Thursday, April 9, 2015

Access Port Charles

Help me die!
Thursday's Recap - 

Nina and Franco celebrate in their fully paid suite at the Metro Court. They turn on the TV and see a news report about Michael on Access Port Charles. The news plays the incident with Avery's stroller tipping over from Michael's drunkenness. Franco laughs and plays it over and over, but Nina says "Jamie" could have been killed. Hearing that makes Franco want to make sure that Nina remembers that Avery isn't her baby. Nina takes offense, but Franco charms her into forgiving him. However when Franco starts to kiss her, Nina says she wants to slow things down.  Franco agrees and says they can watch her favorite movie which is When Harry Met Sally. At the end, Franco finds it on demand but suddenly can't find Nina.

Ned sees the news report on Access Port Charles about Michael and then sees a report about his baby with Olivia. Michael walks in and Ned scolds him for not thinking. Later Sabrina comes into the living room and Ned decides to go speak with Olivia. Once alone, Sabrina and Michael run down the details of his drinking incident. Michael says he didn't feel drunk he felt like he was out of his body. Sabrina suspects it might have been the allergy pills, but then dismisses that thought saying it should have just made him tired.

Olivia and Carly see the report at the Metro Court. Carly gets annoyed that Olivia didn't tell her about what happened with Michael. Later Ned comes to talk to Olivia about Michael. Olivia tells him that her bartender told her Michael only had two drinks. Later Olivia is approached to approve Franco's room service bill. Ned asks why she's comping him. Olivia tells Ned that Franco knows that Julian is really her baby's father and is blackmailing her. Ned wants to know what room Franco is in so he can talk some sense into him. At the end, Ned knocks on Franco's door.

Morgan and Sonny see the news report about Michael at Sonny's place. Sonny is furious and wants to know who would take advantage of Michael's pain like that. Morgan says they can't worry about it and they should call child protective services. Sonny looks at him oddly and then Carly walks in. She tells Morgan not to call anyone and lobbies for them to rally around Michael. However Sonny agrees with Morgan and says they have to put Avery first. Later Carly gets emotional thinking about them bailing on Michael in his time of need. Sonny promises they'll find a way to reach Michael. At the end, Sonny learns that the judge is going to take Avery away from Michael.

Ava watches the report on her tablet while in her NYC hospital room. After seeing Avery's stroller incident, Ava is determined to get to her daughter. Silas walks in and tries to talk her out of leaving the hospital. Ava says if she can't save Avery she wants him to go help Avery instead. She tells him if she knows Avery is okay she can die in peace. Then Ava insists that Silas promise to help her die when he returns with news on Avery. At the end, Silas reluctantly agrees to help her.

Alexis and Julian also see the report and hear a scathing story about themselves at Julian's place. Alexis tries to reach out to Michael, but can't get him on the phone. Julian says Michael is out of control. Later Kiki comes over to discuss getting Avery back with Julian. He suspects that Kiki is behind Michael recent drunken behavior. Kiki confirms it so Julian tells Kiki he's proud of her. Meanwhile, Alexis goes to the Quartermaine's to speak with Michael about his custody of Avery. Then child protective services arrives with Kiki saying they're taking Avery from Michael.

End of show!

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P.S. In case you didn't hear, Tyra Banks is hosting the Daytime Emmy's. See here -- > Tyra B.

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