Monday, April 20, 2015

The Ring

How did this get here?
Today's Recap - 

Ellie spills her milkshake on Nathan at Kelly's. They get to talking and realize they are the ex's of Spinelli and Maxie. Nathan blames Ellie for sending Spinelli back to Port Charles. Ellie blames Nathan breaking up with Maxie. After they commiserate about their failed relationships. Ellie wonders if there is anything they can do.

Lulu brings Rocco over to Maxie's for a visit. Lulu confides in Maxie that she doesn't like Valerie. Then Maxie tells Lulu about getting back with Spinelli. Lulu wonders if Maxie still has feelings for Nathan. At the end, Spinelli comes home and Maxie hears him talking to Georgie on the baby monitor about how happy he is. 

Valerie tells Dante she's leaving Port Charles, because Lulu didn't like her being alone with Rocco. Dante convinces her to stay and Valerie offers to make him dinner. Later Valerie talks to Dante about her mother and she gets teary eyed. Dante hugs her and right then Lulu comes home.

Carly questions Liz about getting back with Ric at the Metro Court. She realizes that Ric must be involved with the Hayden situation. Right then Spinelli walks in and pulls Carly aside. Carly tells him she thinks Ric is behind Hayden's arrival. Spinelli says he thinks it's someone else. He shows her a picture of fake Jake, but the face is missing from the photo. At the end, Liz asks Carly what she thinks Ric did.

Nikolas panics when he can't find Jason's wedding room at Wyndermere. Then Spencer walks in and starts to tell Nikolas about his problems with Emma. Spencer mentions a ring. Nik's ears perk up, but Spencer claims it was Britt's ring. Nik realizes it must have been Jason's and goes to retrieve it from Emma's house.

Jake finds Jason's wedding band under Patrick's couch. Patrick looks at it and says it's not his wedding ring. He sees the inscription on the inside. When Sam sees it she realizes it's Jason's ring. Sam gets emotional and wonders why it's in Patrick's house. Then Emma comes home and tells them Spencer gave her the ring. At the end, Nikolas shows up at Sam and Patrick's door.

End of show!

Loved Maxie's outfit today!

Have a great night!

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