Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It Was Nothing Personal

You Shot Duke Lavery!
Here's What Happened -

Olivia tells Ned that she wants Dante to help her and the baby disappear in the prenatal ward. She says she has to protect her child especially since Duke is dead. Olivia says she needs to lay low in Bensonhurst with her friend, Melissa. Dante isn't sure running away is the best answer. He gets called to work, but asks Ned to talk some sense into Olivia. At the end, Ned says he's got an idea on how to help her.

Sloane warns Anna not to rush to judgement in Duke's murder at the PCPD. Anna thinks Carlos is the guilty party. She deduces that Julian ordered the hit and says she just needs to find where Carlos is hiding. Anna feels that Carlos is likely with Sabrina. Agent Sloane says Anna is too close to the situation and he doesn't want her going to Sabrina's place. However Anna talks him into it and they go looking for Carlos together.

Sabrina talks to Felix on the phone while Carlos takes a shower at her place. After Carlos comes out of the shower and confirms he's skipping town to avoid trial. He thanks Sabrina for letting him stay with her. Then Felix calls back to tell Sabrina that Duke is dead. Sabrina immediately realizes that Carlos is responsible. Carlos coldly confirms it by saying, "It was nothing personal!" Sabrina says she's going to call the police. Later Anna and Agent Sloane burst into Sabrina's apartment. They find Sabrina tied up to a chair and Carlos gone.

Nikolas and Valerie have breakfast at Wyndermere together. Lulu comes in and they talk about Spencer's behavior at the Nurses Ball. Then Hayden strolls in the room wearing Nik's bathrobe. Hayden announces that she's living at Wyndermere now. Lulu doesn't like what she hears and questions Nikolas about all of this. Hayden jokes that she's really good in bed and that's why Nik is letting her stay. Nik lies and says Hayden is financially strapped and he wanted Liz away from Ric so he's helping Hayden. Later Lulu and Valerie leave to go see Olivia. Once alone, Hayden reminds Nik that she's in control or she'll reveal his lie about Jake.

Liz is thrilled to see Jake at GH until he tells her that he was arrested the night before. Jake explains finding the gun and blood on the garage floor. She asks if he killed Duke. Jake says he can't answer that and thinks they shouldn't be together right now. Liz won't hear it. She says she went through this with Jason and won't go through it again. Liz claims she's okay with his job and can't lose him. Jake likes what he hears and kisses her. At the end, Lulu sees Liz and tells her that Hayden is living at Wyndermere.

Sonny and Shawn run into Julian at the hospital. Julian is anxious to see his son and explains to Sonny that Olivia's baby is his child. Then Sonny tells Julian that he can't let Duke's death stand without action. Julian swears he's not responsible. Sonny doesn't believe him, but says he'll give Julian 24 hours to find Duke's killer or he's a dead man. Later Dante runs into Sonny. He warns Sonny not to retaliate for Duke's murder or he'll have to investigate him. At the end, Sonny tells Shawn whoever killed Duke is a goner!

End of show!

How come even after a shower Carlos's hair still looks greasy? lol Loved his scenes today.

Have a great night!

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