Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Drop the Charges

Hug it out!
Here's What Happened - 

Lulu and Valerie discuss Valerie moving into Wyndermere at the Metro Court. Lulu tries to call Nik about it, but gets his voice mail. She decides to head to Wyndermere to see him in person and leaves Valerie with Olivia. After Olivia and Valerie end up talking about Patricia's death. Then Olivia has craps so Valerie takes her to the hospital.

Rosalie comes to see Nikolas at Wyndermere. She wants to discuss Nik's plans for ELQ and tells him that Ned sold his shares to Franco. Then Lulu walks in and Rosalie makes a hasty exit. Lulu assumes that Nik and Rosalie are seeing other and Nik lets her think that. After Lulu fills Nikolas in on the Valerie situation. He agrees to let Valerie stay with him. At the end, Nik tells Rosalie she needs to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Michael and Sabrina kiss at ELQ. Then Ned walks in and Sabrina decides to scurry away. Once alone, Michael tells Ned about Morgan and Kiki drugging him. Then Ned tells Michael about selling his ELQ shares to Franco. Ned is about to tell Michael that Olivia's baby isn't his when Olivia calls Ned and tells him to meet her at the hospital.

Sabrina heads to GH and chats with Felix at the Nurses' station. She tells Felix that Michael kissed her. Felix asks if the kiss was good and if Sabrina has feelings for Michael. Before Sabrina can answer, Olivia arrives at the hospital seeking their help. Felix asks Sabrina to assist him. Later Ned meets up with Olivia and Felix takes them all into an exam room.

Nina gets upset when she finds Franco looking in her purse in their hotel room. Franco tries to defend himself by telling her about the security footage Dr. O showed him. Nina claims the video proves nothing and says she's going to move out. Franco pleads with her to stay and to understand that he only wants to protect her. After Nina says Franco should move out instead.

Dante knocks on Silas's door right as Morgan is suggesting to Kiki, Sonny and Carly that they need to keep Avery a secret. Sonny asks Kiki to hide the baby and then opens the door. Dante walks in and asks Morgan if Avery is there. Sonny asks if Dante has a warrant. Dante gets offended and decides to arrest Morgan and Kiki. After Carly and Sonny discuss how to handle the Avery situation. They head over to ELQ and Sonny tells Michael he has Avery. Sonny asks him to drop the charges against Morgan and Kiki. Michael says he'll agree only if Sonny drops his custody pursuit for Avery. 

Dante takes Kiki and Morgan to the PCPD. He reads Morgan the riot act for his behavior, but is interrupted with by a call from Valerie. She tells Dante that Olivia is in the hospital. Dante heads over to the hospital and Valerie fills him in on all she knows about Olivia. Later Sabrina comes out to tell Dante and Valerie that Olivia's just having braxton hicks contractions. Dante hugs Valerie in relief just as Lulu arrives the hospital and sees them. Meanwhile, Michael has the charges dropped against Morgan and Kiki so Carly returns Avery to Michael!

End of show!

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  1. Valerie is super annoying! But so is Lulu. Dante needs a brand new woman!!!


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