Monday, May 18, 2015

Go To Hell - GH Live Episode 2

You Shot Me!
Monday's Not So Live Recap - 

Nina gets a knock on the door at her hotel room. She tells Franco it's her fiance. When Franco answers, Ric is standing there in a tuxedo. Ric walks in and Nina rubs it in Franco's face that she plans on marrying him. Franco tries to talk Nina out of going through with it. Ric gets on one knee and gives Nina the ring he bought for Liz. Franco says it's tacky, but Nina gushes over it. Franco insists Nina marry him instead. Then the justice of the peace arrives. Both Ric and Franco ask Nina to decide which of them she wants. At the end, Nina proceeds to marry Ric and they kiss.

Hayden goes to the garage and tells Sam and Jake that she's got a secret to share with them. She asks Jake if he wants to know who he really is. Outside Shawn prepares to take a shot at Jake. He fires right as Jordan walks up behind him. Shawn misses and ends up shooting Hayden. Jake runs outside and starts attacking Shawn. Jordan pulls her gun on both of them. Meanwhile in the garage, Sam calls 911. Hayden lay dying and tells Sam that someone else knows about Jake. Later the police and ambulance arrive on the scene. Shawn realizes that Jordan is a cop and she has him arrested. Shawn is disgusted with her and says she doesn't know the meaning of love.

Carly and Sonny talk at his house about the situation with Julian. Sonny tells her that Julian told him Jake killed Duke. Carly panics and pleads with Sonny not to kill Jake. Sonny says he doesn't want to fight with her, but he needs to avenge Duke. Carly thinks Sonny is blinded by guilt and isn't seeing that Julian is really behind Duke's death. Sonny breaks it to Carly that it's too late, because Jake is already dead. Carly cries and can't believe Sonny didn't listen to her. 

On the docks, Carlos tells Anna he'll never get convicted. Anna calls him a coward, tells him to "go to hell" and then shoots him. Carlos falls to his knees and says, "you shot me!" Then Anna fires off a few more rounds into him and Carlos dies. After Agent Sloane finds Anna looking over Carlos's dead body. Anna admits to killing him. Agent Sloane says he wants to keep it off the record. Anna doesn't understand why he's helping her. Sloane says he needs Anna's help to finish cleaning up Port Charles. 

Liz begs Nikolas at Wyndermere to stop Hayden from spilling the beans about Jason. Nikolas refuses and finds it hard to believe people haven't figured it out already. Liz wants to take matters into her own hands, but Nik stops her from leaving. They argue about the situation with Hayden and Liz suggests that Nik string Hayden along. He won't change his mind and Liz takes off to the hospital. Later at GH, Jake and Sam arrive with the paramedics and Hayden. Patrick takes Hayden into the ER. Sam tells Liz that Hayden was about to tell Jake who he really is. At the end, Nikolas's security guard comes to see him at Wyndermere. He confirms to Nikolas that the hit on Hayden went as planned and Shawn took the blame!

End of show!

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