Monday, March 16, 2015

Jake, Jake, Jake!

You like Jake!
Monday's Recap - 

Duke orders Jordan to kill Julian at Kelly's. Jordan pulls him into the kitchen and asks why. Duke claims that she knows where Julian's weak spots are. He says she's the perfect person for the job. However Jordan says she won't do it. Duke puts pressure on her so Jordan finally agrees.

Sabrina sees Carlos spying on Duke outside of Kelly's. He changes the subject and tells her that his lawyer is going to question her about whether or not she covered for him. After Carlos tells her that he's back in business with Julian. Sabrina worries that Carlos is gonna get himself killed.

Julian asks Sam if she has feelings for Jake. Sam gets a little defensive and swears she only has eyes for Patrick. Then Sam talks about her relationship with Jason. Later they talk about Sonny and his issues with Avery. At the end, Julian talks to Carlos on the phone while he's alone and tells him to take Duke out asap.

Anna and Nathan talk about Agent Sloan in her hotel room. Anna asks if Nathan knows anything about who could be Sloan's informant. Nathan doesn't know. Then Anna tells him that Jordan thinks Duke is on to her. Anna thinks they have to keep Jordan undercover, but Nathan thinks it's a bad idea. Anna realizes that her emotions might be messing with her judgement. At the end, Jordan knocks on the door and tells them about Duke's order.

Patrick and Liz chat at GH. She tells him that she broke up with Ric. She explains that she has feelings for Jake. Patrick warns her that despite the surgery Jake might still be dangerous. Patrick also thinks Carly's relationship with Jake is going to get Sonny's back up. At the end, Sam comes to see Patrick and hugs him. She tells him that Julian is going to give Jake a job. Patrick worries that will be bad for Liz.

Ric goes to the Metro Court for a drink and runs into Carly. Ric says he has a problem with Jake and Carly calls him out for being jealous. Ric tells her that Liz dumped him for Jake. He knows it bothers Carly and claims Sonny thinks there is more to her interest in Jake then friendship. They snark at each other and warn one another to watch their back. At the end, Ric talks to himself and says he needs to get Jake out of the way.

Sonny comes to Carly's house and finds Jake there. Jake explains that Carly is letting him crash for awhile. Then Sonny starts to grill Jake on his various misdeeds. Sonny says he's not going to stop Carly from being friends with him, but says he doesn't like him. Later Jake informs Sonny that he's working for Julian. Sonny isn't pleased and threatens Jake just as Carly walks in the door. 

End of show!

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