Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It Worked

You made the right decision!
Here's What Happened - 

Franco tries to stomach the fact that Nina married Ric in her hotel room. He tells Nina she'd made a huge mistake. Ric has to step out for work stuff with Sonny, but Nina makes sure to kiss him hard before he leaves. Once alone, Franco wants to take Nina to get her marriage annulled from Scotty. Franco insists that Nina should be his wife, but Nina refuses to go anywhere with him. At the end, Franco calls her sick and screams that her marriage is a fraud as he walks out.

Shawn calls Ric for help at the PCPD. Jordan and Dante take him into the interrogation room. Shawn is furious with Jordan and recounts all the lies she told him. Jordan doesn't want to hear it and reminds Shawn that he shot Hayden while trying to kill Jake. She tells him to accept the consequences for his career choices. Shawn wonders what TJ will think about Jordan lies. Jordan thinks TJ will be proud. Then she informs Shawn that Duke tried to her, not Julian. Shawn refuses to speak anymore with her so Jordan leaves. After Dante takes a crack at speaking with Shawn, but Ric arrives before Dante can get anywhere. Once alone, Shawn insists that Ric go warn Sonny that Jordan was a mole. 

Jordan goes home and has TJ come over. She tells TJ that Shawn was arrested. Then Jordan explains that she's an undercover cop and was the one who had Shawn arrested. TJ is confused so Jordan explains to him she never went to prison. She says she lied to protect him and that's why she sent TJ to live with Shawn. TJ gets upset and thinks she hurt Shawn on purpose. He storms off and leaves Jordan in tears.

Carly tries to explain to Sonny at his house why she thinks Jake is a good guy. Ric calls Sonny in the middle of their conversation to tell him Shawn was arrested. After he gets off the phone, Sonny tells Carly that Shawn shot Hayden instead of Jake. Sonny gets a little jealous over Carly's concern for Jake, but Carly says she's worried Sonny will get himself arrested again. At the end, Ric shows up and tells Sonny and Carly that Jordan is an informant. 

Sam tells Liz and Jake that Hayden said someone else knows the truth of who he really is at GH. Liz gets nervous that the truth will come out. Then Patrick walks out and says they need to operate on Hayden. Patrick lays into Jake for bullets flying around Sam. He warns Jake to stay away from her. Then Jake goes to speak with Hayden and Sam asks Elizabeth what's got her all worked up. Liz makes excuses meanwhile Hayden is too out of it to speak with Jake. 

Julian asks Epiphany where his baby is at GH. Epiphany tells him Ned is the father on record and she doesn't have any information for him. Then Olivia and Ned come over to speak with Julian. Ned tells him that the baby died from an infection. At first Julian doesn't believe them and accuses them of lying. However Olivia cries and convinces Julian she's for real. Then Dr. Obrecht walks up and tells them the baby was cremated by mistake. Julian takes off to view the ashes and once alone, Dr. O notes that their ruse is working. She tells Olivia her baby is safe and waiting for her. Then Dr. O thanks Ned for the donation and walks away. At the end, Olivia feels guilty for lying to Julian, but Ned insists they did the right thing.

Nikolas questions his guard at Wyndermere about the hit on Hayden. Valerie walks in saying she was looking for her book. Nikolas excuses his guard and after Valerie asks why they were talking about Hayden. Nikolas answers that he's kicking Hayden out, because she threatened Liz. Later Liz shows up and asks to speak with Nikolas alone. In private she tells Nikolas that Shawn shot Hayden, but says Hayden's clinging to life. Meanwhile back at the hospital, Hayden is taken into surgery and Sam comforts Jake by holding his hand.

End of show!

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P.S. In case you didn't hear Sean Blakemore is leaving GH! Read here --- > Shawn Out!


  1. Not sure I find 'Dark Nicolas' very appealing. TJ was such a little a**-bite to his mom today. Mom is cop = bad! Shawn is hitman - good.... sigh!

  2. I don't know about bad Nik either. I definitely thought it was stupid that TJ turned on his mother too.


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