Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kill Me

It's all your fault, Uncle Luke!
Wednesday's Recap - 

A drunken Michael sees Sonny near Avery in the Metro Court lobby. He causes a scene while the news reporter films everything. Sabrina tries to reason with Michael and Olivia interrupts. Then Michael accidentally stumbles and knock's Avery's stroller over. Sonny and Sabrina make sure the baby is okay and after Sonny's scolds Michael. Then Sabrina takes the baby home and Michael follows. Olivia tells Sonny she'll find out which bartender got Michael so drunk. Back at the Quartermaine's, Michael tells Sabrina that he feels weird. At the end, he thanks Sabrina for helping him and takes more allergy pills.

Kiki feels a little guilty at the Metro Court for plotting against Michael. Morgan wonders if she still has feelings for him. Morgan says he was hoping they could try again. Then the reporter comes over to say he struck gold. He shows them the video of the stroller incident. Kiki worries that Avery could have gotten hurt. Later Sonny and Olivia come to talk with Morgan and Kiki about what happened with Michael.

Carly goes to see Jake at the garage. They talk about his situation with Agent Sloan. Carly asks Jake to warn her if he learns about anything that will put Sonny in danger. After Carly tells Jake that she hired Spinelli to investigate Hayden. Carly senses that Jake isn't comfortable with Hayden and asks about their sex life. At the end, they head to the Metro Court together.

Liz tells Ric she's ready to take him back at GH if he promises not to pull any more stunts. Ric promises to tell her the truth about his plans for Jake. Ric sits Liz down and says he would have done anything to get rid of Jake, but then Hayden showed up and took care of the problem for him. At the end, Ric promises Liz they can be happy if she gives him another chance. Liz finally agrees and says, "let's try this again!"

Dante and Lulu wonder where Valerie might have gone at GH. Lulu wonders if she might be dangerous. Nearby Valerie goes to Luke's hospital room with a scalpel in hand ready to kill him. She cries and yells at Luke for what he did to Patricia. Seeing Valerie's pain saddens Luke and he tells Valerie to kill him. Then Lulu and Dante burst in. Valerie puts the scalpel to Luke's neck and Luke tells Lulu to let Valerie kill him. Dante manages to talk Valerie down and takes the scalpel from her. Dante walks Valerie out and she thanks him for stopping her. Meanwhile, Lulu gets upset with Luke for being willing to die. 

Hayden wants Nikolas to tell her who Jake really is in her hotel room. Nikolas dodges the question so Hayden tries to seduce him. Nik takes the bait and they end up making out. Despite having a few reservations, Nik has sex with her. After Nik asks who really put her up to pretending to be Jake's wife. Hayden says she's going to keep that secret for now. At the end, Nik walks out of the hotel and runs into Carly. She notices lipstick on his collar. Meanwhile, Jake goes to Hayden's room and wonders why shes in bed.

End of show!

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