Friday, March 20, 2015

Prize Fight

Friday's Recap -

Ava and Silas talk about her health in the hospital in NYC. He tells her that she's getting worse. Ava doesn't take the news well and asks for her IV to be removed. She asks what the point of chemo therapy is and says she doesn't want to do another round. At the end, Ava tells Silas to kill her and put her out of her misery.

Nina and Franco get a visit from Scotty and Alexis at Shadybrook. Alexis takes Nina aside and warns her to not act crazy in front of the judge. Nina admits to Alexis that she wants to stay in Shadybrook for Franco's sake. Alexis thinks it's a bad idea and bad for Nina's future. Scotty talks to Franco in private and tells him he's not going to get out. Franco admits to him that he's not really crazy anymore. Scotty advises Franco to stay put since it's better than Pentonville. At the end, Franco tells Nina to forget him and live her life.

Dante talks to Nathan at Kelly's about the search for Luke. Then Nathan tells Dante about his upcoming challenge with Spinelli. Dante thinks it's a bad idea and asks what Maxie thinks. Nathan says he hasn't told her about it. Later Maxie comes to Kelly's and asks where Nathan is. Dante ends up telling her about the boxing match Spinelli challenged Nathan to. Maxie doesn't like the idea of being a prize in their prize fight. She forces Dante to babysit Georgie and takes off for the gym. 

Sonny tries to teach Spinelli some boxing moves at the gym. Sonny advises Spinelli to exhaust Nathan and then take him out. During practice Spinelli goes down quickly when Sonny takes a practice shot. Then Nathan arrives for their showdown and the match begins. Spinelli does his best to tire Nathan out and makes it to the final round. At the end, Nathan is exhausted and Spinelli bounces off the ropes and falls down. Right then Maxie walks in.

Lulu and Tracy knock on the door where they believe Patricia lives. At first no one answers, but then a young black woman opens the door. She tells them Patricia is her mother. Lulu introduces herself as the girl's cousin and says they need to speak with Patrick as soon as possible. She tells them that her mother is dead. At the end, we see that Fluke is hiding behind the door with gun.

Liz and Jake discuss their relationship potential at her place. They agree they want to be together and Liz makes turkey sandwiches so they can have a first date. They talk about his lack of a past and Jake says he's someone who no one wants to find. He says he wants to look to the future. Liz likes what she hears and leads him to the stairs. Right then a woman (Rebecca Budig) knocks on the door saying she Jake's wife.

End of show!

Spinelli really does make the show more fun!

Have a great weekend!

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