises that he and Jordan will watch each other's back.

Anna tells Agent Sloan about her plans to leave town with Duke in her hotel room. Sloan thinks Anna shouldn't give up her career or her family. Anna gets emotional and asks why he cares so much. Agent Sloan says he'd miss Anna if she were gone. Then Jordan calls Anna and asks for her and Sloan to come quickly because she killed someone. Later Anna and Sloan arrive at Jordan's and find Bruce dead. Anna notices the button on Bruce's jacket from the docks. Sloan insists they need to find Duke, but Anna won't give up Duke's location. Then Anna takes off. Sloan says to Jordan that Anna wants Duke more than anything and puts an APB out on her and Duke. 

Maxie and Nathan enjoy a private dance in the empty ballroom at the Metro Court. Then they decide to go home together. Meanwhile Jake finds a gun and some blood on the Metro Court garage floor. A while later Nathan and Maxie walk into the garage. Jake draws the gun on Nathan instinctively. Nathan ends up putting him in handcuffs. Jake tells Nathan it wasn't his gun. He explains how he found the blood and gun on the ground. Later Nathan calls for back up and starts an investigation. At the end, Nathan has Jake taken to the PCPD. Maxie hopes no one was hurt.

Olivia goes into early labor at the Metro Court. Patrick thinks her contradictions are coming to fast and they'll have to deliver the baby right there. Sam and Alexis try to comfort Olivia. Ned and Julian argue over who will support her, but Olivia doesn't want Julian there. Alexis convinces Julian to step away. She takes Julian into the ballroom and tells him to back off for now while they listen to Olivia scream. Meanwhile Patrick says, "Let's have a baby." Then he and Sam deliver the baby together while Ned holds Olivia's hand. At the end, the baby is oddly quiet. Olivia panics when Patrick looks concerned. 

Michael takes Sabrina home after the ball and kisses her again. Sabrina asks what they're doing and says she wants to have a conversation before things get awkward. They talk about their past relationships, his with Kiki and Sabrina's with Patrick and Carlos. They both agree that their ex's aren't an issue anymore. Michael asks if she wants to have a second date or just call it all off. He says if things don't work out, they can stay friends. Sabrina agrees, but says she wants to take it slow. Michael asks her to dinner the following night and they kiss again. At the end, Sabrina is alone and Carlos knocks on the door asking for her help. Meanwhile, Anna finds Duke on the docks and he's barely alive from a gun shot wound!

End of show!

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P.S. In case you didn't hear already Tony Geary is leaving GH. Read here -- > Luke Out!

I think it's long past time that he retired. I love the character of Luke Spencer, but he hasn't been fun in a long time. The Luke/Fluke plot was too much, but I wish him well. How do you feel?

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