Friday, May 1, 2015

Jake is Jason!

I love this color!
In this episode the Nurses' Ball begins, Carly destroys Ric's plans and Nikolas finally decides to spill what he knows about Jake!

The Ball Begins - 

Lucy panics in her dressing room with Felix about not having anything to wear. Meanwhile on the Red Carpet, Lucas calls Brad asking where he is. Brad says he's running late, but after Brad gets off the phone he and Britt watch the red carpet together. Britt makes fun of Olivia for being a pregnant grandmother as Olivia and Ned walk down the carpet. Behind them Sam and Patrick stroll in (I loved Sam's dress). Later Sabrina and Michael walk the carpet, followed by TJ, Molly, Shawn and Jordan. After Lucy and Duke walk the carpet together and Lucy thanks him for escorting her despite the demise of their relationship.

Brad sees Lucas and Felix walk the carpet together, but Felix says on camera that he's single. After Maxie and Spinelli arrive (I didn't like Maxie's hair, it looked really fake). Behind them Nathan and Ellie walk in together. The sight upsets Maxie so she goes to talk to Nathan, but falls and her boob slips out on camera. After Nathan explains to Maxie and Spinelli that he and Ellie just wanted to have a good time. Meanwhile Britt and Brad replay Maxie's fall over and over while laughing hysterically. After Brad takes off to meet up with Lucas.

At Wyndermere, Nikolas, Lulu, Dante and Valerie try to talk Spencer into coming to the ball with them. Spencer says he's to hideous to attend. Of course they all disagree, but Spencer won't change his mind. After they leave, Spencer sees Emma and Cameron at the ball on TV. He calls Jocelyn to vent. Later Britt sneaks into Wyndermere to see Spencer. He's thrilled to see her and runs into her arms. After they talk and Spencer tells her about his insecurity regarding his face. Britt encourages him to go to the ball. At the end, Spencer decides to take Britt's advice and goes to get ready.

Ric meets Liz outside the lobby with Cameron and Emma and they all walk the carpet together. Nearby Hayden and Jake agree not to think about Liz, but immediately see her on the red carpet when they walk into the lobby. Then Lulu and Dante walk in with Nik and Valerie behind them. Inside the ballroom, everyone gets to their seats. Molly thanks Duke for paying for TJ's tuition. Meanwhile Carly takes Pete Ross to a storage closet in the Metro Court. She tells him to wait there. Then she goes to find Ric in the ballroom. Carly tells him she wants to make amends and shakes Ric's hand. 

After Lucy starts the ball. She makes a speech about eradicating HIV and AIDS and reminds everyone to enjoy their Aveeno swag bags. Then the first number begins and it's all the nurse's singing Welcome to the Nurses' Ball. Epiphany gets the whole crowd clapping by the end of the song. Then Dr. O crashes the stage and starts her version of 99 Luftballoons. She furiously pops balloons on stage confusing the whole audience. After Molly approaches Liz at her table and gives her a ring box. She tells Liz to open it when Ric gets on stage.

Then Ric takes the stage and asks Liz to open the box. He starts to sing I Think I Wanna Marry You as a collage of pictures plays in the background of them together over the years. Meanwhile Carly takes Spinelli into the control room and switches the pictures to a shot of Hayden and Pete in their fake wedding pics. Carly then interrupts Ric's number with Pete Ross. She has Pete say on stage that Ric paid him to pretend to be Jake Doe. She also calls out Hayden for pretending to be Jake's wife. Liz runs out of the ballroom upset. Ric chases after her, but Liz slaps him and calls him a lying bastard. Then she tosses his ring. Ric tries to explain the reasons he did what he did, but Liz says he was never good enough for her. Then she tells Ric she never wants to see him again.

Back in the ballroom, Lucy calls Brad to the stage and pleads with him to perform. Brad decides to sing a peppier version of I Think I Wanna Marry You to Lucas. Backstage Felix hustles a group of backup dancers to perform with Brad. After the song is over Brad decides to ask Lucas to marry him for real. Lucas looks terrified. Meanwhile Hayden and Jake step into the lobby to talk about her lies. Carly comes out and tells Hayden to get out of her hotel. Carly gives Hayden the fake wedding ring she gave Jake and advises her to pawn it. At the end, Nikolas finds Liz alone in Lucy's dressing room. Liz starts going on about how Ric ruined things between her and Jake. She says she wants to find Jake and fix things. Nik feels guilty and blurts out, "Jake is Jason!"

End of show!

What do you think of the ball so far? Overall I thought it was a good episode!

Have a great weekend!

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