Friday, March 13, 2015

Search Away!

Find anything?
Friday's Recap - 

Julian and Carlos think they need to kill Duke at Ava's apartment. Later Sam stops by to see Julian and Carlos heads off. Once alone, Sam asks Julian to give Jake a job. Julian thinks Jake is a loose cannon, but Sam manages to talk him into it. Then Sam calls Jake to tell him that he's got a job. At the end, Sam tells Julian that she thinks Jake is a good person. Julian worries that she might have feelings for him.

At GH, Liz asks Jake when she'll see him again in front of Carly. He answers that things got complicated and says, "I'll see you around!" Then he leaves with Carly. After Ric approaches Liz when she's alone. He tries to apologize to her for what happened at Jake's trial. Liz is distant so Ric asks if she has feelings for Jake. She admits it and says she doesn't think there is anyway to save what was they had together. Ric takes it badly and says she's making a mistake. 

Duke tells Sonny they might have to take Jordan out at Sonny's house. He says he doesn't like the idea, because Jordan is a mother but he feels it's necessary. Sonny worries how Shawn will take it and he says they need proof of Jordan's betrayal. Later Sonny shares with Duke his concerns about Jake and says he's a threat.

Jordan meets up with TJ at Kelly's. He starts asking her about her job, but later Shawn comes in and joins them for a meal. They all agree it's nice to spend time together. Then TJ steps away to take a phone call and while alone Shawn asks Jordan again if she's working with Anna. Jordan denies it. Shawn says he believes her, but Duke might not. She asks if Shawn told Duke about his suspicions, but TJ interrupts before Shawn can answer. At the end, Duke finds Jordan alone at Kelly's. Meanwhile Carlos is tailing him. Duke tells Jordan to kill Julian.  

Anna goes to visit Agent Sloan in his hotel room and he answers in a towel. She accuses him of tampering with the major's election. She wants to search his room so Agent Sloan drops his towel and says, "Search away!" It puts Anna off, but she holds her own and searches his room anyway. Later Sloan puts his pants on and Anna doesn't find anything. He asks Anna to tell him who her confidential informant is. Anna plays coy and won't tell him anything. Sloan asks if they can call a truce and work together to bring down Julian and Sonny. Anna says no, because she doesn't trust him.

Carly takes Jake to her house for him to stay for awhile. She tells him about Jocelyn's love of corn. Later Carly brings up his relationship with Elizabeth. Jake admits to Carly that Liz told him she has feelings for him, but he doesn't know where that leaves Ric. Carly rails against Ric and says Liz likes to be unattainable with men. Jake asks if Carly is jealous, but she says no. At the end, Sonny goes to Carly's and finds Jake there. 

End of show!

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