Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The best part of today's show!
In this episode Ric and Sonny commiserate about Jake, Dante gives Nathan relationship advice and Spinelli thinks he sees Stonecold!

Today's Show - 

At the Quartermaine's, Michael takes calls regarding L&B records and AJ's clinic. Sabrina walks in and sees him with Avery. She thinks they look cute together. Later Michael says he might not be able to give Sabrina a job at the clinic right now, because of all the delays. Then Michael is interrupted again by ELQ calls. After Sabrina tells Michael she needs a job and can't wait for the clinic to open. At the end, Michael offers Sabrina a job as Avery's nanny instead.

Sonny comes home from a run to find Carly waiting for him. She tells him that she's headed to the hospital to see Jake. Sonny doesn't like what he hears and argues with her about it. Ric interrupts and Carly heads off. After Ric tells Sonny about Jake's interest in Liz. They have breakfast and Ric fills Sonny in on where his relationship with Liz stands. They both agree that they don't like Jake. After Ric shows Sonny his strategy for getting Avery back and advises him to be an upstanding citizen in order to win favor with the court. Sonny thanks Ric for his help and they make a toast to family.

Patrick tells Liz and Jake at GH that Jake's recovering in record time. Then he asks for Jake's word that he'll stay away from Sam. Patrick then tells Liz that Jake imagined himself in bed with Sam. Jake tells him not to worry, because Sam isn't his type. Patrick asks who is and Jake looks at Liz, but then Carly walks in. Jake asks to talk to Carly alone so Patrick and Liz step out. In private Jake talks to Carly about his problem with Agent Sloan. Carly offers to help him. Meanwhile in the hallway, Patrick and Liz talk about Jake and Patrick warns her to be careful around him. 

Sam runs into Spinelli at the hospital. He tells her that Maxie is the great love of his life and he hopes they can be together again. Then Spinelli asks about Sam's relationship with Patrick. Sam says it's nice and Patrick sparkles. Meanwhile, Maxie and Lulu talk in the ER with baby Georgie. Maxie expresses some disappointment that Nathan didn't stay with her. Lulu asks if Spinelli still has a chance. Before she can answer, Sam and Spinelli walk in. 

Anna and Jordan meet on the docks in the rain. They discuss Julian reactivating his organization and Jordan fears that a mob war is brewing. Nearby Julian and Carlos have a run in with Duke and Shawn on the docks while unloading a gun shipment from Canada. Duke tells Julian to take their shipment and scram. Julian and Carlos reply by drawing their guns. A standoff ensues and then a gun battle starts. Everyone starts shooting and Duke ends up corning Julian with a gun. Then Anna comes over with her gun drawn. The rain stops and everyone scurries away. At the end, Shawn asks Jordan how Anna knew they'd be there.

At the PCPD, Nathan and Dante change in the locker room and talk about Maxie. Both take their shirts off and discuss Nathan's relationship. Nathan says seeing Maxie with Spinelli and Georgie made him feel like he's in the way. Nathan thinks maybe he should step aside, but Dante doesn't agree. He tells Nathan if he loves Maxie not to let her get away. At the end, Nathan decides to head to the hospital to see Maxie. He asks to speak with her alone. Once in private, Nathan tells Maxie that he loves her. Meanwhile, Spinelli sees Jake by the nurse's station and thinks he's stonecold! 

End of show!

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