Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Oh Danny Boy

I'm Alive!
Here's What Happened - 

Olivia meets Dante at Kelly's to tell him she's pregnant. The news shocks Dante and he spits out his coffee. He asks if she's going to keep it and Olivia says of course. Then Dante asks who the father is. Olivia gets nervous and says it's Ned. Dante is a little off put and surprised. Olivia says she got pregnant while Ned and Alexis were still together, although she hates lying to Dante. At the end, Dante says he loves her and promises everything will be okay.

Tracy babysits for little Danny at the Q's while Monica is in surgery. Ned walks into the living room and they talk about Fluke. Then Ned let's it slip that Olivia is pregnant. Tracy is outraged and says he's obsessed with fish wives from Bensonhurst. After Tracy tells Ned that Michael and Monica arranged to get her boyfriend, Judge Walters, to determine Avery's custody case. The idea of sticking it to Sonny pleases Ned very much. At the end, Ned and Tracy enjoy Danny and say its nice to have a child in the house again.

Sam talks to Nikolas at the children's hospital in Boston about Jason. Nik feels guilty for lying to her and wants to tell her the truth about Jason. However he's interrupted by a nurse saying Spencer needs him. Nik goes to check it out, but it turns out that Spencer is okay. After Sam says they can talk about whatever Nik wanted to tell her another time and goes home. 

Agent Sloan reminds Jake at GH that his options are jail or going under cover to get the Jerome's. Jake agrees to work for him and says, "I'm in!" Then Liz walks in and asks why Agent Sloan is back. Sloan gives Liz a fake story to explain why Jake is now a free man. Liz is thrilled to hear it. At the end, Sam returns to GH and Liz tells her that Jake will soon be a free man.

At the courthouse, Michael arranges for Judge Walter's to take over the case. Alexis realizes that Michael won favor since Judge Walter's is dating Monica. Ric gets nervous at the change and tries to postpone the case, however Judge Walter's won't hear of it. After Sonny takes the stand and Alexis questions him. Alexis brings up Carly sending Morgan to military school and his accidentally shooting of Carly when she was pregnant years ago. Sonny insists he can provide a safe home for Avery. Sonny makes an emotional plea to Michael while on the stand and says he loves him. At the end, the judge adjourns to make a decision.

At Ava's memorial, Ava watches from the outside of Ryan's Bar to get a glimpse of Avery. Julian takes the microphone and gives a speech for Ava. Meanwhile Ava slips into the bar and listens. Then Kiki takes the microphone and gets emotional over Ava's death. Hearing it chokes Ava up. After Silas and then Delia also talk about Ava. Finally Morgan speaks about Ava and says he'll always love her. At the end, Delia watches after Avery for a few minutes alone. She sings "Oh Danny boy" to her. Then Ava walks in and surprises Delia.

End of show!

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