Tuesday, March 24, 2015

They Bought It!

Liz wants proof!
Tuesday's Recap - 

Julian tells Alexis at Sam's place that he thinks he might be the father of Olivia's baby. Then they end up fooling around on Sam's couch. Right then Sam and Patrick walk in. Everyone is mortified and Alexis and Julian quickly get dressed. Later Sam brings up Julian giving Jake a job. Alexis doesn't like Sam helping Jake. After Sam and Patrick chat privately in her bedroom and Sam says she needs to kick Alexis and Molly out soon. Patrick says Sam should move in with him instead. Sam says she wants to think about it. Meanwhile downstairs, Julian asks Alexis to move in with him, but Alexis says she can't do that yet. 

Ned and Olivia talk about the baby situation at Kelly's. She tells Ned that Julian is still suspicious that he could be her baby's daddy. Olivia feels bad, because she thought Julian seemed genuinely interested in being a father. Ned tells her that the child is safer not being part of Julian's life. Olivia asks if Ned is sure he's ready for a lifetime commitment. He answers yes and says the whole Quartermaine family is on board.

Hayden goes to tell Ric that Liz and Jake "bought it" in his hotel room. Ric pays her a portion of the money they discussed and tells her the rest will come upon completion of her mission. They briefly talk about meeting on the dating site that Molly suggested and deciding to work together. Hayden needs money, but says Liz questioned her and wants proof. Ric produces a file with a marriage license, social security card and more.

Lulu and Tracy hear a noise coming from Valerie's apartment and ask what it is. She claims it's her cat and hustles them away. After Fluke emerges from the closet with his gun in hand. He tells Valerie that he's not going anywhere and wants evidence that Patricia is really dead. Later Lulu and Tracy talk at a local diner. Tracy thinks Valerie was lying about having a cat and possibly about Patricia being dead.

Liz questions Jake about whether or not Hayden is on the up and up at her place. Jake says he doesn't remember Hayden at all, which makes Liz think something is fishy. Jake agrees and says Hayden will need to provide proof. They both agree they don't want him to be married. Jake says the only person he feels anything for is Liz and they kiss. At the end, Liz says they have to postpone being together until he finds out if Hayden is really his wife.

End of show!

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