Friday, May 22, 2015

I've Been Called Daddy Before

Here's What Happened - 

Jordan has a flashback of her affair with Shawn during her marriage to TJ's father at the courthouse. After she talks to Scotty about Shawn. She asks if Shawn can be offered a deal. Meanwhile Shawn thinks about when he found out Jordan was a cop and arrested him in his jail cell at the PCPD. Then TJ comes for a visit. TJ rails against Jordan for lying, but Shawn tells him not to speak badly about his mother. 

Later Jordan shows up and TJ makes an excuse to leave. Once alone, Jordan tells Shawn he can get out of jail if he testifies against Sonny. Shawn thinks she's just guilty for pretending to love him, but Jordan says TJ needs Shawn. At the end, she confesses that Shawn is TJ's real father.

Julian and Alexis talk at his place about his baby's death. Alexis tells him she'll stand by his side while he gets out of the mob. Then Lucas stops by with balloons and congratulates Julian for his son's birth. Alexis and Julian have to tell Lucas the baby died. After Lucas and Alexis talk about how Julian is going to need his family around him.

Sam and Patrick wake up at their house together. Sam says she was thinking about Julian. Patrick jokes that, "I've been called daddy before!" Later Lucas calls Sam to tell her that Julian's baby died. She feels like it's her fault for upsetting Olivia at the Nurses Ball. Sam talks about her stillborn daughter and Patrick brings up losing baby Gabriel. Then they tell each other they love one another, but Sam looks a little unsure.

Agent Sloane thinks about Anna's despair in his hotel room. Then Jake knocks on the door. They talk about Hayden getting shot and Jake tells Sloane he's quitting. Sloane tells him that Julian tipped him off that Jake was in trouble and he's now perfectly positioned to bust Julian. Jake doesn't care and walks away saying he's out. At the end, Agent Sloane goes to see Scotty at the courthouse. Scotty tells him Jordan convinced him to give Shawn a deal to testify against Sonny. Then Sloan says he wants Scotty to file charges against a Jerome associate. 

Anna sees a ghost of Carlos in her hotel room. He plays on her guilt over killing him. Carlos says she let Faison live, but not him because she wanted to kill. He taunts her that Julian ordered him to kill Duke and now she's made sure Julian will be free. Then Anna snaps out of it and after gets a visit from Sabrina. Sabrina asks Anna what happened to Carlos. At the same time Carlos appears to Anna again. Anna explains to Sabrina, while Carlos berates her, that she found Carlos, but he got away. At the end, Carlos tells Anna he's going to enjoy haunting her while she covers up his murder!

Kiki and Morgan wake up in bed together at Silas's place. They end up having sex again and after Morgan assures Kiki that he wants things to work between them. Then they talk about first meeting online and Kiki tells Morgan he's really important to her. After Lucas calls Kiki to tell her Julian's baby died. At the end, Kiki and Morgan show up with Sam to support Julian in his hour of need. Julian is touched and then announces that he's leaving the mob. Right then a woman comes to the door (Ava) using a Brooklyn accent and says someone needs to offer her a drink!

End of show!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Monday will be a repeat of the 52nd Anniversary Special!

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