Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dawson's Creek

Let's make them jealous!
Here's What Happened - 

Spinelli gets a call from Lucy asking him to perform at the Nurse's Ball with Ellie. Maxie overhears and remarks how much chemistry Spinelli had with Ellie at last year's ball. Spinelli says he and Maxie should perform together instead. After they discuss Spinelli's investigation into Hayden and Spinelli tells her about Carly's suspicions. 

Ellie and Nathan continue to discuss their mutual relationship issues at Kelly's. Then Lucy walks in, sees Ellie and insists she perform at the Nurses' Ball with Spinelli. Ellie explains that she and Spinelli broke up as did Nathan and Maxie. Lucy doesn't like what she hears. She compares Maxie and Spinelli to Dawson and Joey from Dawson's Creek and says they are better as friends. Then Lucy says Nathan and Ellie would make a great couple or at least good friends. She also suggests that they go to the Nurses' Ball together and Nathan agrees. He hopes it will make Maxie and Spinelli realize what they lost. 

Lulu comes home to find Dante hugging Valerie. Then she realizes that Valerie already cooked dinner for Dante. Valerie talks more about her mother's frittata's, while Dante tries to smooth it over with Lulu. After Lulu suggests that Valerie find another place to stay and thinks Wyndermere might be a good option.

At the Metro Court, Carly gets questioned by Liz about what she had been accusing Ric of. Then Hayden walks in and Carly pulls her over. She asks Hayden if she's ever met Ric before. Hayden says no and starts talking about her sex life with Jake. Carly recalls Jake telling her that he didn't have sex with Hayden and calls her out. Hayden gets angry and storms off. After Liz wonders why Hayden would lie to her about her sex life. Ric says maybe it's because Hayden knew Jake was interested in Liz. 

At the Drake's house, Sam wants to know how Spencer got Jason's wedding ring. Then Nikolas arrives at the door. Sam pulls Nikolas inside and asks why Spencer had Jason's ring. Nik says he got it from Helena and then forgot about it when Spencer got hurt. Sam believes him and Nik heads out feeling guilty for lying. Later Nik is alone at Wyndermere. Hayden pays him a visit in wearing lingerie and they end up having sex a few times. Back at the Drake's, Sam puts Jason's ring away in a box of her things, but is clearly upset despite assuring Patrick's she's happy. 

At the end, Carly tells Jake that Spinelli found out some information about Hayden. However when he seems upset she decides not to spill the beans until she knows the whole truth.

End of show!

I do think Nik and Hayden have some good chemistry. What do you think?

Have a great night!

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