Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cameron the Firestarter!

I'm hideous!
Here's What Happened - 

Maxie kicks Spinelli out of her apartment so she can spend time with Nathan. Once alone, Nathan asks why Spinelli stayed overnight at her place. Maxie explains that it was only because Georgie was sick. After Nathan wonders why she didn't tell him she loves him back. Nathan tells her again that he's deeply in love with her and Maxie tells him she loves him too. However then she says she loves Spinelli as well. Nathan says she has to choice one of them and walks out.

Sonny punches the punching bag at the gym while thinking of Jake. Then Spinelli walks in and they have a pleasant reunion. They end up talking about Jake Doe and Spinelli says he thought he was Jason at first. Later Spinelli confides in Sonny that he wants Maxie back. Spinelli talks about Nathan's many attractive qualities and wonders how he can compete. Sonny thinks he should go back to Ellie. Then Nathan walks in and overhears. Sonny steps aside and Nathan tells Spinelli to go back to Portland. 

Molly and Ric chat at Kelly's and he tells her that Liz broke up with him over Jake. Molly is shocked and annoyed at Liz for not seeing Jake clearly. Then Molly suggests that Ric try online dating, but Ric isn't very into it. Molly advises him to keep an open mind so Ric says he'll try the online thing. Meanwhile at Liz's place, Cameron looks for Ric so she has to tell him that they broke up. Cameron is very upset and says he needs a lawyer. He explains that he started the fire at Wyndermere by accident. Liz assures him everything will be okay. At the end, Liz calls Nik to tell him what happened.

Nikolas brings Spencer balloons to his hospital room in Boston. Spencer feels insecure about being burned and calls himself a beast. Spencer fears that Emma will run away from him. Nik tries to console him, but Spencer doesn't want to hear it. Later Sam, Patrick and Emma come to visit. Emma and Patrick go to chat with Spencer. Emma tells Spencer she only cares about what's on the inside, not the outside. Spencer wonders how the fire started, but Emma convinces him to come outside with her. Meanwhile Sam fills Nikolas in on what's going on in Port Charles. Sam ends up asking Nikolas what he wanted to tell her that last time she visited, but Nik pretends he can't remember. At the end Spencer overhears Nik say that Cameron started the fire. 

Jake comes to visit Carly at the Metro Court. They talk about Sonny. Carly says she can't tell Sonny about what Agent Sloan is doing to Jake. He thinks maybe they should stop being friends so Sonny doesn't get upset and because Carlos hates him. Carly doesn't like the idea and refuses to go along with it. Jake agrees to maintain a friendship with her discreetly. After Carly tells Jake that Liz dumped Ric and now he can be with her. At the end, Jake shows up on Liz's doorstep.

End of show!

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  1. Love Spence and Emma hope TPTB continue to keep these young ones a duo. They work well with each other. I hope they have Spencer make a full recovery and go on to help kids who have been injured and show a compassionate side of the boy. Love seeing Prince Nikolas. Tyler deserves an emmy for his performance.

    1. I agree, Tyler was amazing in his storyline.


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