Monday, April 6, 2015

Ah Chew!

Give me a scotch and some allergy pills!
Today's Show - 

Sam finds Jake at the garage. He tells her that Julian told him to work there. Sam tells him she's got some car trouble. Jake mentions that he's been having deja vu and weird dreams. Then he mentions Hayden's arrival and says she pretty, but feels like a stranger. Sam notices his wedding ring and decides to ask him what he meant about saying "one ring" to her before he went into surgery. Jake answers that he doesn't remember. Later Sam mentions she's moving in with Patrick. Jake offers to give her a ride to Patrick's on his motorcycle. Sam agrees and it reminds her of Jason. 

Spencer looks in Nik's wall safe at Wyndermere and finds Jason's wedding ring. He puts it in his pocket and tells Chandler the butler he's leaving. Meanwhile at the Drake's house, Emma and Patrick wait for Sam and Danny to arrive. Spencer drops by to see Emma so Patrick calls Nik to tell him where Spencer is. Emma tells Spencer that Sam and Danny are moving in. After Spencer gives Emma Jason's ring and shows her the inscription from Alan Q inside. Emma won't accept it. Spencer gets upset and assumes it's because he's deformed and she's still hung up on Cameron. Then he tosses the ring on the floor and storms out. At the end, Sam finally arrives at Patrick's place and Jason's ring lays near her feet.

Kiki and Morgan chat about their plan against Michael in the Metro Court lobby. Kiki says Michael is popping the dubious allergy pills like candy. Morgan tells Kiki that Alice told him Michael lost a third of ELQ. Kiki decides to tell the press about it. Meanwhile in the Metro Court restaurant, Michael gets frustrated with his WiFi connection and his allergies. Sabrina comes to see him with baby Avery. Michael tells Sabrina he thinks the Cassadine's are after ELQ. Later Michael is approached by a reporter asking about him losing part of the ELQ. After Kiki and Morgan walk in and tell Michael they're getting back together. Michael isn't happy to hear it. At the end, Michael orders a drink while he angrily watches Kiki and Morgan canoodling. 

Liz tells Nik at the hospital about Jake's wife surfacing. Knowing the truth about Jake, Nikolas tells Liz that doesn't make sense. Liz explains that Hayden had proof, including brain scans. Nik insists something isn't right so Liz asks why he cares so much. Nik responds that he cares about her and paid for Jake's medical bills. He asks where he can find Hayden. Liz tells him, but worries about Nikolas. He says he's fine and takes off. At the end, Liz gets a sweet text message from Ric that makes her smile.

Hayden and Ric gloat about their successful ruse in the elevator at GH. Then they head back to Hayden's hotel room and she charges lobster and champagne on Ric. When the food arrives Hayden makes a toast to her acting ability. Then she says Jake wouldn't have sex with her and asks if Ric will to relive her sexual tension instead. Ric turns her down cold and walks out. At the end, Nikolas knocks on Hayden's door!

End of show!

Have a great night!


  1. Michael is turning into AJ!

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