Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm Getting Out

Again, Again!
Thursday's Recap - 

Patrick is annoyed about Hayden's surgery at his house. Sam tries to rub his back, but Patrick decides he needs a shower instead. After Patrick asks why Sam was with Jake at the garage when Hayden was shot. Sam explains that she went there to confront Jake about Duke's murder. She says she thinks Jake is innocent, but Patrick doesn't agree. At the end, Patrick asks Sam to keep her distance from Jake. Sam says she will and they hit the sheets.

Julian asks Alexis to stay with him at his apartment. He tells her that he needs comfort after the news of his son's death. Alexis feels conflicted about Duke's death and wants to leave. Julian stops her and says, "I'm getting out!" Alexis doesn't believe him and says she's heard it before. Julian says he's sincere it will just take time. He asks Alexis to have faith in him. At the end, Alexis tearfully agrees to stay.

Agent Sloane takes Anna back to her hotel room. They have a drink and talk about their cover up. After Anna regrets putting Jordan at risk and tells Sloane he's doing the same with Jake. Sloane says Jake can take care of himself. Anna thinks he should pull Jake out and tell everyone that Carlos killed Duke. Agent Sloane doesn't want Carlos's murder to come back to hurt Anna. She says she doesn't care what happens to her now. Sloane tells her that someday it will all be okay and stays with her for the night.

Sabrina and Michael order take out at her place while she waits for word on Carlos. They talk about Avery and enjoy their food. Michael tells Sabrina he likes her a lot and they make out. Then Michael pulls back and says he wants to take things slow. Sabrina agrees, but thanks him for helping her stop thinking about Carlos. 

Morgan and Kiki argue at Silas's apartment about Michael. It makes them hot and they start making out furiously. They end up in the bedroom and have sex. After Morgan wants to know where things are going with them. Kiki says she doesn't want to ruin their friendship, but Morgan thinks they should give their relationship a try again. At the end Kiki agrees, shows him her boobs and they have sex again.

Jake and Liz go back to her place. Jake feels guilty about Hayden's coma. He wonders who she was talking about when Hayden told him that someone else knows who he really is. After Jake says he can't be with Liz anymore, because Sloane is pressuring him to get dirt on the Jerome's. Jake thinks he's going to end up in jail when he quits working for Sloane. Liz pleads with him not to end things between them, but Jake says he's not changing his mind. Liz asks him to give her one last night together.

End of show!

Morgan and Kiki's sex scene was a bit pointless today, no?

Have a great night!

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