Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stalker Potential

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Lucas wakes Brad up at their apartment shirtless and reminds him it's the morning of the Nurses' Ball. They talk about Britt. Brad says he hasn't talked to her, but he really misses her. It leads to a conversation about where they were a year ago and they end up having sex. After they tell each other they love one another and Lucas jumps in the shower. At the end, Brad is alone and a mysterious someone knocks on his door. 

Lulu moves Valerie into Wyndermere. Nikolas introduces himself to Valerie and after Lulu asks if he's taking Rosalie to the ball. Nik replies that he's bringing Spencer instead. Then Lulu shows Valerie to her room. Meanwhile Hayden sneaks into Wyndermere. Nik sees her and says she has stalker potential. Hayden laughs and immediately seduces him. Valerie walks in on them making out and assumes Hayden is Rosalie. Hayden gets jealous seeing Valerie and at the mention of Rosalie, but lies and says her name is indeed Rosalie. 

Sam runs into Jake at the hospital and thanks him again for finding Jason's ring. Sam gives Jake two tickets to the Nurses' ball as thanks. She says that Liz will be there, but Jake thinks it might be uncomfortable since he and Liz were pretty close. Sam thinks Ric is a bad choice for Liz and Jake is a better match. Jake confides in Sam that he feels like Hayden is a stranger and he wishes he could have had something with Elizabeth. 

Molly and Liz chat the in the Metro Court ballroom about Liz reuniting with Ric. Nearby Hayden approaches Ric and demands that he give her money. TJ sees them talking so Hayden takes off. After TJ asks Ric what's up. Ric tells him Hayden's an angry client. Meanwhile Molly tells Liz that she got Ric to try online dating during the time he and Liz were broken up. Then TJ and Ric walk into the ballroom and TJ mentions to Molly in private that he saw Ric arguing with a client. At the end, Ric tells Molly he's going to ask Liz to marry him. Nearby Jake comes to see Elizabeth.

Carly goes to visit fake Jake aka Pete Ross in NYC. She calls him out for pretending to be Jake. Carly shows him the pictures he took with Hayden and explains how she found him via his college ring. Carly pressures him into coming clean. Pete asks why she cares about Jake so much. Carly won't back down and Pete finally gives her enough information for Carly to guest that Ric is paying him. 

Olivia wakes up at GH to find Ned sleeping on the chair next to her bed. She's flattered that he stayed overnight and Ned reminds her that he's crazy about her. Then Dante walks in and Ned gives them some time alone. In private, Dante and Olivia talk about Valerie and Lulu feelings toward her. Dante mentions that Lulu saw him hugging Valerie so Olivia asks if Valerie is "hot" for him. Dante says he doesn't think so. Then he tells Olivia that he approves of Ned. At the end, Ned returns and tells Olivia she can go home. Ned brings her out in a wheelchair and Sam overhears Olivia say Julian is the real father of her baby!

End of show!

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P.S. In case you haven't heard, Genie Francis is on her way back to GH. Read here -- > Laura Returns!

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