Monday, March 2, 2015

Going Undercover

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Today's Recap - 

Franco tells Nina he was faking at Shadybrook. Nina isn't happy and slaps him a few times. She says he lied to her. Franco says it was art and he thought she'd understand. He explains that he really did trip out, but it wore off when he woke up. Franco says he didn't tell her because he didn't want get her in trouble. Then Franco says they are way more than just friends and they kiss. Nina forgives him and at the end she asks how they're going to get out of Shadybrook.

Julian runs into Carlos outside of Kelly's. Julian attacks him and chokes Carlos for killing Ava. Carlos says that Ava threatened Sabrina and framed him for AJ's murder. Julian backs off. Carlos tries to explains his position and says he heard Julian was getting his operation back together. Carlos says Julian used to be his friend and he could use his help running things. Julian thinks about and agrees. Then they shake on it.

Ava isn't happy with waiting at the hospital in NYC. Silas tells her to sit tight, but when he leaves the room she watches the courthouse proceedings in Port Charles on her tablet. She sees Carly holding Avery and gets upset. Ava tries to get out of bed and falls down. Silas walks back in and Ava says she needs Julian to save her daughter. Silas tells Ava she can't do anything without risking returning to prison. Then Ava asks if he's going to turn her in anyway when she's healed. Silas replies no, because he's got her back and still cares about her.

Liz tells Jake she has feelings for him at the hospital. She says, "I like you Jake...a lot!" He asks if that means he still has a chance with her. Then Agent Sloan walks in and wants to talk to Jake. Liz gets defensive and says agent Sloan isn't taking Jake anywhere. Agent Sloan tells Liz to leave and when she does, he tells Jake he's dropping the charges against him.

Later Nikolas calls Liz and tells her the hospital in Boston is great. He thanks her for pushing him to bring Spencer there. Meanwhile Agent Sloan offers Jake a job doing undercover work for him against the Jerome's. Jake doesn't think it will work out. Agent Sloan says if he doesn't comply he'll go to jail. He gives Jake time to think about it.

Ric cross examines's Michael in the courthouse and accuses him of wanting revenge. Michael says he just wants to save his sister from getting caught in the crossfires of a mob war. Then Ric brings up Michael killing Claudia and says Michael has no blood ties to Avery. Ric also brings up Sonny's heroics with the bomb on the Haunted Star. At the end, the judge asks them all to think about a compromise for Avery's sake.

End of show!

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P.S. The Daytime Emmy's will air on Sunday, April 26th at 8 pm EST on the Pop network. See the details here ---> The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

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  1. I think Tyler and Nicholas deserve emmys for their performances in this storyline. Great job by both!!!!!!! I hope TPTB no what two great actors they have on their team. The storyline has also brought attention to Shriners Hospital who do amazing things in caring for ill children. Outstanding performances by Tyler, Nicholas, and Brooklyn. The scene between Prince Nikolas and little Emma were awesome! As well as all the scenes with Nikolas and Spencer. The fans want emmys for all three of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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