Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Love You

Bad Mofo!
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Jordan and Shawn lay in bed together and remark on how great the sex they just had was. After Shawn asks how Duke tested her loyalty. Jordan tells him that Duke wanted her to kill Julian, but then he called it off. Later Shawn makes Jordan breakfast in bed and they talk about how great TJ is. Shawn flatters Jordan and tells her he loves her. Jordan responds that she loves him too. They agree to go to the Nurses' Ball together and look forward to their future. At the end, Jordan calls Anna and asks for a meeting. 

Anna places a call to Agent Sloan from the Metro Court and leaves a message. Then Duke walks in and Anna asks if they can speak. However Agent Sloan calls Anna back and interrupts. Duke goes to sit down at a table and chats with his security guard Bruce. They discuss the situation with Jordan and Duke says she has to go. Duke tells Bruce to make it look like the Jerome's killed Jordan and says he doesn't want Shawn or Anna to know he's behind it. At the end, Shawn sees Duke talking with Bruce and asks what's going on. 

Carlos comes to see Julian at the garage. Julian asks what the status of their hit on Duke is. Carlos explains it's been hard to get close to Duke, because his body guard is always with him. Julian suggests that Carlos hit Duke while he's eating on the Metro Court terrace. Julian says Carlos can aim from the window of one of the hotel rooms. Julian thinks Jake's hotel room would make a fine choice for the hit. 

Sam and Patrick chat at their place while Patrick rubs Sam's feet. Sam tells him she has to go help Spinelli with a case and heads out. After Anna comes over to see Emma, but Patrick says Emma's not home. They end up getting into a conversation about Anna's feelings for Duke. Anna says she loves Duke, but his lifestyle prevents them from being together. After they talk about Patrick's marriage to Robin and Patrick moving Sam in. Anna tells Patrick she's sad that Robin stays away, but she wants Patrick to be happy with Sam. At the end, Patrick tells Anna about finding Jason's wedding ring under the couch. She advises him not to worry about it.

Spinelli runs into Jake outside of Kelly's. Jake tells Spinelli to back off his investigation of Hayden. Spinelli replies that it's up to Carly, but Jake insists he and Hayden are just fine. Later Sam meets up with Spinelli and they catch up on their love lives. Then they discuss his case against Hayden and Spinelli shows her the photo of Hayden and fake Jake. Despite fake Jake's face being obscured, Sam zeros in on the class ring he's wearing. Spinelli breaks into the school's records and finds fake Jake's class photo. His real name is Pete Ross.

Jake returns to his hotel room and finds Agent Sloan waiting there for him. Sloan puts pressure on Jake to get dirt on Julian asap. Agent Sloan also says that Anna has a personal stake in the manner, because she's in love with Duke. Jake assures him he's working as hard as he can, but Sloan says there is no time because a hit is going down. Jake warns Sloan to back off, but Sloan bets Jake won't risk quitting or he'll send him to jail. At the end, Jake heads to the garage to talk to Julian. Meanwhile, Carlos breaks into Jake's room at the Metro Court and ready's his sniper rifle. 

End of show!

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