Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nothing To It, But To Do It!

Ready to go!
Here's What Happened - 

Duke and Lucy have breakfast in Duke's room. Lucy is distracted by her plans for the Nurses' Ball. Lucy says she wants them to do a number at the ball together. Duke says he only knows the tango. Lucy thinks he won't be comfortable since that was his dance with Anna, but Duke says it's okay. However when he tries to dance with Lucy he thinks of Anna. Lucy realizes that Duke is still in love with Anna. She advises him to tell Anna he wants her back. 

Agent Sloan knocks on Anna's door and asks to use her shower, because he's got a problem in his room. Anna wants information on Agent Sloan's operative in the Jerome organization in exchange for a shower. Sloan offers information on Duke instead. He says that Julian could be going after Duke. Anna is upset at the news, but let's Agent Sloan use her shower. She leaves him alone and heads out. At the end, Duke knocks on Anna's door and Agent Sloan answers in a robe.

Nina gets a visit from Dr. Obrecht in her hotel room. Nina tells her that Franco went to the Quartermaine's. Dr. O says it must be because Franco is doing damage control since Nina kidnapped Avery. Dr. O scolds Nina for using Franco. Nina wonders why Dr. Obrecht cares so much about Franco. Nina thinks Dr. O has a crush on him. Then Nina asks Dr. O about her relationship with Victor Cassadine. Nina wonders if Victor is really Nathan's father. Dr. O warns Nina not to dig any further or she'll dig up dirt on her in return.

Franco goes to the Quartermaine's to hustle Ned for his shares. Alexis and Olivia are there and Franco tells them Ned's giving him controlling shares in the company. Alexis asks what's really going on. Franco says it's about Olivia's baby. However Alexis gets called away to deal with Michael. After Olivia pleads with Ned not to give away his shares, but Ned signs them over to Franco anyway.

Michael stumbles into the Metro Court restaurant. Nearby Kiki admits to Julian that she set Michael up with Morgan's help. Kiki blames herself for Avery's disappearance. Michael sees them and drunkenly berates both Kiki and Julian in front of the whole restaurant. Julian decides to call Alexis to help calm Michael down. Later Alexis arrives and tries to do damage control.

Nathan goes to the hospital in NYC looking for Silas. Meanwhile Ava waits for Silas to give her the medicine he stole from GH. She says she's ready to die in peace. Then Nathan knocks on the door asking to speak with Silas. Silas steps outside and Nathan asks him about Avery. Later Silas prepares Ava's medicine and they talk for a moment. Ava asks if Silas ever loved her. He says that in a way he did. Ava says, "nothing to it, but to do it!" Silas feels badly, but injects her anyway. At the end, it appears that Ava passed away.

End of show!

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