Friday, March 6, 2015

I Need Avery!

Dead anyway?
Friday's Recap - 

Franco tells Luke in Shadybrook that he's going to kill him artfully, unlike what he did to Scotty. Luke tries talk his way out of it, but Franco ends up putting a pillow over his head. Then Nina walks in and stops him. She says if Franco kills Luke he'll never be able to leave with her. Luke calls Nina a goddess and tells Franco to listen to her. Then Luke says if they call a truce, he can help them escape from Shadybrook. At the end, Franco decides it's a good idea and tries to talk Nina into it.

Nathan walks in to Lulu's place just as Maxie and Spinelli are kissing. Nathan is upset at the sight and asks if this means Maxie has made her choice. Maxie says Spinelli kissed her without warning and it was uninvited. Nathan gets angry and tries to strong arm Spinelli. Nathan is ready to punch Spinelli, but then Spinelli's laptop beeps alerting him to news on Luke. Spinelli quickly scurries away and heads out. At the end, Nathan tells Maxie that maybe they should call it a day.

Michael and Tracy talk about the custody case at the Q's. Tracy congratulates him for sticking it to Sonny. She rails against how horrible Sonny is and says Edward would be proud. Later when Tracy is alone, Alice tells her that she's cleaned up everything for baby Avery. Tracy informs Alice that Ned is also having a baby with Olivia. At the end, Tracy confides in Alice about Luke. Alice says the real Luke is still inside and is hoping she'll save him. Then Spinelli walks in and tells Tracy that he found Patricia.

Ava wants to take Avery on the run with her and Silas at Ryan's Bar. Delia and Silas try to talk her out of it and Ava reluctantly decides against taking her. Outside Morgan and Kiki show up. Morgan calls Sonny and Sonny tells Morgan to take Avery to his island. Morgan nervously agrees and tells Kiki that Michael won custody. Later Morgan tells Kiki about Sonny idea to get Avery out of the country, but Kiki thinks it's a terrible idea.

Carly advises Sonny at his house to turn Avery over to Michael, but Sonny doesn't want to hear it. She says that Sonny is making Morgan an accomplice and Michael will take good care of Avery for the time being. Then Michael and the cops knock on the door. Sonny let's them in, but when there is no sight of Avery, Michael screams, "Arrest this son of a bitch!"

Back at the hospital in NYC, Ava and Silas return. Silas lectures Ava on her poor choices and says it's going to cost her both her daughters. Ava says she feels physical pain due to Avery's absence. She says she refuses to be separated from her daughter's. Silas replies that it doesn't matter, because she's dying!

End of show!

Have a great weekend!

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