Thursday, March 5, 2015

Nathan or Spinelli?

Thursday's Recap - 

Carly realizes the judge is Monica's boyfriend at the courthouse. She thinks Monica arranged this with Michael. Ric decides to confront Michael about it. Sonny chimes in and Michael replies, "Good luck trying to prove it" when Sonny accuses him of fixing the judge. Later court begins and Judge Walters awards Michael custody of Avery. Sonny is outraged and Ric swears he'll appeal. Sonny decides to lie about where Avery is so the judge gives him a few hours to get Avery together. At the end, Sonny tells Carly he's not handing the baby over to Michael.

Tracy gets ambushed by reporters at GH. She walks up to Lulu and Lulu says that Scotty was attacked by Luke. We get a flashback of Bobby and Lulu at the courthouse. Scotty baits Luke when he exits the courtroom by calling him a rapist and a murderer. Then Luke attacks him by biting his ear off. After Bobby talks to Scotty in the hospital. Scotty agrees that Luke is crazy, but says he wants to support Bobby.

Silas finds Ava's hospital bed in NYC empty. Meanwhile at Ryan's Bar, Ava gives poor Delia a shock when she shows up alive. Ava goes right for Avery, but Delia demands to know how it is that Ava is alive. Ava says someone saved her. Delia asks who and then Silas walks in. Delia gets pissed at Silas for keeping the secret. Silas gets pissed at Ava for risking getting caught. Ava asks Delia to forget she saw her. Delia agrees, but then Ava wants to take Avery with her.

Maxie worries about her relationship status with Nathan outside of Lulu's apartment. However when she knocks she finds Spinelli there. They end up having an argument about Maxie's feelings. Spinelli also says he's investigating Luke for Lulu and Tracy. It leads to an argument about their past and Spinelli wants Maxie to admit she still has feelings for him. Spinelli says its they're time to be a family. They end up kissing and Nathan walks in and sees them.

Luke is forced to wear a Hannibal Lecter mask with Dante and Nathan overseeing at Shadybrook. Nearby, Franco continues his crazy act along with Nina. In private, Franco says they need to start acting sane enough to be released. Nina sees Nathan and he tells her that Luke attacked Scotty. When Franco hears that he gets concerned. At the end, Franco wants to confront Luke for hurting Scotty. He sneaks into Luke's room and tells Luke to prepare to die!

End of show!

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