Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I Work For Helena!

What are you up to?
Here's What Happened - 

Morgan and Kiki continue to try and get Michael to drink at the Metro Court. They kiss and it makes Michael order another scotch. Sabrina doesn't like seeing Michael get jealous and decides to take Avery home. After Michael gets more inebriated and decides to confront Morgan and Kiki. Morgan texts the nearby reporter and tells him to film Michael. Then Michael takes a swing at Morgan, but ends up falling down. The reporter films everything and Michael stumbles onto the elevator.

Sonny and Ric run into each other in the Metro Court lobby. Ric is distracted by his phone and says he's waiting to hear from Elizabeth. After they discuss Jake. Ric tells Sonny about Hayden and says he thinks Jake will be leaving town soon. Later Sonny sees Sabrina with Avery as she's leaving the Metro Court. Sonny asks to see Avery. Sabrina is hesitant, but Sonny leans down to see the baby anyway. Right then Michael walks off the elevator and screams for Sonny to stay away from Avery.

Lulu and Tracy talk to Luke in his hospital room at GH. They explain that Patricia died at the Elm Street house. Luke feels awful and thinks his actions led to Patricia's death. He recounts his memories and says he stuffed his real self into his mind. Luke says he became Tim Spencer and imagines Tim's tattoo on his arm. Then he worries that maybe he won't be able to stop it from happening again. At the end, Tracy goes to get Luke a lawyer. Lulu tells Luke she loves him and steps out to talk to Dante.

Jake tells Julian that he drove Sam home at the garage. Julian doesn't think him taking Sam on a motorcycle would please his wife. Then Carlos stops by and tells Julian to fire Jake. Julian refuses and tells Carlos about Jake saving him from Shawn. Carlos asks to speak to Julian alone and tells him that he took one of Shawn's shipments. Julian gets angry and scolds him as Jake eavesdrops. At the end, Jake calls Sloan to tell him he's got information for him. 

Patrick isn't thrilled that Jake drove Sam home on a motorcycle at their place. Sam assures him that he doesn't have anything to worry about. After Sam explains how fun it felt to ride on a motorcycle again, but says shes ready to move in with him. At the end, they make out and decide to head to the bedroom.

Nik knocks on Hayden's door at the Metro Court. He pushes his way inside and says he knows she's not Jake's wife. Hayden claims she doesn't know what Nikolas is talking about. Nik answers that he knows she lying and asks if Helena is bank rolling her. Hayden decides to lie and tells him it's true that Helena is paying her. Nik gets upset and says he was handling everything. At the end, Hayden decides to come clean and tells Nik she was bluffing. Meanwhile Ric goes to see Liz and asks if she decided to give him another chance.

Valerie comes to GH and demands to know where Luke is. Liz tells Valerie she can't see Luke. Dante sees them arguing and takes Valerie aside. He tries to assure Valerie that Luke will pay for his crimes, but Valerie is distraught over her mother's death. Dante comforts her. At the end, Valerie manages to sneak into Luke's room when he's alone.

End of show!

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