Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Current State of General Hospital

The good old days!
For those who read this blog regularly I want to apologize for skipping a lot of recaps lately. I also wanted to take a moment to explain why I've been slacking off a bit. First and foremost, I host another blog for Twin Peaks (which the news for has been off the charts for lately), two I've been writing weekly GH recaps for SoapHub and third GH has been driving me nuts recently! I also have a full time job, a husband, 3 pet kids, a little bit of a life lol and a few other interests. But mostly General Hospital has simply been turning me off lately.

I've watched this show since I was a small child. I fell in love with Frisco and Felicia. Their magic hooked me and I've watched pretty faithfully ever since. I missed the whole Luke & Laura hype of the 70's & 80's, but was able to enjoy them in the 90's. I loved the Cassadine's, adored Jax and Brenda and felt that the show had the best writing and acting of all the soaps up until the last decade. It's scary to think that decade's of my life have pasted and I've continued to watch this show. Time keeps ticking and GH's beat goes on and on. However despite my efforts to keep this blog somewhat opinion free, I just can't hold back anymore. 

When talk of GH going off the air in 2012 rose up I was sad, but honestly ready to say goodbye if need be. Long time fans know the pain of the Guza era and by 2012 the show was truly a redundant mess. However when GH got a second life and Frank & Ron took over, I was excited. There seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel. That's when I started this blog.

The 50th Anniversary of GH was great. So many old favorites returned and they brought back the Nurse's Ball! They picked up the pace with a lot of the plots and I was enjoying the show more than I had in a long time. So what the hell happened? Maybe I'm just cranky from the long cold winter, but it's my opinion that the show has really hit a slump again in the last 6 months or so. The Fluke/Luke story pretty much drained the life out of me and despite starting with some promise, it's just a hot mess now.

I did think the 52nd throwback episode was terrific and I enjoyed the flashbacks very much, but that was only one episode. Then we returned the same boring plots that are dragging out like a drippy wet sock. Here is what bothers me the most...we have no super couples!!! Romance is dead on GH. I'm not looking for sappy syrup, just give the audience a couple to root for! Also the cast is so bloated. Why did we need to recast Kiki? A character that no one cares about...why? Hayden could be interesting, but the Jake/Jason reveal is taking forever and a day to play out. Personally I think he and Sam have no chemistry at all either.

I still enjoy many of the individual scenes. I always get a kick out of Alexis and Julian. I had hope for Olivia and Ned, but since Wally is going back to Days that won't last. I thought Maxie and Nathan were cute, but since Spinelli's return I think it's gotten very silly. I did laugh at Nathan and Spinelli's boxing match though. I always feel the actors deliver strong performances, particularly our vets. 

I'm hopeful that the Nurse's Ball will be fun, especially with GH going live in May. Its just unfortunate that many of the episodes have been so dull lately. The plots are chopped up and some are just left hanging forever. 

So what do you think of GH currently? 

Enjoy this Frisco & Felicia compilation!

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  1. I've loved the show for years, but it's a train wreck these days!


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