Friday, May 22, 2015

I've Been Called Daddy Before

Here's What Happened - 

Jordan has a flashback of her affair with Shawn during her marriage to TJ's father at the courthouse. After she talks to Scotty about Shawn. She asks if Shawn can be offered a deal. Meanwhile Shawn thinks about when he found out Jordan was a cop and arrested him in his jail cell at the PCPD. Then TJ comes for a visit. TJ rails against Jordan for lying, but Shawn tells him not to speak badly about his mother. 

Later Jordan shows up and TJ makes an excuse to leave. Once alone, Jordan tells Shawn he can get out of jail if he testifies against Sonny. Shawn thinks she's just guilty for pretending to love him, but Jordan says TJ needs Shawn. At the end, she confesses that Shawn is TJ's real father.

Julian and Alexis talk at his place about his baby's death. Alexis tells him she'll stand by his side while he gets out of the mob. Then Lucas stops by with balloons and congratulates Julian for his son's birth. Alexis and Julian have to tell Lucas the baby died. After Lucas and Alexis talk about how Julian is going to need his family around him.

Sam and Patrick wake up at their house together. Sam says she was thinking about Julian. Patrick jokes that, "I've been called daddy before!" Later Lucas calls Sam to tell her that Julian's baby died. She feels like it's her fault for upsetting Olivia at the Nurses Ball. Sam talks about her stillborn daughter and Patrick brings up losing baby Gabriel. Then they tell each other they love one another, but Sam looks a little unsure.

Agent Sloane thinks about Anna's despair in his hotel room. Then Jake knocks on the door. They talk about Hayden getting shot and Jake tells Sloane he's quitting. Sloane tells him that Julian tipped him off that Jake was in trouble and he's now perfectly positioned to bust Julian. Jake doesn't care and walks away saying he's out. At the end, Agent Sloane goes to see Scotty at the courthouse. Scotty tells him Jordan convinced him to give Shawn a deal to testify against Sonny. Then Sloan says he wants Scotty to file charges against a Jerome associate. 

Anna sees a ghost of Carlos in her hotel room. He plays on her guilt over killing him. Carlos says she let Faison live, but not him because she wanted to kill. He taunts her that Julian ordered him to kill Duke and now she's made sure Julian will be free. Then Anna snaps out of it and after gets a visit from Sabrina. Sabrina asks Anna what happened to Carlos. At the same time Carlos appears to Anna again. Anna explains to Sabrina, while Carlos berates her, that she found Carlos, but he got away. At the end, Carlos tells Anna he's going to enjoy haunting her while she covers up his murder!

Kiki and Morgan wake up in bed together at Silas's place. They end up having sex again and after Morgan assures Kiki that he wants things to work between them. Then they talk about first meeting online and Kiki tells Morgan he's really important to her. After Lucas calls Kiki to tell her Julian's baby died. At the end, Kiki and Morgan show up with Sam to support Julian in his hour of need. Julian is touched and then announces that he's leaving the mob. Right then a woman comes to the door (Ava) using a Brooklyn accent and says someone needs to offer her a drink!

End of show!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Monday will be a repeat of the 52nd Anniversary Special!

P.S. I will be on vacation next week. I'll be back to my recaps on Monday June 1st. 

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm Getting Out

Again, Again!
Thursday's Recap - 

Patrick is annoyed about Hayden's surgery at his house. Sam tries to rub his back, but Patrick decides he needs a shower instead. After Patrick asks why Sam was with Jake at the garage when Hayden was shot. Sam explains that she went there to confront Jake about Duke's murder. She says she thinks Jake is innocent, but Patrick doesn't agree. At the end, Patrick asks Sam to keep her distance from Jake. Sam says she will and they hit the sheets.

Julian asks Alexis to stay with him at his apartment. He tells her that he needs comfort after the news of his son's death. Alexis feels conflicted about Duke's death and wants to leave. Julian stops her and says, "I'm getting out!" Alexis doesn't believe him and says she's heard it before. Julian says he's sincere it will just take time. He asks Alexis to have faith in him. At the end, Alexis tearfully agrees to stay.

Agent Sloane takes Anna back to her hotel room. They have a drink and talk about their cover up. After Anna regrets putting Jordan at risk and tells Sloane he's doing the same with Jake. Sloane says Jake can take care of himself. Anna thinks he should pull Jake out and tell everyone that Carlos killed Duke. Agent Sloane doesn't want Carlos's murder to come back to hurt Anna. She says she doesn't care what happens to her now. Sloane tells her that someday it will all be okay and stays with her for the night.

Sabrina and Michael order take out at her place while she waits for word on Carlos. They talk about Avery and enjoy their food. Michael tells Sabrina he likes her a lot and they make out. Then Michael pulls back and says he wants to take things slow. Sabrina agrees, but thanks him for helping her stop thinking about Carlos. 

Morgan and Kiki argue at Silas's apartment about Michael. It makes them hot and they start making out furiously. They end up in the bedroom and have sex. After Morgan wants to know where things are going with them. Kiki says she doesn't want to ruin their friendship, but Morgan thinks they should give their relationship a try again. At the end Kiki agrees, shows him her boobs and they have sex again.

Jake and Liz go back to her place. Jake feels guilty about Hayden's coma. He wonders who she was talking about when Hayden told him that someone else knows who he really is. After Jake says he can't be with Liz anymore, because Sloane is pressuring him to get dirt on the Jerome's. Jake thinks he's going to end up in jail when he quits working for Sloane. Liz pleads with him not to end things between them, but Jake says he's not changing his mind. Liz asks him to give her one last night together.

End of show!

Morgan and Kiki's sex scene was a bit pointless today, no?

Have a great night!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Today on GH

No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime according to GHH here is what's coming up on today's episode!

Dante receives a request from his mother.

Kiki and Michael argue.

Sabrina and Michael prepare to enjoy a date at home.

Sloane wants to help Anna but is not sure how.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It Worked

You made the right decision!
Here's What Happened - 

Franco tries to stomach the fact that Nina married Ric in her hotel room. He tells Nina she'd made a huge mistake. Ric has to step out for work stuff with Sonny, but Nina makes sure to kiss him hard before he leaves. Once alone, Franco wants to take Nina to get her marriage annulled from Scotty. Franco insists that Nina should be his wife, but Nina refuses to go anywhere with him. At the end, Franco calls her sick and screams that her marriage is a fraud as he walks out.

Shawn calls Ric for help at the PCPD. Jordan and Dante take him into the interrogation room. Shawn is furious with Jordan and recounts all the lies she told him. Jordan doesn't want to hear it and reminds Shawn that he shot Hayden while trying to kill Jake. She tells him to accept the consequences for his career choices. Shawn wonders what TJ will think about Jordan lies. Jordan thinks TJ will be proud. Then she informs Shawn that Duke tried to her, not Julian. Shawn refuses to speak anymore with her so Jordan leaves. After Dante takes a crack at speaking with Shawn, but Ric arrives before Dante can get anywhere. Once alone, Shawn insists that Ric go warn Sonny that Jordan was a mole. 

Jordan goes home and has TJ come over. She tells TJ that Shawn was arrested. Then Jordan explains that she's an undercover cop and was the one who had Shawn arrested. TJ is confused so Jordan explains to him she never went to prison. She says she lied to protect him and that's why she sent TJ to live with Shawn. TJ gets upset and thinks she hurt Shawn on purpose. He storms off and leaves Jordan in tears.

Carly tries to explain to Sonny at his house why she thinks Jake is a good guy. Ric calls Sonny in the middle of their conversation to tell him Shawn was arrested. After he gets off the phone, Sonny tells Carly that Shawn shot Hayden instead of Jake. Sonny gets a little jealous over Carly's concern for Jake, but Carly says she's worried Sonny will get himself arrested again. At the end, Ric shows up and tells Sonny and Carly that Jordan is an informant. 

Sam tells Liz and Jake that Hayden said someone else knows the truth of who he really is at GH. Liz gets nervous that the truth will come out. Then Patrick walks out and says they need to operate on Hayden. Patrick lays into Jake for bullets flying around Sam. He warns Jake to stay away from her. Then Jake goes to speak with Hayden and Sam asks Elizabeth what's got her all worked up. Liz makes excuses meanwhile Hayden is too out of it to speak with Jake. 

Julian asks Epiphany where his baby is at GH. Epiphany tells him Ned is the father on record and she doesn't have any information for him. Then Olivia and Ned come over to speak with Julian. Ned tells him that the baby died from an infection. At first Julian doesn't believe them and accuses them of lying. However Olivia cries and convinces Julian she's for real. Then Dr. Obrecht walks up and tells them the baby was cremated by mistake. Julian takes off to view the ashes and once alone, Dr. O notes that their ruse is working. She tells Olivia her baby is safe and waiting for her. Then Dr. O thanks Ned for the donation and walks away. At the end, Olivia feels guilty for lying to Julian, but Ned insists they did the right thing.

Nikolas questions his guard at Wyndermere about the hit on Hayden. Valerie walks in saying she was looking for her book. Nikolas excuses his guard and after Valerie asks why they were talking about Hayden. Nikolas answers that he's kicking Hayden out, because she threatened Liz. Later Liz shows up and asks to speak with Nikolas alone. In private she tells Nikolas that Shawn shot Hayden, but says Hayden's clinging to life. Meanwhile back at the hospital, Hayden is taken into surgery and Sam comforts Jake by holding his hand.

End of show!

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you didn't hear Sean Blakemore is leaving GH! Read here --- > Shawn Out!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Go To Hell - GH Live Episode 2

You Shot Me!
Monday's Not So Live Recap - 

Nina gets a knock on the door at her hotel room. She tells Franco it's her fiance. When Franco answers, Ric is standing there in a tuxedo. Ric walks in and Nina rubs it in Franco's face that she plans on marrying him. Franco tries to talk Nina out of going through with it. Ric gets on one knee and gives Nina the ring he bought for Liz. Franco says it's tacky, but Nina gushes over it. Franco insists Nina marry him instead. Then the justice of the peace arrives. Both Ric and Franco ask Nina to decide which of them she wants. At the end, Nina proceeds to marry Ric and they kiss.

Hayden goes to the garage and tells Sam and Jake that she's got a secret to share with them. She asks Jake if he wants to know who he really is. Outside Shawn prepares to take a shot at Jake. He fires right as Jordan walks up behind him. Shawn misses and ends up shooting Hayden. Jake runs outside and starts attacking Shawn. Jordan pulls her gun on both of them. Meanwhile in the garage, Sam calls 911. Hayden lay dying and tells Sam that someone else knows about Jake. Later the police and ambulance arrive on the scene. Shawn realizes that Jordan is a cop and she has him arrested. Shawn is disgusted with her and says she doesn't know the meaning of love.

Carly and Sonny talk at his house about the situation with Julian. Sonny tells her that Julian told him Jake killed Duke. Carly panics and pleads with Sonny not to kill Jake. Sonny says he doesn't want to fight with her, but he needs to avenge Duke. Carly thinks Sonny is blinded by guilt and isn't seeing that Julian is really behind Duke's death. Sonny breaks it to Carly that it's too late, because Jake is already dead. Carly cries and can't believe Sonny didn't listen to her. 

On the docks, Carlos tells Anna he'll never get convicted. Anna calls him a coward, tells him to "go to hell" and then shoots him. Carlos falls to his knees and says, "you shot me!" Then Anna fires off a few more rounds into him and Carlos dies. After Agent Sloane finds Anna looking over Carlos's dead body. Anna admits to killing him. Agent Sloane says he wants to keep it off the record. Anna doesn't understand why he's helping her. Sloane says he needs Anna's help to finish cleaning up Port Charles. 

Liz begs Nikolas at Wyndermere to stop Hayden from spilling the beans about Jason. Nikolas refuses and finds it hard to believe people haven't figured it out already. Liz wants to take matters into her own hands, but Nik stops her from leaving. They argue about the situation with Hayden and Liz suggests that Nik string Hayden along. He won't change his mind and Liz takes off to the hospital. Later at GH, Jake and Sam arrive with the paramedics and Hayden. Patrick takes Hayden into the ER. Sam tells Liz that Hayden was about to tell Jake who he really is. At the end, Nikolas's security guard comes to see him at Wyndermere. He confirms to Nikolas that the hit on Hayden went as planned and Shawn took the blame!

End of show!

Have a great night!

Friday, May 15, 2015

GH Live - Episode 1

Friday's Not So Live Recap -

Nina watches The View "live" from her hotel room and remarks that she doesn't understand what's so special about being live. She ends up breaking the coffee table. Then she gets a visit from Franco. He brings her Heather's egg salad painting as an apology. Franco explains his reasoning to Nina as she gets dressed. He say she's his best friend and the most beautiful woman in the world while he tries to fix the table. Then Nina walks out wearing a wedding dress. Franco thinks Nina is trying to make him jealous, but then someone knocks on the door. Nina says it's her husband to be.

Sabrina gets a visit from Anna at her apartment. Anna asks Sabrina to help her find Carlos. Sabrina says she wishes she could help, but doesn't know where he is. Anna pushes Sabrina to call Carlos to get information. Sabrina reluctantly complies. When she speaks with Carlos he apologizes for what he did to her. He says Sabrina deserves someone better than him. They wish each other happiness and Carlos says he loves her. After Sabrina cries, but ends up telling Anna that Carlos is at the Pier 54. 

Julian tells Shawn and Sonny at Sonny's house that Jake killed Duke. Sonny is skeptical and accuses Julian of smirking. Sonny grabs Julian by the collar and starts tossing him around. Shawn breaks things up. After Julian says Jake is alone at the garage and they should take action. Then Julian leaves. After Shawn thinks Carly will be upset if Sonny does anything to Jake. Sonny says he can't wait and Jake dies tonight. 

Hayden interrupts Elizabeth and Nikolas's conversation about her at Wyndermere. Liz and Hayden end up having a snippy spat about Jason that Nik has to break up. Hayden breaks one of his vases in response. Nik gets annoyed and calls her bluff. He dares her to go tell Jake he's Jason. Hayden doesn't back down and takes off saying she's going to tell Jake the truth. At the end, Liz says if the truth comes out they're screwed. She begs Nikolas to take action.

Sam goes to see Jake at the garage and asks if he killed Duke. Jake refuses to answer so Sam slaps him. She accuses Jake of playing her to get in good with Julian. Jake decides to tell her that he didn't kill Duke. Sam asks why he made her think he was a killer. Jake says it's complicated and then says being violent seems natural to him. At the end, Hayden shows up and tells Jake she's got something to tell him. 

Agent Sloane meets up with Jordan on the docks. They discuss Duke's death. Jordan thinks a mob war is brewing. Then Julian calls Sloane and tells him that Jake needs help, because Sonny is after him. Sloane decides to call for backup at the garage, but learns that Carlos is at pier 54. Meanwhile Julian meets up with Carlos at the pier to say goodbye. Later Carlos is alone and Anna finds him. She holds him at gunpoint and ultimately shoots him dead!

At the very end, Lily reads the credits and Maurice Bernard joins her to say hello.

End of show!

I think the bulk of the live stuff was people referencing the term live, not much seemed different otherwise. What do you think?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

We Almost Made It

Today's Show - 

Liz goes to Wyndermere to ask Nikolas why he's allowing Hayden to stay with him. He explains that Hayden knows Jake is really Jason, because she heard them talking at the Nurses Ball. Then Liz says she thinks Jason might have killed Duke and that he tried to break things off with her. However Liz insists to Nik that she has no intention of letting Jason go. She wants them to make sure Hayden keeps her mouth shut. At the end, Hayden walks in and boldly asks Liz what she plans to do.

Jake explains to Julian at the garage that he found blood and a gun and was arrested. Julian wants to know exactly what he said to the police. Jake assures Julian that he kept his mouth shut, but Julian is suspicious. After Jake tries to get information from Julian about Carlos. Jake says if the police think he's guilty they won't be looking for Carlos. Julian thanks him for drawing the heat away and gives Jake some extra protection.

Agent Sloane brings Bruce's cell phone to Anna at the church before Duke's funeral. He let's Anna listen to the last message Duke left him calling off the hit on Jordan. After listening Anna says, "we almost made it!" Then Felicia and Mac arrive to support Anna. Lucy walks in and tells Anna that Duke's heart never stopped loving her. She explains that she arranged for them to dance at the Nurses Ball together. Anna is touched and hugs Lucy. Later Dante, Lulu, Nathan and Maxie arrive. All of them hug and console Anna. 

Sam and Patrick talk to Emma at their house about Duke's death. Sam gives Emma a dress to wear to the funeral and offers words of comfort. Emma still wonders if Duke will come back like Robin did. Patrick explains that he saw Duke die in the ER and knows it's for real. Emma wants to be there for Anna so she goes to get ready. Later Emma and Patrick head to the church, but Sam stays behind to look for her purse. Once alone, Sam looks at her and Jason's wedding rings and gets emotional. Meanwhile at the church, Patrick, Emma and Anna talk. Emma gives Anna a picture of Emma dancing with Duke from last year's ball. Then Sam finally arrives.

Sonny and Carly hear a knock on the door. Sonny answers and sees that it's Duke. Duke tells them that he planned his death as a ruse to get his enemy's off their back. Then Sonny wakes up and talks to Carly about Julian. He tells her that he's giving Julian a chance to hand the shooter over or he's gonna kill him. Later they head to the church, but Carly leaves Jake a message warning him to beware of Sonny before walking in. Inside Jordan, Shawn and TJ give Anna their condolences. TJ tells Anna he's dedicating his education to Duke. After Sonny approaches Anna and says he's going to miss Duke. Anna coldly responds that Duke wouldn't be dead if he didn't work for Sonny. She promises to get justice for Duke. 

Later the funeral begins while Scottish bagpipes play Amazing Grace. The pastor reads a kind service and everyone listens carefully. At the end back at the church, Anna thinks of her past with Duke and we get a series of terrific flashbacks from the 80's to current day. Thinking of it brings Anna to tears. At the garage, Jake calls Sloane to tell him he thinks Julian is starting to trust him. Then he hears Carly's message. Meanwhile Julian heads to Sonny's and says he's ready give up Duke's killer. Sam decides to go visit Jake!

End of show!

Have a great night!

P.S. See you tomorrow for GH live!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It Was Nothing Personal

You Shot Duke Lavery!
Here's What Happened -

Olivia tells Ned that she wants Dante to help her and the baby disappear in the prenatal ward. She says she has to protect her child especially since Duke is dead. Olivia says she needs to lay low in Bensonhurst with her friend, Melissa. Dante isn't sure running away is the best answer. He gets called to work, but asks Ned to talk some sense into Olivia. At the end, Ned says he's got an idea on how to help her.

Sloane warns Anna not to rush to judgement in Duke's murder at the PCPD. Anna thinks Carlos is the guilty party. She deduces that Julian ordered the hit and says she just needs to find where Carlos is hiding. Anna feels that Carlos is likely with Sabrina. Agent Sloane says Anna is too close to the situation and he doesn't want her going to Sabrina's place. However Anna talks him into it and they go looking for Carlos together.

Sabrina talks to Felix on the phone while Carlos takes a shower at her place. After Carlos comes out of the shower and confirms he's skipping town to avoid trial. He thanks Sabrina for letting him stay with her. Then Felix calls back to tell Sabrina that Duke is dead. Sabrina immediately realizes that Carlos is responsible. Carlos coldly confirms it by saying, "It was nothing personal!" Sabrina says she's going to call the police. Later Anna and Agent Sloane burst into Sabrina's apartment. They find Sabrina tied up to a chair and Carlos gone.

Nikolas and Valerie have breakfast at Wyndermere together. Lulu comes in and they talk about Spencer's behavior at the Nurses Ball. Then Hayden strolls in the room wearing Nik's bathrobe. Hayden announces that she's living at Wyndermere now. Lulu doesn't like what she hears and questions Nikolas about all of this. Hayden jokes that she's really good in bed and that's why Nik is letting her stay. Nik lies and says Hayden is financially strapped and he wanted Liz away from Ric so he's helping Hayden. Later Lulu and Valerie leave to go see Olivia. Once alone, Hayden reminds Nik that she's in control or she'll reveal his lie about Jake.

Liz is thrilled to see Jake at GH until he tells her that he was arrested the night before. Jake explains finding the gun and blood on the garage floor. She asks if he killed Duke. Jake says he can't answer that and thinks they shouldn't be together right now. Liz won't hear it. She says she went through this with Jason and won't go through it again. Liz claims she's okay with his job and can't lose him. Jake likes what he hears and kisses her. At the end, Lulu sees Liz and tells her that Hayden is living at Wyndermere.

Sonny and Shawn run into Julian at the hospital. Julian is anxious to see his son and explains to Sonny that Olivia's baby is his child. Then Sonny tells Julian that he can't let Duke's death stand without action. Julian swears he's not responsible. Sonny doesn't believe him, but says he'll give Julian 24 hours to find Duke's killer or he's a dead man. Later Dante runs into Sonny. He warns Sonny not to retaliate for Duke's murder or he'll have to investigate him. At the end, Sonny tells Shawn whoever killed Duke is a goner!

End of show!

How come even after a shower Carlos's hair still looks greasy? lol Loved his scenes today.

Have a great night!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Duke's Dead

Poor Anna!
No time to recap today, I'm sorry. I can barely take what's going on with Duke's death anyway. I love Ian Buchanan and the character of Duke. So much potential wasted! You know he was also on Twin Peaks. See here --- > Dick Tremayne

Anyway, according to the ABC GH Blog here's what happened today.

Obrecht intervenes when Anna refuses to leave Duke's side. The confrontation results in Anna's breakdown. 

Have a great night!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Today's Scoop

No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime according to GHH, here's what's on tap for today's show!

Jake receives new instructions from Sloane; he finds himself in a difficult situation.

Sabrina is faced with a decision.

Michael faces challenges posed by Tracy about ELQ and Sabrina.

Have a great day!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Let's Have a Baby

It's go time!
Today's Show - 

Bruce tries to kill Jordan in her apartment when she's alone. He sneaks in and fires at her bed, but Jordan isn't there. She comes up behind him with a gun and shoots him point blank. Meanwhile on the docks, Shawn runs into TJ. He tells TJ that he was supposed to work, but no one showed up. Then they talk about Shawn's budding relationship with Jordan. TJ says he's happy for them, but hates the line of work they are in. Shawn promises that he and Jordan will watch each other's back.

Anna tells Agent Sloan about her plans to leave town with Duke in her hotel room. Sloan thinks Anna shouldn't give up her career or her family. Anna gets emotional and asks why he cares so much. Agent Sloan says he'd miss Anna if she were gone. Then Jordan calls Anna and asks for her and Sloan to come quickly because she killed someone. Later Anna and Sloan arrive at Jordan's and find Bruce dead. Anna notices the button on Bruce's jacket from the docks. Sloan insists they need to find Duke, but Anna won't give up Duke's location. Then Anna takes off. Sloan says to Jordan that Anna wants Duke more than anything and puts an APB out on her and Duke. 

Maxie and Nathan enjoy a private dance in the empty ballroom at the Metro Court. Then they decide to go home together. Meanwhile Jake finds a gun and some blood on the Metro Court garage floor. A while later Nathan and Maxie walk into the garage. Jake draws the gun on Nathan instinctively. Nathan ends up putting him in handcuffs. Jake tells Nathan it wasn't his gun. He explains how he found the blood and gun on the ground. Later Nathan calls for back up and starts an investigation. At the end, Nathan has Jake taken to the PCPD. Maxie hopes no one was hurt.

Olivia goes into early labor at the Metro Court. Patrick thinks her contradictions are coming to fast and they'll have to deliver the baby right there. Sam and Alexis try to comfort Olivia. Ned and Julian argue over who will support her, but Olivia doesn't want Julian there. Alexis convinces Julian to step away. She takes Julian into the ballroom and tells him to back off for now while they listen to Olivia scream. Meanwhile Patrick says, "Let's have a baby." Then he and Sam deliver the baby together while Ned holds Olivia's hand. At the end, the baby is oddly quiet. Olivia panics when Patrick looks concerned. 

Michael takes Sabrina home after the ball and kisses her again. Sabrina asks what they're doing and says she wants to have a conversation before things get awkward. They talk about their past relationships, his with Kiki and Sabrina's with Patrick and Carlos. They both agree that their ex's aren't an issue anymore. Michael asks if she wants to have a second date or just call it all off. He says if things don't work out, they can stay friends. Sabrina agrees, but says she wants to take it slow. Michael asks her to dinner the following night and they kiss again. At the end, Sabrina is alone and Carlos knocks on the door asking for her help. Meanwhile, Anna finds Duke on the docks and he's barely alive from a gun shot wound!

End of show!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. In case you didn't hear already Tony Geary is leaving GH. Read here -- > Luke Out!

I think it's long past time that he retired. I love the character of Luke Spencer, but he hasn't been fun in a long time. The Luke/Fluke plot was too much, but I wish him well. How do you feel?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Kingpin

Thursday's Recap - 

Hayden guesses that Jake is Jason in bed with Nikolas at Wyndermere. She tells him that she overheard his conversation at the ball with Elizabeth about Jason. Nikolas insists that Hayden misunderstood. Hayden doesn't bite and surmises that Nik is after ELQ. She rails against Elizabeth and reminds him that Carly and Sonny won't be happy he kept this a secret. Hayden wants in on Nik's nefarious business and wants to move into Wyndermere. She threatens to expose him if he's doesn't comply. Nik coldly allows her to stay, but refuses a second round of sex with her.

Jake asks Liz at her house if he's who she wants to be with. Liz answers that she's wanted him for a long time. Then they kiss. Liz tells Jake she wants him to stay and they head upstairs. We get a music montage as they hit the sheets. After Liz says Jake needs to go home so Cameron doesn't get confused. Jake agrees to go back to the Metro Court. On his way out the door, Jake promises Liz that nothing will come between them again. At the end, Liz talks to Jason's picture and apologizes for lying. She says it's their chance and she's taking it.

Anna returns to her hotel room and thinks about her plan to run away with Duke. She starts to pack when Agent Sloan knocks on the door. Sloan says he needs to talk to her and walks into her room. He sees her bags and asks if she's going somewhere. Anna lies and claims she's going to Washington. Then Agent Sloan says he thinks Duke ordered the hit on Jordan. Anna is reluctant to believe it, but starts to get upset. Then she tells Sloan she's going away with Duke.

Duke tries to contact his security guard, Bruce, in the Metro Court parking garage to call off the hit on Jordan. Then Carlos calls out, "Hey Duke Lavery!" He walks up to Duke and pulls his gun out. Carlos explains that Duke has to die. Duke keeps his cool and says Carlos would be a fool to kill him, a Kingpin. Carlos tells Duke Julian ordered the hit on him. Duke makes a grab for the gun and they struggle. A shot rings out, but we don't see who got shot. At the end, Jake goes into the garage and notices blood on the floor. 

Shawn and Jordan talk about Shawn's fight with Julian outside of her apartment. They go inside as Bruce walks up behind them with his gun. Inside Jordan and Shawn have a night cap. Shawn tells her he hates the idea of anyone hurting her. They put on some music and start making out. They end up in bed and after Bruce calls Shawn's cell phone. He tells Shawn Duke needs him to oversee a shipment on the pier asap. At the end, Shawn heads out and Bruce gets ready to kill Jordan while she's alone.

Julian overhears Sam telling Olivia that she doesn't want to lie to her father at the Metro Court. Julian asks what she's talking about. Patrick tells Julian Sam will tell him when she's ready. Olivia and Ned insist that Julian heard wrong as Alexis stands by Julian's side. Julian guesses that it has to do with Olivia's baby. Olivia gets stressed and starts to have cramps. Patrick examines her while Julian grills Sam about what's going on. Finally Sam confirms that Olivia's baby is his. At the end, Patrick announces that Olivia's water broke!

End of show!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Today's GH Scoop

I need the day off from recapping, but I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime here's what's on tap for today's show according to GHH!

Anna and Duke deal with a confession to each other.

Sam struggles with keeping the secret of Olivia's baby from Julian.

Hayden blackmails Nikolas.

Julian is confronted by Shawn about whether he ordered the hit on Jordan.

Elizabeth runs into Jake.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

And the Ball Concludes...

Spit it out!
Today's Recap - 

Liz takes the microphone from Lucy at the Nurses Ball and says she has an announcement about Jason. Everyone is interested to hear what she has to say, especially Carly and Jake. Liz starts to think about her moments with Jake and decides to pretend she wanted to talk about Robin. She tells the story about Jason carrying Robin off the stage years ago at the Nurses Ball when Robin first announced she was HIV positive. After Liz runs out of the ballroom and Nikolas follows her. 

They talk privately and Liz explains that she decided not to tell, because in the past Jason never had a place in his life for her. Liz says the universe is giving her and Jason a shot at being together. Liz claims most people in town lie to get what they want and those who don't suffer for it. Nikolas isn't so sure it's a good idea, but Liz says it's not his choice. She makes Nik swear to keep it a secret and they hug.

Meanwhile in the ballroom, Jake says to Carly that Liz's speech made him understand more about Jason. After Michael and Carly talk alone for a moment about Jason. Nearby Agent Sloan approaches Jake and they discuss Jake's informant duties. Then the next performance starts. Ned sings Crazy Little Thing Called Love with Epiphany, Felix and Sabrina singing backup. Ned ends up dancing with Olivia when he jumps into the audience. Sam watches and is clearly thinking about Julian being her baby's father. Later Sam tells Patrick she's going to talk to Olivia after the ball. 

Duke, Jordan and Shawn talk about dealing with Julian. Shawn wants revenge since he thinks Julian tried to kill Jordan. Meanwhile Agent Sloan explains to Jake that he was going to be Julian and Carlos's patsy when they take out Duke. He advises Jake to win Julian's trust and find out what's really going on. Backstage Carly and Sabrina have a moment to pimp Aveeno and Carly thanks Sabrina for helping Michael. Back in the ballroom, Ellie and Nathan continue their plan to make Maxie and Spinelli jealous. After Spinelli takes the stage and performs It Might Be You. However he seems conflicted about his feelings toward Maxie during the routine. 

Spencer gets a visit from ghost Courtney at Wyndermere. She explains that she's always been inside him, but knew he needed to see her after what he did at the Nurses Ball. Spencer calls Cameron a "townie" and says he stole Emma from him. Courtney says she was a townie and grew up poor so he shouldn't judge people like that. Spencer says because of his face everyone will like always like Cameron better. Courtney convinces Spencer to let her take his mask off. When Spencer finally looks in the mirror, it turns out his scar is no big deal. Then Courtney hugs him goodbye. 

At the end, Nik returns to Wyndermere to find Spencer without his mask on as Courtney watches them together. Back at the ball, Duke orders another hit on Jordan. Agent Sloan advises Anna to go after Duke for the sake of love. Then Lucy takes the stage to wrap up the ball and Felix brings her a dozen red roses. Finally Sabrina and Epiphany sing You Are Not Alone for the final number. Everyone joins them on stage for a big group performance and Liz's eyes meet Jake's. 

End of show!

That's it for the 2015 Nurses Ball. Overall I enjoyed it. The performances were fun and all the actors seems to enjoy themselves. My only critique is that the ballroom often seemed empty and the Jason reveal didn't happen. What did you think? 

Have a great night!

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Ball Continues

He said yes!
Here's What Happened - 

Brad awaits Lucas's answer to his marriage proposal at the Nurses Ball. Lucas tells him to only ask if he means it. Brad promises he's sincere so Lucas says yes. After Julian congratulates them and Lucas gets ready to perform. Then Lucas starts the next number with Felix, Michael, TJ, Nathan and Magic Milo performing New Sensation by Inxs. Of course all the boys end up shirtless and make their way into the audience. Spinelli gets jealous when Ellie dances with Nathan. The guys end up in their underwear at the end of the routine, which reads Nurses Ball on their backsides.

Dante and Valerie have a moment in the hallway about the Aveeno swag bags and Dante appears to like her. Back in the ballroom, The Haunted Starlets take the stage which consists of Sabrina, Maxie, Ellie, Lulu, Sam and Valerie performing a duwop routine to a song called Dear Future Husband. All the men are impressed. Both Nathan and Spinelli seem more interested in Ellie rather than Maxie. 

Emma finds Cameron backstage upset over Ric and Liz's breakup. Nearby Spencer walks in wearing a "Phantom of the Nurses Ball" costume. Spencer wants to take Emma on a tour of the catacombs, but Emma says no. Spencer is certain it's because of his face. Then Emma and Cameron walk off to start their performance. They take the stage and do the tango. Seeing it makes Anna and Duke think of each other. In the middle of their routine, Spencer interrupts by dropping weighted bags on stage and he appears on the video monitor. Spencer then magically appears on the stage with claims of sabotaging the ball. Dante, Lulu and Valerie end up taking Spencer back to Wyndermere. At the end, Spencer is visited by what appears to be a ghost Courtney. (I hated Courtney back in the day, not sure if I can handle this!)

Lucy notices that Duke wants to get involved with Anna and Emma backstage and advises him to fight for Anna. Lucy is in the middle of changing her outfits while she lectures Duke. Right then the curtain goes up and everyone sees Lucy is her underwear. She decides to improvise and says Anna and Duke are dancing together. Duke and Anna decide to play along and perform a lovely tango together. During the routine we get flashbacks of their first tango from the 80's. After Patrick and Emma sing and play guitar together and bring the audience to tears. 

Carly and Jake talk about Hayden in the lobby. Jake is annoyed at Carly for embarrassing Elizabeth in public. Carly tries to explain her motives and apologizes. He accepts her apology and thanks Carly for exposing Hayden's lie. Jake says he was on the verge of starting something with Elizabeth before Hayden showed up. He wants to go find Liz, but Carly stops him and asks if he's sure. Jake says he wants to fight for Liz and asks Carly to have his back. 

Nikolas tells Liz in Lucy's dressing room that Jake is really Jason Morgan. At first Liz thinks Nikolas is lying to her, but Nikolas says that Helena told him and it's true. Liz says she felt a connection to Jake the second she saw him and gets emotional thinking about Jason choosing Jake for a name. After Elizabeth asks why Nikolas didn't say something sooner and assumes Helena forced him to keep quiet somehow. Nikolas can't take the guilt and admits that he kept it secret, because of his plans for ELQ. Liz slaps Nik hard in response. Nik says he was made a fool of in the past few years and he wanted to take his power back. Liz goes to tell Sam and Jason the truth, but has second thoughts when she sees how Sam reacts to Emma and Patrick's performance together. However at the end, Liz gets on stage and announces that she has something to tell everyone.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Jake is Jason!

I love this color!
In this episode the Nurses' Ball begins, Carly destroys Ric's plans and Nikolas finally decides to spill what he knows about Jake!

The Ball Begins - 

Lucy panics in her dressing room with Felix about not having anything to wear. Meanwhile on the Red Carpet, Lucas calls Brad asking where he is. Brad says he's running late, but after Brad gets off the phone he and Britt watch the red carpet together. Britt makes fun of Olivia for being a pregnant grandmother as Olivia and Ned walk down the carpet. Behind them Sam and Patrick stroll in (I loved Sam's dress). Later Sabrina and Michael walk the carpet, followed by TJ, Molly, Shawn and Jordan. After Lucy and Duke walk the carpet together and Lucy thanks him for escorting her despite the demise of their relationship.

Brad sees Lucas and Felix walk the carpet together, but Felix says on camera that he's single. After Maxie and Spinelli arrive (I didn't like Maxie's hair, it looked really fake). Behind them Nathan and Ellie walk in together. The sight upsets Maxie so she goes to talk to Nathan, but falls and her boob slips out on camera. After Nathan explains to Maxie and Spinelli that he and Ellie just wanted to have a good time. Meanwhile Britt and Brad replay Maxie's fall over and over while laughing hysterically. After Brad takes off to meet up with Lucas.

At Wyndermere, Nikolas, Lulu, Dante and Valerie try to talk Spencer into coming to the ball with them. Spencer says he's to hideous to attend. Of course they all disagree, but Spencer won't change his mind. After they leave, Spencer sees Emma and Cameron at the ball on TV. He calls Jocelyn to vent. Later Britt sneaks into Wyndermere to see Spencer. He's thrilled to see her and runs into her arms. After they talk and Spencer tells her about his insecurity regarding his face. Britt encourages him to go to the ball. At the end, Spencer decides to take Britt's advice and goes to get ready.

Ric meets Liz outside the lobby with Cameron and Emma and they all walk the carpet together. Nearby Hayden and Jake agree not to think about Liz, but immediately see her on the red carpet when they walk into the lobby. Then Lulu and Dante walk in with Nik and Valerie behind them. Inside the ballroom, everyone gets to their seats. Molly thanks Duke for paying for TJ's tuition. Meanwhile Carly takes Pete Ross to a storage closet in the Metro Court. She tells him to wait there. Then she goes to find Ric in the ballroom. Carly tells him she wants to make amends and shakes Ric's hand. 

After Lucy starts the ball. She makes a speech about eradicating HIV and AIDS and reminds everyone to enjoy their Aveeno swag bags. Then the first number begins and it's all the nurse's singing Welcome to the Nurses' Ball. Epiphany gets the whole crowd clapping by the end of the song. Then Dr. O crashes the stage and starts her version of 99 Luftballoons. She furiously pops balloons on stage confusing the whole audience. After Molly approaches Liz at her table and gives her a ring box. She tells Liz to open it when Ric gets on stage.

Then Ric takes the stage and asks Liz to open the box. He starts to sing I Think I Wanna Marry You as a collage of pictures plays in the background of them together over the years. Meanwhile Carly takes Spinelli into the control room and switches the pictures to a shot of Hayden and Pete in their fake wedding pics. Carly then interrupts Ric's number with Pete Ross. She has Pete say on stage that Ric paid him to pretend to be Jake Doe. She also calls out Hayden for pretending to be Jake's wife. Liz runs out of the ballroom upset. Ric chases after her, but Liz slaps him and calls him a lying bastard. Then she tosses his ring. Ric tries to explain the reasons he did what he did, but Liz says he was never good enough for her. Then she tells Ric she never wants to see him again.

Back in the ballroom, Lucy calls Brad to the stage and pleads with him to perform. Brad decides to sing a peppier version of I Think I Wanna Marry You to Lucas. Backstage Felix hustles a group of backup dancers to perform with Brad. After the song is over Brad decides to ask Lucas to marry him for real. Lucas looks terrified. Meanwhile Hayden and Jake step into the lobby to talk about her lies. Carly comes out and tells Hayden to get out of her hotel. Carly gives Hayden the fake wedding ring she gave Jake and advises her to pawn it. At the end, Nikolas finds Liz alone in Lucy's dressing room. Liz starts going on about how Ric ruined things between her and Jake. She says she wants to find Jake and fix things. Nik feels guilty and blurts out, "Jake is Jason!"

End of show!

What do you think of the ball so far? Overall I thought it was a good episode!

Have a great weekend!