Wednesday, March 25, 2015

That Breakdown was Fake!

She's fully recovered!
Today's Show - 

Sam and Patrick wake up in bed together and read about Nina and Franco's trial. They agree they should both be locked up. After Patrick brings up them moving in together again. Sam says she needs more time to think about it and they end up fooling around. After Sam realizes that they knocked over some items on her night table and sees her wedding ring. Sam remembers Jake telling her that he only had one ring.

Alexis takes Nina to court and Nathan meets them there. Nina can tell something is bothering Nathan and takes a minute to talk to him in private. He tells her about his problems with Maxie. Nina advises him to fight for what he wants. Then Franco walks in and Nathan gives Nina a minute to talk with him. They admit that they each told Scotty and Alexis that they're faking being crazy. At the end, Alexis takes Nina into the courtroom and her trial starts. Alexis tells the judge that Nina's most recent breakdown was fake.

Maxie gets coffee with Georgie at Kelly's. After she runs into Spinelli while heading outside. Spinelli asks if Maxie is doing okay since breaking up with Nathan. Maxie tells him she's not certain it's over with Nathan and he shouldn't assume they will be together now. She says Spinelli treated her badly by arranging the fight with Nathan. Spinelli admits that he was thoughtless, but he thinks they're meant to be together. Maxie ends up walking away confused.

Ric stops by Hayden's hotel room to talk about their deal. Then Jake knocks on the door so Ric quickly hides. Hayden answers and quickly takes Jake on the balcony to talk. Ric uses the time to sneak out. After Hayden shows Jake several documents and a wedding picture. She shows him a few more pictures and asks if he remembers anything. Jake says he doesn't, but asks why he wasn't wearing his wedding ring when he got hit with the car. Hayden says he tossed it in anger. Then she pulls one out from her belongings and slips it on his finger.

Molly comes to visit TJ at Kelly's and says she meeting Ric there. She tells TJ about advising Ric to try online dating and says she's anxious to see if it worked. Then Ric arrives and sits down. Molly asks if he met anyone yet. Ric says yes, but she was married. Then we flash to Ric having Hayden and a Jake lookalike do a photo shoot. At the end, Ric sits alone and the Jake lookalike approaches him.

Liz thinks about Ric, Jake and Hayden at her place. Then Carly stops by and Liz fills her in on Hayden. Carly doesn't like what she hears and says it doesn't sound right. Carly thinks Liz should go find Hayden and find out the truth. Liz is hesitant, but Carly pushes her to go to the Metro Court. At the end, they walk into Hayden's room right as Hayden kisses Jake!

End of show!

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