Monday, March 30, 2015

Dazed & Confused

Poor Patricia!
Monday's Recap - 

Agent Sloan confronts Jordan on being Anna's informant in Anna's hotel room. Jordan decides to come clean with him. They play what they were able to record from Duke and Agent Sloan says they're secret is safe with him. After Jordan wonders if Duke is on to her. Anna says they need to proceed carefully.

At the gym, Duke tells his security guard that despite knowing Jordan is working for Anna they can't tell Shawn. Duke says Julian isn't his priority right now, Jordan is. Duke thinks "removing" Jordan is the only option and he doesn't plan on telling Sonny about it. Later Duke says he should have known that Anna would be gunning for him.

Carly talks to Jake at Kelly's about Hayden. He says he wants to convince Hayden to stay in Port Charles while he deals with Agent Sloan. Carly advises him not to blindly trust Hayden just because she's the first woman to claim him. After Agent Sloan runs into Jake and wishes him luck on his job with Julian.

At the Metro Court, Franco and Nina tell Olivia they want a suite or they'll tell Julian the truth about her baby. Franco informs Olivia that he was faking the LSD stuff and remembers everything she told him. Nearby Alexis and Julian are chatting and Franco decides to go over to talk to Julian. Olivia intercepts before Franco can say anything. She gives him the room and demands he wants, but then Carly walks in.

Bobby and Tracy try to talk to Fluke at Oakhill. He tells them he was hiding at Valerie's when Tracy and Lulu were there. Then Fluke pulls back the hospital curtain and reveals a tied up and gagged Patricia (Dee Wallace) laying in bed. Bobby and Tracy are appalled at what they see. Fluke grabs Bobby and forces her and Patricia into a freaky hug. Tracy tries to reason with him, but Fluke is ready to kill Bobby first.

Dante and Lulu talk to Valerie at her apartment about Luke. Valerie is dizzy from her head injury, but wants to protect her mother. Dante wants to go after Luke, but Lulu doesn't want him to go alone. Then Valerie passes out so Lulu decides to take off alone to deal with Luke. After Dante calls an ambulance for Valerie. At the end, Lulu walks into Patricia's room at Oakhill and Luke makes her another hostage.

End of show!

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  1. There is absolutely no excuse that will be good enough to explain all the murders and brutalizing behavior Luke has gotten away with. I know many people who suffered horribly at the hands of their own parents and they did not come out as murderers.

    1. I know, it's the worst plot ever! GH is falling apart again and I'm so disappointed.

  2. It's time for Luke to check out of GH for good. This plot went too far. Get rid of him and bring back Genie Francis.


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