Tuesday, May 5, 2015

And the Ball Concludes...

Spit it out!
Today's Recap - 

Liz takes the microphone from Lucy at the Nurses Ball and says she has an announcement about Jason. Everyone is interested to hear what she has to say, especially Carly and Jake. Liz starts to think about her moments with Jake and decides to pretend she wanted to talk about Robin. She tells the story about Jason carrying Robin off the stage years ago at the Nurses Ball when Robin first announced she was HIV positive. After Liz runs out of the ballroom and Nikolas follows her. 

They talk privately and Liz explains that she decided not to tell, because in the past Jason never had a place in his life for her. Liz says the universe is giving her and Jason a shot at being together. Liz claims most people in town lie to get what they want and those who don't suffer for it. Nikolas isn't so sure it's a good idea, but Liz says it's not his choice. She makes Nik swear to keep it a secret and they hug.

Meanwhile in the ballroom, Jake says to Carly that Liz's speech made him understand more about Jason. After Michael and Carly talk alone for a moment about Jason. Nearby Agent Sloan approaches Jake and they discuss Jake's informant duties. Then the next performance starts. Ned sings Crazy Little Thing Called Love with Epiphany, Felix and Sabrina singing backup. Ned ends up dancing with Olivia when he jumps into the audience. Sam watches and is clearly thinking about Julian being her baby's father. Later Sam tells Patrick she's going to talk to Olivia after the ball. 

Duke, Jordan and Shawn talk about dealing with Julian. Shawn wants revenge since he thinks Julian tried to kill Jordan. Meanwhile Agent Sloan explains to Jake that he was going to be Julian and Carlos's patsy when they take out Duke. He advises Jake to win Julian's trust and find out what's really going on. Backstage Carly and Sabrina have a moment to pimp Aveeno and Carly thanks Sabrina for helping Michael. Back in the ballroom, Ellie and Nathan continue their plan to make Maxie and Spinelli jealous. After Spinelli takes the stage and performs It Might Be You. However he seems conflicted about his feelings toward Maxie during the routine. 

Spencer gets a visit from ghost Courtney at Wyndermere. She explains that she's always been inside him, but knew he needed to see her after what he did at the Nurses Ball. Spencer calls Cameron a "townie" and says he stole Emma from him. Courtney says she was a townie and grew up poor so he shouldn't judge people like that. Spencer says because of his face everyone will like always like Cameron better. Courtney convinces Spencer to let her take his mask off. When Spencer finally looks in the mirror, it turns out his scar is no big deal. Then Courtney hugs him goodbye. 

At the end, Nik returns to Wyndermere to find Spencer without his mask on as Courtney watches them together. Back at the ball, Duke orders another hit on Jordan. Agent Sloan advises Anna to go after Duke for the sake of love. Then Lucy takes the stage to wrap up the ball and Felix brings her a dozen red roses. Finally Sabrina and Epiphany sing You Are Not Alone for the final number. Everyone joins them on stage for a big group performance and Liz's eyes meet Jake's. 

End of show!

That's it for the 2015 Nurses Ball. Overall I enjoyed it. The performances were fun and all the actors seems to enjoy themselves. My only critique is that the ballroom often seemed empty and the Jason reveal didn't happen. What did you think? 

Have a great night!

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