Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pizza & Monopoly

Family Game Night!
Here's What Happened - 

Sonny is furious with Michael for taking Avery at his house. Kiki worries that Sonny blames her for not letting Morgan take Avery to the island, but Sonny replies that he blames Michael for everything. Morgan wants to break the tension and decides to order pizza for everyone. At the end, they eat and play monopoly. Carly thanks Sonny for letting Morgan help him.

Michael brings Avery to the Q's. Tracy gets scared when he enters and says she thought he might be Luke. She explains that Luke escaped from Shadybrook. Then Michael says he's going to call Avery "AJ" for short, but Avery cries when he calls her that. Tracy takes the baby and comforts her. She tells Michael that Quartermaine's fight together and stick together. At the end, Michael promises AJ's picture that Avery will grow up a Quartermaine.

Nina and Franco find some time to make out at Shadybrook, but are interrupted by Nathan and Dante. Nathan asks if they helped Luke escape. Seeing that Nina can't lie to Nathan, Franco jumps in and says he did it. Franco says Luke is Harry Houdini and needed his help. Nathan thinks Franco is full of crap. At the end, Franco and Nina are separated but Franco promises to dream of her muffins. 

Lulu returns to her apartment to find Olivia babysitting Rocco. They end up talking about Olivia being pregnant and Olivia asks if Dante is uncomfortable. Lulu makes a joke about the age difference, but promises they are happy and ready to support her. Olivia gets choked up and promises to always be there for Lulu. At the end, Dante comes home and tells Lulu that he'll find Luke for her. 

At GH, Lucas and Brad find some make out time after Lucas examines Brad. Meanwhile Maxie prepares dinner for Nathan at her place. Spinelli stops by to pick up some files. He sees her BBQ ribs and asks for a taste, but she refuses. Then Felicia calls to tell Maxie she's in the ER with Georgie. Later Spinelli and Maxie head to the hospital to see Georgie. Felicia explains that Georgie spiked a high fever. Lucas tells them he thinks Georgie has the flu. At the end, Lucas steals another kiss from Brad and Nathan goes to GH just in time to see Spinelli, Maxie and Georgie having a family moment. 

End of show!

Have a great night!


  1. So glad that Sonny is finally getting what should have been coming to him for years. Go Michael!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Sonny never gets Avery back and that Michael thwarts him in everything every step of the way. Michael learned from the master and now the tables are turned I am loving this and have waited a long time for Sonny to get his just desserts. Now that he doesn't have custody of Avery will Sonny finally go see his nephew Spencer who is in the hospital badly hurt??? Spencer needs all his family not just his father can Sonny stop thinking of himself for awhile and go visit his nephew? I hope TPTB let Michael and Sonny be in the battle of wills for a long time to come and Sonny loose every time. So glad that Michael wanted Carly arrested too. She is Sonny's enabler shame on her never put her children first always Sonny.

    1. I like Michael embracing his Quartermaine side a lot too! Chad is a great actor, although I think the writer's will eventually have him return to Sonny's side. :(


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