Friday, March 27, 2015


Passed the test!
Here's What Happened - 

Anna and Jordan prepare Jordan with a wire to wear on Duke in Anna's hotel room. They test the equipment and everything seems in order. Jordan is nervous that something is going to go wrong, but Anna tries to assure her it will all be worth it. Then Jordan leaves to meet Duke. After Anna listens on her laptop, but is interrupted by Agent Sloan. He wants to search her place to find out information on her informant. Anna quickly grabs her laptop and refuses to share it with him.

Nina and Franco are excited to be free at the courthouse. Alexis tells Nina she needs to stay with Nathan, because all her assets are frozen. Nina worries about where Franco will stay. Alexis warns them not to do anything stupid. After Nina asks Franco where he's going to stay. He thinks maybe the Metro Court and he wants Nina to come with him.

At the Metro Court, Duke comes for his tea box pick up. However Julian intercepts it and sits down at Duke's table. Duke has his guards strong arm Julian. Then Olivia interrupts and tell them to settle this outside. After Duke sits alone and Jordan arrives for their meeting. She tells Duke that Julian is changing his routine and the risk is getting greater. Jordan wants confirmation of Duke's orders, but Duke skirts the question. He essentially calls off the hit and tells Jordan it was just a test. At the end, Jordan walks into Anna's room just as Agent Sloan is questioning Anna about her. 

Meanwhile Julian approaches Olivia and apologizes for asking to touch her stomach. Alexis walks in and sees them talking. Alexis greets Julian with a deep kiss and then tells them Nina and Franco are free. Olivia talks about going to see Franco at Shadybrook and remembers telling him that Julian got her pregnant. At the end, Franco and Nina come to chat with Olivia. Franco demands a suite or else he'll tell Julian he's the father of her baby.

Shawn goes to the gym to talk to Sonny about Jordan. Shawn says he thinks he was wrong about her. Sonny asks why Shawn is changing his mind and tells Shawn about Duke's test for Jordan. Sonny says Duke is handling it and he doesn't know the details. Shawn thinks it might be for Jordan to kill someone. At the end, Duke shows up. He tells Shawn that Jordan aced his test. However, once alone Duke's guard asks why he didn't tell Sonny that Jordan was wearing a wire.

Bobby comes to meet Tracy at Kelly's to discuss Luke. Tracy tells her that she found Patricia and she's dead. Bobby takes it hard, but Tracy brightens the mood by saying she has a niece. Tracy says she looked up the cemetery named Oakhill where Patricia is supposedly buried, but there is no such place. Bobby looks Oakhill up on her tablet and says Oakhill is really a convalescent home.

Dante and Lulu find Valerie unconscious in her apartment. When she wakes up she tells them Luke hit her. Valerie explains that Luke was hiding with a gun and he wanted information about Patricia. Then she says her mother is really alive. Valerie explains what Oakhill really is and says Patricia needs 24 hour supervision. Valerie says she had to tell Luke where Patricia is. Meanwhile Tracy and Bobby head to Oakhill to see Patricia, but find Luke with a gun instead!

End of show!

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