Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ellie Loves Spinelli

You're Maxie's second choice!
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Ellie knocks on Maxie's door. Spinelli answers and Ellie says she wanted to see Georgie. Then Maxie walks in holding the baby. Ellie happily greets Georgie and Maxie asks why she came. Ellie says she's had second thoughts about pushing Spinelli to explore his feelings for Maxie. Spinelli tells Ellie that he and Maxie just got back together. Maxie further details that Nathan dumped her. Ellie wonders if Spinelli is Maxie's consolation prize. Maxie explains that she and Spinelli just make sense. Ellie agrees and decides to leave. Spinelli stops her, but Ellie tells him she'll be in town for a few days. At the end, Spinelli assures Maxie that Ellie isn't a threat to their relationship.

Nathan goes to Franco's hotel room to speak with Nina about Avery. He wonders if Nina took the baby again. Franco let's Nathan look around their room to prove Nina didn't take the child. Nathan doesn't find anything and leaves. Once alone, Franco asks Nina if she did take the baby. Nina gets offended and assumes that Franco still thinks she's still crazy. Nina says if he really trusted her, he wouldn't have to ask if she took the baby.

Sonny and Carly come to GH and Morgan tells them that he thinks Michael took Avery. Carly doesn't believe it, but Morgan argues that Michael has been drunk and acting out of character. After Kiki tells them about her encounter with Nina. Carly decides to go question Nina and Franco about the situation. After Nathan meets up with them and says Nina told him they don't have Avery. Meanwhile Carly storms into Franco's room and demands to know where he and Nina have Avery. Franco denies it. Carly threatens them and storms out. 

Dante goes to the Quartermaine's and questions Michael about Avery's disappearance. Michael denies it while Sabrina listens. Dante says he needs to search the house to be sure. Michael refuses to let Dante look and screams that Dante should believe him as his brother. He tells Dante to come back with a warrant. Dante leaves and after Sabrina asks Michael why he wouldn't let Dante search the house. Michael yells at her, but then apologizes. He explains the stress he's been under. Sabrina says she believes him and hugs Michael.

Fluke shows up in Luke's hospital room with Tim Spencer's tattoo on his arm. Fluke informs Luke that he's not going anywhere. Fluke brings up Luke raping Laura and then turning them into a great love story. He also torments Luke for killing Jake and advises Luke to embrace his dark side. Luke swears that he loves his family, Laura and didn't want to hurt anyone. Fluke thinks Luke enjoyed hurting his family, grabs Luke's arm and shows him Tim's tattoo. Luke fights him and orders Fluke to leave.

Bobby stops Scotty at the Metro Court to talk about Luke. She lobbies to Scott that he should help Luke into a mental institution, but Scotty doesn't want to hear it. Bobby says he's hated Luke ever since Luke stole Laura from him. She reminds Scotty of how she's supported him and asks him to do the right thing for Luke. At the end, Bobby goes to see Luke. She tells Luke that Scotty is going to help him go to a mental institution instead of prison afterall.

End of show!

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