Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Challenge You To A Duel!

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Morgan and Kiki continue to discuss their plan to make Michael look like an alcoholic at Kelly's. Morgan thinks Rosalie might be able to help them. Then Sabrina walks in with Avery. Kiki verbally attacks Sabrina for what she did to Ava. Sabrina promises Kiki that she'll take good care of Avery, but Kiki doesn't want to hear it. Morgan breaks up their argument and Sabrina leaves. At the end, Morgan says they need to use pills on Michael.

Rosalie places a call to "Mr. Cassadine" at ELQ and leaves a voice message asking what to do to next. Then Michael comes to talk to her and asks why she stayed late the night before. We get a flashback of Nik giving her the order to send him Michael's emails. Tracy interrupts before Rosalie can answer and pulls Michael into his office. Rosalie listens to their conversation on the intercom and hears Tracy say someone is trying to take over the company. Then Sabrina strolls in with Avery just as Tracy leaves. Rosalie gives Sabrina attitude. At the end, Sabrina tells Michael that Rosalie was hostile toward her. She also tells Michael she heard Rosalie call someone "boss" on the phone.

In Boston, Spencer wants to know if Cameron started the fire. Nikolas tells him it was an accident, but Spencer doesn't believe it. Spencer says Cameron likes playing with fire and calls him a little "pyro!" Then Nikolas gets interrupted by a call from Rosalie. She tells him that Tracy is suspicious of someone taking over ELQ. Nik says the shares he got from Skye can't be traced back to him. After Spencer tells Nikolas that he has to have Cameron arrested. 

Lulu comes to Maxie's place and Maxie tells her that Nathan said that he loves her. Lulu is excited, but Maxie says Spinelli is in the way. Maxie talks about how she missed Frisco growing up and doesn't want to Georgie to miss out on having her father around. Then she says that she loves Nathan and Spinelli both and told Nathan so. Lulu thinks that was a bad call. Then Lulu tells Maxie to look into her heart and make a decision. At the end, Tracy comes looking for Lulu and tells her she knows where Patricia is now. 

Anna asks Olivia at the Metro Court if she knows anything about Duke's involvement with Sonny. It leads to a conversation about Avery and Olivia wonders if Anna thinks keeping a baby from a mob boss is justifiable. Anna says yes and talks about how Robin didn't know she was her mother until Robin was older, because of her dangerous line of work at the time. After Olivia tells her that Duke comes for tea often. Anna thinks the tea box is where Duke gets his drop offs. Anna explains that she's loved Duke for half her life, but she says has to do what's right by arresting him.

Nathan advises Spinelli at the gym to go back to Portland. Sonny watches from a distance, but then interrupts their conversation. Sonny tells Nathan that Spinelli can stay in Port Charles as long as he likes. Nathan replies that Spinelli is confusing the situation with Maxie. Later Spinelli challenges Nathan to a duel in the boxing ring. He says the winner leaves town. Sonny thinks it's bad idea and Nathan laughs thinking he'd easily kick Spinelli's ass. Spinelli calls him a coward and says the underdog often wins. Nathan finally accepts the challenge and says he'll be back in hour. At the end, Spinelli asks Sonny to teach him to box in 59 minutes.

Jake shows up on Liz's doorstep and she fills him in on what Cameron said about starting the fire. She's upset so Jake hugs her. Liz talks about the fire Cameron started a few years ago. After Jake asks about her break up with Ric. Liz replies that it's for the best. She also says she partly made the decision, because of him. Jake asks if they might have a chance together. Liz answers that she hopes so. They agree they feel familiar to one another and finally share a kiss. 

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