Friday, May 15, 2015

GH Live - Episode 1

Friday's Not So Live Recap -

Nina watches The View "live" from her hotel room and remarks that she doesn't understand what's so special about being live. She ends up breaking the coffee table. Then she gets a visit from Franco. He brings her Heather's egg salad painting as an apology. Franco explains his reasoning to Nina as she gets dressed. He say she's his best friend and the most beautiful woman in the world while he tries to fix the table. Then Nina walks out wearing a wedding dress. Franco thinks Nina is trying to make him jealous, but then someone knocks on the door. Nina says it's her husband to be.

Sabrina gets a visit from Anna at her apartment. Anna asks Sabrina to help her find Carlos. Sabrina says she wishes she could help, but doesn't know where he is. Anna pushes Sabrina to call Carlos to get information. Sabrina reluctantly complies. When she speaks with Carlos he apologizes for what he did to her. He says Sabrina deserves someone better than him. They wish each other happiness and Carlos says he loves her. After Sabrina cries, but ends up telling Anna that Carlos is at the Pier 54. 

Julian tells Shawn and Sonny at Sonny's house that Jake killed Duke. Sonny is skeptical and accuses Julian of smirking. Sonny grabs Julian by the collar and starts tossing him around. Shawn breaks things up. After Julian says Jake is alone at the garage and they should take action. Then Julian leaves. After Shawn thinks Carly will be upset if Sonny does anything to Jake. Sonny says he can't wait and Jake dies tonight. 

Hayden interrupts Elizabeth and Nikolas's conversation about her at Wyndermere. Liz and Hayden end up having a snippy spat about Jason that Nik has to break up. Hayden breaks one of his vases in response. Nik gets annoyed and calls her bluff. He dares her to go tell Jake he's Jason. Hayden doesn't back down and takes off saying she's going to tell Jake the truth. At the end, Liz says if the truth comes out they're screwed. She begs Nikolas to take action.

Sam goes to see Jake at the garage and asks if he killed Duke. Jake refuses to answer so Sam slaps him. She accuses Jake of playing her to get in good with Julian. Jake decides to tell her that he didn't kill Duke. Sam asks why he made her think he was a killer. Jake says it's complicated and then says being violent seems natural to him. At the end, Hayden shows up and tells Jake she's got something to tell him. 

Agent Sloane meets up with Jordan on the docks. They discuss Duke's death. Jordan thinks a mob war is brewing. Then Julian calls Sloane and tells him that Jake needs help, because Sonny is after him. Sloane decides to call for backup at the garage, but learns that Carlos is at pier 54. Meanwhile Julian meets up with Carlos at the pier to say goodbye. Later Carlos is alone and Anna finds him. She holds him at gunpoint and ultimately shoots him dead!

At the very end, Lily reads the credits and Maurice Bernard joins her to say hello.

End of show!

I think the bulk of the live stuff was people referencing the term live, not much seemed different otherwise. What do you think?

Have a great weekend!

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