Thursday, April 30, 2015

Britt's Back!

Back for the ball!
Thursday's Recap - 

Nik and Hayden threaten to expose each other at Wyndermere. Nikolas gets a little physical and warns Hayden she has more to lose. He reminds her that he has the power to do anything he wants. Hayden decides to kiss Nik just as Spencer walks in. Nikolas introduces Hayden as his associate. Hayden says hi and touches Spencer's mask. Spencer freaks at first, but then explains why he's wearing a mask. Nik decides to escort Hayden to the door. After Spencer tells Nikolas he doesn't want to go to the ball, because of his face and losing Emma. Nik tells him he doesn't have to go. He also says Spencer's mother (nauseous at a Courtney mention) would want Spencer to accept his face.

Jake and Liz talk outside the ballroom at the Metro Court. Liz confirms to him that she's back with Ric. Jake asks if being with Ric is a good thing. Liz says yes, but it's been hard for her to get over him. Liz says Hayden was rubbing her sex life with him in her face. Jake doesn't like what he hears and wonders why Hayden would say that. Then Jake says he can't stop thinking of Liz. Right then Hayden strolls over. Jake decides to talk to Hayden in private and pulls her aside.

In the ballroom, Ric shows Molly an engagement ring he bought for Elizabeth. Molly advises him not to propose, because it's too soon. She says he should take his time and asks what the rush is. Molly thinks Liz isn't over Jake yet. Ric feels discouraged, but Molly tries to reason with him. Ric says he feels that Elizabeth loves him and Jake isn't an issue. Molly decides to wish him her best. 

At GH, Sam is approached by Dr. Obrecht who starts talking about how Sam, Carly and Liz gush over Jake all the time. She wonders what Patrick would think. Then Patrick walks up to them and scolds Dr. O for berating Sam. Dr. Obrecht gets a text and walks off. After Sam tells Patrick that she overheard Olivia saying Julian is the real father of her baby. They discuss how to handle it and Sam mentions that she invited Jake to the ball.

Brad gets a knock on his door and to his surprise, it's Britt! He's delighted to see her and they hug. She refers to Faison as "poppa" and explains that he arranged a secret trip so she could return for the Nurses' Ball. Brad tells her all about his relationship with Lucas. Later they eat ice cream and talk about Nikolas. Britt says she misses Nik and Spencer. Brad tells her about Spencer being burned. Then Dr. Obrecht knocks on the door. Brad answers and Dr. O forces her way inside. She orders Brad to leave. Once alone, Britt tells Dr. O that she misses her and they hug.

Carly guesses that Ric is behind Hayden's arrival at Pete Ross's place. She offers him cash to turn on Ric. Pete says for the right price he's all hers. Later Carly transfers money to him and fake Jake confirms that Ric did pay him to pose for pictures with Hayden. Carly tells Pete that he needs to come to Port Charles with her. She wants him to make an appearance at the Nurses' Ball. At the end, he grabs a tux and they head out the door together!

End of show!

I'll see you at the ball tomorrow!

Have a great night!

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