Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Today on GH

I've made a decision!
According to GHH, here's what's coming up on today's episode!

Ric's plan appears to be working.

Jake starts his new job with Julian.

Sam makes her decision regarding moving in with Patrick.

Olivia's actions regarding Nina and Franco surprise Carly.

Lulu and Tracy think their issues regarding Luke are under control.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Dazed & Confused

Poor Patricia!
Monday's Recap - 

Agent Sloan confronts Jordan on being Anna's informant in Anna's hotel room. Jordan decides to come clean with him. They play what they were able to record from Duke and Agent Sloan says they're secret is safe with him. After Jordan wonders if Duke is on to her. Anna says they need to proceed carefully.

At the gym, Duke tells his security guard that despite knowing Jordan is working for Anna they can't tell Shawn. Duke says Julian isn't his priority right now, Jordan is. Duke thinks "removing" Jordan is the only option and he doesn't plan on telling Sonny about it. Later Duke says he should have known that Anna would be gunning for him.

Carly talks to Jake at Kelly's about Hayden. He says he wants to convince Hayden to stay in Port Charles while he deals with Agent Sloan. Carly advises him not to blindly trust Hayden just because she's the first woman to claim him. After Agent Sloan runs into Jake and wishes him luck on his job with Julian.

At the Metro Court, Franco and Nina tell Olivia they want a suite or they'll tell Julian the truth about her baby. Franco informs Olivia that he was faking the LSD stuff and remembers everything she told him. Nearby Alexis and Julian are chatting and Franco decides to go over to talk to Julian. Olivia intercepts before Franco can say anything. She gives him the room and demands he wants, but then Carly walks in.

Bobby and Tracy try to talk to Fluke at Oakhill. He tells them he was hiding at Valerie's when Tracy and Lulu were there. Then Fluke pulls back the hospital curtain and reveals a tied up and gagged Patricia (Dee Wallace) laying in bed. Bobby and Tracy are appalled at what they see. Fluke grabs Bobby and forces her and Patricia into a freaky hug. Tracy tries to reason with him, but Fluke is ready to kill Bobby first.

Dante and Lulu talk to Valerie at her apartment about Luke. Valerie is dizzy from her head injury, but wants to protect her mother. Dante wants to go after Luke, but Lulu doesn't want him to go alone. Then Valerie passes out so Lulu decides to take off alone to deal with Luke. After Dante calls an ambulance for Valerie. At the end, Lulu walks into Patricia's room at Oakhill and Luke makes her another hostage.

End of show!

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Friday, March 27, 2015


Passed the test!
Here's What Happened - 

Anna and Jordan prepare Jordan with a wire to wear on Duke in Anna's hotel room. They test the equipment and everything seems in order. Jordan is nervous that something is going to go wrong, but Anna tries to assure her it will all be worth it. Then Jordan leaves to meet Duke. After Anna listens on her laptop, but is interrupted by Agent Sloan. He wants to search her place to find out information on her informant. Anna quickly grabs her laptop and refuses to share it with him.

Nina and Franco are excited to be free at the courthouse. Alexis tells Nina she needs to stay with Nathan, because all her assets are frozen. Nina worries about where Franco will stay. Alexis warns them not to do anything stupid. After Nina asks Franco where he's going to stay. He thinks maybe the Metro Court and he wants Nina to come with him.

At the Metro Court, Duke comes for his tea box pick up. However Julian intercepts it and sits down at Duke's table. Duke has his guards strong arm Julian. Then Olivia interrupts and tell them to settle this outside. After Duke sits alone and Jordan arrives for their meeting. She tells Duke that Julian is changing his routine and the risk is getting greater. Jordan wants confirmation of Duke's orders, but Duke skirts the question. He essentially calls off the hit and tells Jordan it was just a test. At the end, Jordan walks into Anna's room just as Agent Sloan is questioning Anna about her. 

Meanwhile Julian approaches Olivia and apologizes for asking to touch her stomach. Alexis walks in and sees them talking. Alexis greets Julian with a deep kiss and then tells them Nina and Franco are free. Olivia talks about going to see Franco at Shadybrook and remembers telling him that Julian got her pregnant. At the end, Franco and Nina come to chat with Olivia. Franco demands a suite or else he'll tell Julian he's the father of her baby.

Shawn goes to the gym to talk to Sonny about Jordan. Shawn says he thinks he was wrong about her. Sonny asks why Shawn is changing his mind and tells Shawn about Duke's test for Jordan. Sonny says Duke is handling it and he doesn't know the details. Shawn thinks it might be for Jordan to kill someone. At the end, Duke shows up. He tells Shawn that Jordan aced his test. However, once alone Duke's guard asks why he didn't tell Sonny that Jordan was wearing a wire.

Bobby comes to meet Tracy at Kelly's to discuss Luke. Tracy tells her that she found Patricia and she's dead. Bobby takes it hard, but Tracy brightens the mood by saying she has a niece. Tracy says she looked up the cemetery named Oakhill where Patricia is supposedly buried, but there is no such place. Bobby looks Oakhill up on her tablet and says Oakhill is really a convalescent home.

Dante and Lulu find Valerie unconscious in her apartment. When she wakes up she tells them Luke hit her. Valerie explains that Luke was hiding with a gun and he wanted information about Patricia. Then she says her mother is really alive. Valerie explains what Oakhill really is and says Patricia needs 24 hour supervision. Valerie says she had to tell Luke where Patricia is. Meanwhile Tracy and Bobby head to Oakhill to see Patricia, but find Luke with a gun instead!

End of show!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Today's Show

No official recap today! I'll see you tomorrow!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

That Breakdown was Fake!

She's fully recovered!
Today's Show - 

Sam and Patrick wake up in bed together and read about Nina and Franco's trial. They agree they should both be locked up. After Patrick brings up them moving in together again. Sam says she needs more time to think about it and they end up fooling around. After Sam realizes that they knocked over some items on her night table and sees her wedding ring. Sam remembers Jake telling her that he only had one ring.

Alexis takes Nina to court and Nathan meets them there. Nina can tell something is bothering Nathan and takes a minute to talk to him in private. He tells her about his problems with Maxie. Nina advises him to fight for what he wants. Then Franco walks in and Nathan gives Nina a minute to talk with him. They admit that they each told Scotty and Alexis that they're faking being crazy. At the end, Alexis takes Nina into the courtroom and her trial starts. Alexis tells the judge that Nina's most recent breakdown was fake.

Maxie gets coffee with Georgie at Kelly's. After she runs into Spinelli while heading outside. Spinelli asks if Maxie is doing okay since breaking up with Nathan. Maxie tells him she's not certain it's over with Nathan and he shouldn't assume they will be together now. She says Spinelli treated her badly by arranging the fight with Nathan. Spinelli admits that he was thoughtless, but he thinks they're meant to be together. Maxie ends up walking away confused.

Ric stops by Hayden's hotel room to talk about their deal. Then Jake knocks on the door so Ric quickly hides. Hayden answers and quickly takes Jake on the balcony to talk. Ric uses the time to sneak out. After Hayden shows Jake several documents and a wedding picture. She shows him a few more pictures and asks if he remembers anything. Jake says he doesn't, but asks why he wasn't wearing his wedding ring when he got hit with the car. Hayden says he tossed it in anger. Then she pulls one out from her belongings and slips it on his finger.

Molly comes to visit TJ at Kelly's and says she meeting Ric there. She tells TJ about advising Ric to try online dating and says she's anxious to see if it worked. Then Ric arrives and sits down. Molly asks if he met anyone yet. Ric says yes, but she was married. Then we flash to Ric having Hayden and a Jake lookalike do a photo shoot. At the end, Ric sits alone and the Jake lookalike approaches him.

Liz thinks about Ric, Jake and Hayden at her place. Then Carly stops by and Liz fills her in on Hayden. Carly doesn't like what she hears and says it doesn't sound right. Carly thinks Liz should go find Hayden and find out the truth. Liz is hesitant, but Carly pushes her to go to the Metro Court. At the end, they walk into Hayden's room right as Hayden kisses Jake!

End of show!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

They Bought It!

Liz wants proof!
Tuesday's Recap - 

Julian tells Alexis at Sam's place that he thinks he might be the father of Olivia's baby. Then they end up fooling around on Sam's couch. Right then Sam and Patrick walk in. Everyone is mortified and Alexis and Julian quickly get dressed. Later Sam brings up Julian giving Jake a job. Alexis doesn't like Sam helping Jake. After Sam and Patrick chat privately in her bedroom and Sam says she needs to kick Alexis and Molly out soon. Patrick says Sam should move in with him instead. Sam says she wants to think about it. Meanwhile downstairs, Julian asks Alexis to move in with him, but Alexis says she can't do that yet. 

Ned and Olivia talk about the baby situation at Kelly's. She tells Ned that Julian is still suspicious that he could be her baby's daddy. Olivia feels bad, because she thought Julian seemed genuinely interested in being a father. Ned tells her that the child is safer not being part of Julian's life. Olivia asks if Ned is sure he's ready for a lifetime commitment. He answers yes and says the whole Quartermaine family is on board.

Hayden goes to tell Ric that Liz and Jake "bought it" in his hotel room. Ric pays her a portion of the money they discussed and tells her the rest will come upon completion of her mission. They briefly talk about meeting on the dating site that Molly suggested and deciding to work together. Hayden needs money, but says Liz questioned her and wants proof. Ric produces a file with a marriage license, social security card and more.

Lulu and Tracy hear a noise coming from Valerie's apartment and ask what it is. She claims it's her cat and hustles them away. After Fluke emerges from the closet with his gun in hand. He tells Valerie that he's not going anywhere and wants evidence that Patricia is really dead. Later Lulu and Tracy talk at a local diner. Tracy thinks Valerie was lying about having a cat and possibly about Patricia being dead.

Liz questions Jake about whether or not Hayden is on the up and up at her place. Jake says he doesn't remember Hayden at all, which makes Liz think something is fishy. Jake agrees and says Hayden will need to provide proof. They both agree they don't want him to be married. Jake says the only person he feels anything for is Liz and they kiss. At the end, Liz says they have to postpone being together until he finds out if Hayden is really his wife.

End of show!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday 03/23 Scoop

No official recap today! In the meantime, according to GHH here's what coming up today on General Hospital!

Ava asks Silas to kill her.
Nathan's fight with Spinelli horrifies Maxie.

Michael tells Morgan he won't ever allow him to be part of Avery's life.

Jake is shocked with the appearance of his wife.

Julian tells Kiki he will help her fight for Avery.

Lulu and Tracy plead with Valerie (Pat's daughter) for her help.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Prize Fight

Friday's Recap -

Ava and Silas talk about her health in the hospital in NYC. He tells her that she's getting worse. Ava doesn't take the news well and asks for her IV to be removed. She asks what the point of chemo therapy is and says she doesn't want to do another round. At the end, Ava tells Silas to kill her and put her out of her misery.

Nina and Franco get a visit from Scotty and Alexis at Shadybrook. Alexis takes Nina aside and warns her to not act crazy in front of the judge. Nina admits to Alexis that she wants to stay in Shadybrook for Franco's sake. Alexis thinks it's a bad idea and bad for Nina's future. Scotty talks to Franco in private and tells him he's not going to get out. Franco admits to him that he's not really crazy anymore. Scotty advises Franco to stay put since it's better than Pentonville. At the end, Franco tells Nina to forget him and live her life.

Dante talks to Nathan at Kelly's about the search for Luke. Then Nathan tells Dante about his upcoming challenge with Spinelli. Dante thinks it's a bad idea and asks what Maxie thinks. Nathan says he hasn't told her about it. Later Maxie comes to Kelly's and asks where Nathan is. Dante ends up telling her about the boxing match Spinelli challenged Nathan to. Maxie doesn't like the idea of being a prize in their prize fight. She forces Dante to babysit Georgie and takes off for the gym. 

Sonny tries to teach Spinelli some boxing moves at the gym. Sonny advises Spinelli to exhaust Nathan and then take him out. During practice Spinelli goes down quickly when Sonny takes a practice shot. Then Nathan arrives for their showdown and the match begins. Spinelli does his best to tire Nathan out and makes it to the final round. At the end, Nathan is exhausted and Spinelli bounces off the ropes and falls down. Right then Maxie walks in.

Lulu and Tracy knock on the door where they believe Patricia lives. At first no one answers, but then a young black woman opens the door. She tells them Patricia is her mother. Lulu introduces herself as the girl's cousin and says they need to speak with Patrick as soon as possible. She tells them that her mother is dead. At the end, we see that Fluke is hiding behind the door with gun.

Liz and Jake discuss their relationship potential at her place. They agree they want to be together and Liz makes turkey sandwiches so they can have a first date. They talk about his lack of a past and Jake says he's someone who no one wants to find. He says he wants to look to the future. Liz likes what she hears and leads him to the stairs. Right then a woman (Rebecca Budig) knocks on the door saying she Jake's wife.

End of show!

Spinelli really does make the show more fun!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Challenge You To A Duel!

Go back home!
Today's Show - 

Morgan and Kiki continue to discuss their plan to make Michael look like an alcoholic at Kelly's. Morgan thinks Rosalie might be able to help them. Then Sabrina walks in with Avery. Kiki verbally attacks Sabrina for what she did to Ava. Sabrina promises Kiki that she'll take good care of Avery, but Kiki doesn't want to hear it. Morgan breaks up their argument and Sabrina leaves. At the end, Morgan says they need to use pills on Michael.

Rosalie places a call to "Mr. Cassadine" at ELQ and leaves a voice message asking what to do to next. Then Michael comes to talk to her and asks why she stayed late the night before. We get a flashback of Nik giving her the order to send him Michael's emails. Tracy interrupts before Rosalie can answer and pulls Michael into his office. Rosalie listens to their conversation on the intercom and hears Tracy say someone is trying to take over the company. Then Sabrina strolls in with Avery just as Tracy leaves. Rosalie gives Sabrina attitude. At the end, Sabrina tells Michael that Rosalie was hostile toward her. She also tells Michael she heard Rosalie call someone "boss" on the phone.

In Boston, Spencer wants to know if Cameron started the fire. Nikolas tells him it was an accident, but Spencer doesn't believe it. Spencer says Cameron likes playing with fire and calls him a little "pyro!" Then Nikolas gets interrupted by a call from Rosalie. She tells him that Tracy is suspicious of someone taking over ELQ. Nik says the shares he got from Skye can't be traced back to him. After Spencer tells Nikolas that he has to have Cameron arrested. 

Lulu comes to Maxie's place and Maxie tells her that Nathan said that he loves her. Lulu is excited, but Maxie says Spinelli is in the way. Maxie talks about how she missed Frisco growing up and doesn't want to Georgie to miss out on having her father around. Then she says that she loves Nathan and Spinelli both and told Nathan so. Lulu thinks that was a bad call. Then Lulu tells Maxie to look into her heart and make a decision. At the end, Tracy comes looking for Lulu and tells her she knows where Patricia is now. 

Anna asks Olivia at the Metro Court if she knows anything about Duke's involvement with Sonny. It leads to a conversation about Avery and Olivia wonders if Anna thinks keeping a baby from a mob boss is justifiable. Anna says yes and talks about how Robin didn't know she was her mother until Robin was older, because of her dangerous line of work at the time. After Olivia tells her that Duke comes for tea often. Anna thinks the tea box is where Duke gets his drop offs. Anna explains that she's loved Duke for half her life, but she says has to do what's right by arresting him.

Nathan advises Spinelli at the gym to go back to Portland. Sonny watches from a distance, but then interrupts their conversation. Sonny tells Nathan that Spinelli can stay in Port Charles as long as he likes. Nathan replies that Spinelli is confusing the situation with Maxie. Later Spinelli challenges Nathan to a duel in the boxing ring. He says the winner leaves town. Sonny thinks it's bad idea and Nathan laughs thinking he'd easily kick Spinelli's ass. Spinelli calls him a coward and says the underdog often wins. Nathan finally accepts the challenge and says he'll be back in hour. At the end, Spinelli asks Sonny to teach him to box in 59 minutes.

Jake shows up on Liz's doorstep and she fills him in on what Cameron said about starting the fire. She's upset so Jake hugs her. Liz talks about the fire Cameron started a few years ago. After Jake asks about her break up with Ric. Liz replies that it's for the best. She also says she partly made the decision, because of him. Jake asks if they might have a chance together. Liz answers that she hopes so. They agree they feel familiar to one another and finally share a kiss. 

End of show!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cameron the Firestarter!

I'm hideous!
Here's What Happened - 

Maxie kicks Spinelli out of her apartment so she can spend time with Nathan. Once alone, Nathan asks why Spinelli stayed overnight at her place. Maxie explains that it was only because Georgie was sick. After Nathan wonders why she didn't tell him she loves him back. Nathan tells her again that he's deeply in love with her and Maxie tells him she loves him too. However then she says she loves Spinelli as well. Nathan says she has to choice one of them and walks out.

Sonny punches the punching bag at the gym while thinking of Jake. Then Spinelli walks in and they have a pleasant reunion. They end up talking about Jake Doe and Spinelli says he thought he was Jason at first. Later Spinelli confides in Sonny that he wants Maxie back. Spinelli talks about Nathan's many attractive qualities and wonders how he can compete. Sonny thinks he should go back to Ellie. Then Nathan walks in and overhears. Sonny steps aside and Nathan tells Spinelli to go back to Portland. 

Molly and Ric chat at Kelly's and he tells her that Liz broke up with him over Jake. Molly is shocked and annoyed at Liz for not seeing Jake clearly. Then Molly suggests that Ric try online dating, but Ric isn't very into it. Molly advises him to keep an open mind so Ric says he'll try the online thing. Meanwhile at Liz's place, Cameron looks for Ric so she has to tell him that they broke up. Cameron is very upset and says he needs a lawyer. He explains that he started the fire at Wyndermere by accident. Liz assures him everything will be okay. At the end, Liz calls Nik to tell him what happened.

Nikolas brings Spencer balloons to his hospital room in Boston. Spencer feels insecure about being burned and calls himself a beast. Spencer fears that Emma will run away from him. Nik tries to console him, but Spencer doesn't want to hear it. Later Sam, Patrick and Emma come to visit. Emma and Patrick go to chat with Spencer. Emma tells Spencer she only cares about what's on the inside, not the outside. Spencer wonders how the fire started, but Emma convinces him to come outside with her. Meanwhile Sam fills Nikolas in on what's going on in Port Charles. Sam ends up asking Nikolas what he wanted to tell her that last time she visited, but Nik pretends he can't remember. At the end Spencer overhears Nik say that Cameron started the fire. 

Jake comes to visit Carly at the Metro Court. They talk about Sonny. Carly says she can't tell Sonny about what Agent Sloan is doing to Jake. He thinks maybe they should stop being friends so Sonny doesn't get upset and because Carlos hates him. Carly doesn't like the idea and refuses to go along with it. Jake agrees to maintain a friendship with her discreetly. After Carly tells Jake that Liz dumped Ric and now he can be with her. At the end, Jake shows up on Liz's doorstep.

End of show!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patty's Day!

No official recap today! I'm off to drink green beer. See you tomorrow!

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Jake, Jake, Jake!

You like Jake!
Monday's Recap - 

Duke orders Jordan to kill Julian at Kelly's. Jordan pulls him into the kitchen and asks why. Duke claims that she knows where Julian's weak spots are. He says she's the perfect person for the job. However Jordan says she won't do it. Duke puts pressure on her so Jordan finally agrees.

Sabrina sees Carlos spying on Duke outside of Kelly's. He changes the subject and tells her that his lawyer is going to question her about whether or not she covered for him. After Carlos tells her that he's back in business with Julian. Sabrina worries that Carlos is gonna get himself killed.

Julian asks Sam if she has feelings for Jake. Sam gets a little defensive and swears she only has eyes for Patrick. Then Sam talks about her relationship with Jason. Later they talk about Sonny and his issues with Avery. At the end, Julian talks to Carlos on the phone while he's alone and tells him to take Duke out asap.

Anna and Nathan talk about Agent Sloan in her hotel room. Anna asks if Nathan knows anything about who could be Sloan's informant. Nathan doesn't know. Then Anna tells him that Jordan thinks Duke is on to her. Anna thinks they have to keep Jordan undercover, but Nathan thinks it's a bad idea. Anna realizes that her emotions might be messing with her judgement. At the end, Jordan knocks on the door and tells them about Duke's order.

Patrick and Liz chat at GH. She tells him that she broke up with Ric. She explains that she has feelings for Jake. Patrick warns her that despite the surgery Jake might still be dangerous. Patrick also thinks Carly's relationship with Jake is going to get Sonny's back up. At the end, Sam comes to see Patrick and hugs him. She tells him that Julian is going to give Jake a job. Patrick worries that will be bad for Liz.

Ric goes to the Metro Court for a drink and runs into Carly. Ric says he has a problem with Jake and Carly calls him out for being jealous. Ric tells her that Liz dumped him for Jake. He knows it bothers Carly and claims Sonny thinks there is more to her interest in Jake then friendship. They snark at each other and warn one another to watch their back. At the end, Ric talks to himself and says he needs to get Jake out of the way.

Sonny comes to Carly's house and finds Jake there. Jake explains that Carly is letting him crash for awhile. Then Sonny starts to grill Jake on his various misdeeds. Sonny says he's not going to stop Carly from being friends with him, but says he doesn't like him. Later Jake informs Sonny that he's working for Julian. Sonny isn't pleased and threatens Jake just as Carly walks in the door. 

End of show!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Search Away!

Find anything?
Friday's Recap - 

Julian and Carlos think they need to kill Duke at Ava's apartment. Later Sam stops by to see Julian and Carlos heads off. Once alone, Sam asks Julian to give Jake a job. Julian thinks Jake is a loose cannon, but Sam manages to talk him into it. Then Sam calls Jake to tell him that he's got a job. At the end, Sam tells Julian that she thinks Jake is a good person. Julian worries that she might have feelings for him.

At GH, Liz asks Jake when she'll see him again in front of Carly. He answers that things got complicated and says, "I'll see you around!" Then he leaves with Carly. After Ric approaches Liz when she's alone. He tries to apologize to her for what happened at Jake's trial. Liz is distant so Ric asks if she has feelings for Jake. She admits it and says she doesn't think there is anyway to save what was they had together. Ric takes it badly and says she's making a mistake. 

Duke tells Sonny they might have to take Jordan out at Sonny's house. He says he doesn't like the idea, because Jordan is a mother but he feels it's necessary. Sonny worries how Shawn will take it and he says they need proof of Jordan's betrayal. Later Sonny shares with Duke his concerns about Jake and says he's a threat.

Jordan meets up with TJ at Kelly's. He starts asking her about her job, but later Shawn comes in and joins them for a meal. They all agree it's nice to spend time together. Then TJ steps away to take a phone call and while alone Shawn asks Jordan again if she's working with Anna. Jordan denies it. Shawn says he believes her, but Duke might not. She asks if Shawn told Duke about his suspicions, but TJ interrupts before Shawn can answer. At the end, Duke finds Jordan alone at Kelly's. Meanwhile Carlos is tailing him. Duke tells Jordan to kill Julian.  

Anna goes to visit Agent Sloan in his hotel room and he answers in a towel. She accuses him of tampering with the major's election. She wants to search his room so Agent Sloan drops his towel and says, "Search away!" It puts Anna off, but she holds her own and searches his room anyway. Later Sloan puts his pants on and Anna doesn't find anything. He asks Anna to tell him who her confidential informant is. Anna plays coy and won't tell him anything. Sloan asks if they can call a truce and work together to bring down Julian and Sonny. Anna says no, because she doesn't trust him.

Carly takes Jake to her house for him to stay for awhile. She tells him about Jocelyn's love of corn. Later Carly brings up his relationship with Elizabeth. Jake admits to Carly that Liz told him she has feelings for him, but he doesn't know where that leaves Ric. Carly rails against Ric and says Liz likes to be unattainable with men. Jake asks if Carly is jealous, but she says no. At the end, Sonny goes to Carly's and finds Jake there. 

End of show!

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Today's Show

No official recap today, work was hell today and I'm pooped! 

What GH good?

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The best part of today's show!
In this episode Ric and Sonny commiserate about Jake, Dante gives Nathan relationship advice and Spinelli thinks he sees Stonecold!

Today's Show - 

At the Quartermaine's, Michael takes calls regarding L&B records and AJ's clinic. Sabrina walks in and sees him with Avery. She thinks they look cute together. Later Michael says he might not be able to give Sabrina a job at the clinic right now, because of all the delays. Then Michael is interrupted again by ELQ calls. After Sabrina tells Michael she needs a job and can't wait for the clinic to open. At the end, Michael offers Sabrina a job as Avery's nanny instead.

Sonny comes home from a run to find Carly waiting for him. She tells him that she's headed to the hospital to see Jake. Sonny doesn't like what he hears and argues with her about it. Ric interrupts and Carly heads off. After Ric tells Sonny about Jake's interest in Liz. They have breakfast and Ric fills Sonny in on where his relationship with Liz stands. They both agree that they don't like Jake. After Ric shows Sonny his strategy for getting Avery back and advises him to be an upstanding citizen in order to win favor with the court. Sonny thanks Ric for his help and they make a toast to family.

Patrick tells Liz and Jake at GH that Jake's recovering in record time. Then he asks for Jake's word that he'll stay away from Sam. Patrick then tells Liz that Jake imagined himself in bed with Sam. Jake tells him not to worry, because Sam isn't his type. Patrick asks who is and Jake looks at Liz, but then Carly walks in. Jake asks to talk to Carly alone so Patrick and Liz step out. In private Jake talks to Carly about his problem with Agent Sloan. Carly offers to help him. Meanwhile in the hallway, Patrick and Liz talk about Jake and Patrick warns her to be careful around him. 

Sam runs into Spinelli at the hospital. He tells her that Maxie is the great love of his life and he hopes they can be together again. Then Spinelli asks about Sam's relationship with Patrick. Sam says it's nice and Patrick sparkles. Meanwhile, Maxie and Lulu talk in the ER with baby Georgie. Maxie expresses some disappointment that Nathan didn't stay with her. Lulu asks if Spinelli still has a chance. Before she can answer, Sam and Spinelli walk in. 

Anna and Jordan meet on the docks in the rain. They discuss Julian reactivating his organization and Jordan fears that a mob war is brewing. Nearby Julian and Carlos have a run in with Duke and Shawn on the docks while unloading a gun shipment from Canada. Duke tells Julian to take their shipment and scram. Julian and Carlos reply by drawing their guns. A standoff ensues and then a gun battle starts. Everyone starts shooting and Duke ends up corning Julian with a gun. Then Anna comes over with her gun drawn. The rain stops and everyone scurries away. At the end, Shawn asks Jordan how Anna knew they'd be there.

At the PCPD, Nathan and Dante change in the locker room and talk about Maxie. Both take their shirts off and discuss Nathan's relationship. Nathan says seeing Maxie with Spinelli and Georgie made him feel like he's in the way. Nathan thinks maybe he should step aside, but Dante doesn't agree. He tells Nathan if he loves Maxie not to let her get away. At the end, Nathan decides to head to the hospital to see Maxie. He asks to speak with her alone. Once in private, Nathan tells Maxie that he loves her. Meanwhile, Spinelli sees Jake by the nurse's station and thinks he's stonecold! 

End of show!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pizza & Monopoly

Family Game Night!
Here's What Happened - 

Sonny is furious with Michael for taking Avery at his house. Kiki worries that Sonny blames her for not letting Morgan take Avery to the island, but Sonny replies that he blames Michael for everything. Morgan wants to break the tension and decides to order pizza for everyone. At the end, they eat and play monopoly. Carly thanks Sonny for letting Morgan help him.

Michael brings Avery to the Q's. Tracy gets scared when he enters and says she thought he might be Luke. She explains that Luke escaped from Shadybrook. Then Michael says he's going to call Avery "AJ" for short, but Avery cries when he calls her that. Tracy takes the baby and comforts her. She tells Michael that Quartermaine's fight together and stick together. At the end, Michael promises AJ's picture that Avery will grow up a Quartermaine.

Nina and Franco find some time to make out at Shadybrook, but are interrupted by Nathan and Dante. Nathan asks if they helped Luke escape. Seeing that Nina can't lie to Nathan, Franco jumps in and says he did it. Franco says Luke is Harry Houdini and needed his help. Nathan thinks Franco is full of crap. At the end, Franco and Nina are separated but Franco promises to dream of her muffins. 

Lulu returns to her apartment to find Olivia babysitting Rocco. They end up talking about Olivia being pregnant and Olivia asks if Dante is uncomfortable. Lulu makes a joke about the age difference, but promises they are happy and ready to support her. Olivia gets choked up and promises to always be there for Lulu. At the end, Dante comes home and tells Lulu that he'll find Luke for her. 

At GH, Lucas and Brad find some make out time after Lucas examines Brad. Meanwhile Maxie prepares dinner for Nathan at her place. Spinelli stops by to pick up some files. He sees her BBQ ribs and asks for a taste, but she refuses. Then Felicia calls to tell Maxie she's in the ER with Georgie. Later Spinelli and Maxie head to the hospital to see Georgie. Felicia explains that Georgie spiked a high fever. Lucas tells them he thinks Georgie has the flu. At the end, Lucas steals another kiss from Brad and Nathan goes to GH just in time to see Spinelli, Maxie and Georgie having a family moment. 

End of show!

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Today's Highlights

No official recap today, but I'll be back tomorrow. Meanwhile according to GHH here's what coming up on today's episode!

Silas shares heartbreaking news with Ava.

Tracy and Lulu continue to look into the Spencer family’s past. 

Nina and Franco agree to Luke's plan.

Maxie and Nathan try to repair their relationship.

Lulu gets an update on Luke from Dante.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

I Need Avery!

Dead anyway?
Friday's Recap - 

Franco tells Luke in Shadybrook that he's going to kill him artfully, unlike what he did to Scotty. Luke tries talk his way out of it, but Franco ends up putting a pillow over his head. Then Nina walks in and stops him. She says if Franco kills Luke he'll never be able to leave with her. Luke calls Nina a goddess and tells Franco to listen to her. Then Luke says if they call a truce, he can help them escape from Shadybrook. At the end, Franco decides it's a good idea and tries to talk Nina into it.

Nathan walks in to Lulu's place just as Maxie and Spinelli are kissing. Nathan is upset at the sight and asks if this means Maxie has made her choice. Maxie says Spinelli kissed her without warning and it was uninvited. Nathan gets angry and tries to strong arm Spinelli. Nathan is ready to punch Spinelli, but then Spinelli's laptop beeps alerting him to news on Luke. Spinelli quickly scurries away and heads out. At the end, Nathan tells Maxie that maybe they should call it a day.

Michael and Tracy talk about the custody case at the Q's. Tracy congratulates him for sticking it to Sonny. She rails against how horrible Sonny is and says Edward would be proud. Later when Tracy is alone, Alice tells her that she's cleaned up everything for baby Avery. Tracy informs Alice that Ned is also having a baby with Olivia. At the end, Tracy confides in Alice about Luke. Alice says the real Luke is still inside and is hoping she'll save him. Then Spinelli walks in and tells Tracy that he found Patricia.

Ava wants to take Avery on the run with her and Silas at Ryan's Bar. Delia and Silas try to talk her out of it and Ava reluctantly decides against taking her. Outside Morgan and Kiki show up. Morgan calls Sonny and Sonny tells Morgan to take Avery to his island. Morgan nervously agrees and tells Kiki that Michael won custody. Later Morgan tells Kiki about Sonny idea to get Avery out of the country, but Kiki thinks it's a terrible idea.

Carly advises Sonny at his house to turn Avery over to Michael, but Sonny doesn't want to hear it. She says that Sonny is making Morgan an accomplice and Michael will take good care of Avery for the time being. Then Michael and the cops knock on the door. Sonny let's them in, but when there is no sight of Avery, Michael screams, "Arrest this son of a bitch!"

Back at the hospital in NYC, Ava and Silas return. Silas lectures Ava on her poor choices and says it's going to cost her both her daughters. Ava says she feels physical pain due to Avery's absence. She says she refuses to be separated from her daughter's. Silas replies that it doesn't matter, because she's dying!

End of show!

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Nathan or Spinelli?

Thursday's Recap - 

Carly realizes the judge is Monica's boyfriend at the courthouse. She thinks Monica arranged this with Michael. Ric decides to confront Michael about it. Sonny chimes in and Michael replies, "Good luck trying to prove it" when Sonny accuses him of fixing the judge. Later court begins and Judge Walters awards Michael custody of Avery. Sonny is outraged and Ric swears he'll appeal. Sonny decides to lie about where Avery is so the judge gives him a few hours to get Avery together. At the end, Sonny tells Carly he's not handing the baby over to Michael.

Tracy gets ambushed by reporters at GH. She walks up to Lulu and Lulu says that Scotty was attacked by Luke. We get a flashback of Bobby and Lulu at the courthouse. Scotty baits Luke when he exits the courtroom by calling him a rapist and a murderer. Then Luke attacks him by biting his ear off. After Bobby talks to Scotty in the hospital. Scotty agrees that Luke is crazy, but says he wants to support Bobby.

Silas finds Ava's hospital bed in NYC empty. Meanwhile at Ryan's Bar, Ava gives poor Delia a shock when she shows up alive. Ava goes right for Avery, but Delia demands to know how it is that Ava is alive. Ava says someone saved her. Delia asks who and then Silas walks in. Delia gets pissed at Silas for keeping the secret. Silas gets pissed at Ava for risking getting caught. Ava asks Delia to forget she saw her. Delia agrees, but then Ava wants to take Avery with her.

Maxie worries about her relationship status with Nathan outside of Lulu's apartment. However when she knocks she finds Spinelli there. They end up having an argument about Maxie's feelings. Spinelli also says he's investigating Luke for Lulu and Tracy. It leads to an argument about their past and Spinelli wants Maxie to admit she still has feelings for him. Spinelli says its they're time to be a family. They end up kissing and Nathan walks in and sees them.

Luke is forced to wear a Hannibal Lecter mask with Dante and Nathan overseeing at Shadybrook. Nearby, Franco continues his crazy act along with Nina. In private, Franco says they need to start acting sane enough to be released. Nina sees Nathan and he tells her that Luke attacked Scotty. When Franco hears that he gets concerned. At the end, Franco wants to confront Luke for hurting Scotty. He sneaks into Luke's room and tells Luke to prepare to die!

End of show!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Oh Danny Boy

I'm Alive!
Here's What Happened - 

Olivia meets Dante at Kelly's to tell him she's pregnant. The news shocks Dante and he spits out his coffee. He asks if she's going to keep it and Olivia says of course. Then Dante asks who the father is. Olivia gets nervous and says it's Ned. Dante is a little off put and surprised. Olivia says she got pregnant while Ned and Alexis were still together, although she hates lying to Dante. At the end, Dante says he loves her and promises everything will be okay.

Tracy babysits for little Danny at the Q's while Monica is in surgery. Ned walks into the living room and they talk about Fluke. Then Ned let's it slip that Olivia is pregnant. Tracy is outraged and says he's obsessed with fish wives from Bensonhurst. After Tracy tells Ned that Michael and Monica arranged to get her boyfriend, Judge Walters, to determine Avery's custody case. The idea of sticking it to Sonny pleases Ned very much. At the end, Ned and Tracy enjoy Danny and say its nice to have a child in the house again.

Sam talks to Nikolas at the children's hospital in Boston about Jason. Nik feels guilty for lying to her and wants to tell her the truth about Jason. However he's interrupted by a nurse saying Spencer needs him. Nik goes to check it out, but it turns out that Spencer is okay. After Sam says they can talk about whatever Nik wanted to tell her another time and goes home. 

Agent Sloan reminds Jake at GH that his options are jail or going under cover to get the Jerome's. Jake agrees to work for him and says, "I'm in!" Then Liz walks in and asks why Agent Sloan is back. Sloan gives Liz a fake story to explain why Jake is now a free man. Liz is thrilled to hear it. At the end, Sam returns to GH and Liz tells her that Jake will soon be a free man.

At the courthouse, Michael arranges for Judge Walter's to take over the case. Alexis realizes that Michael won favor since Judge Walter's is dating Monica. Ric gets nervous at the change and tries to postpone the case, however Judge Walter's won't hear of it. After Sonny takes the stand and Alexis questions him. Alexis brings up Carly sending Morgan to military school and his accidentally shooting of Carly when she was pregnant years ago. Sonny insists he can provide a safe home for Avery. Sonny makes an emotional plea to Michael while on the stand and says he loves him. At the end, the judge adjourns to make a decision.

At Ava's memorial, Ava watches from the outside of Ryan's Bar to get a glimpse of Avery. Julian takes the microphone and gives a speech for Ava. Meanwhile Ava slips into the bar and listens. Then Kiki takes the microphone and gets emotional over Ava's death. Hearing it chokes Ava up. After Silas and then Delia also talk about Ava. Finally Morgan speaks about Ava and says he'll always love her. At the end, Delia watches after Avery for a few minutes alone. She sings "Oh Danny boy" to her. Then Ava walks in and surprises Delia.

End of show!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Today's Recap

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Going Undercover

You're free to go!
Today's Recap - 

Franco tells Nina he was faking at Shadybrook. Nina isn't happy and slaps him a few times. She says he lied to her. Franco says it was art and he thought she'd understand. He explains that he really did trip out, but it wore off when he woke up. Franco says he didn't tell her because he didn't want get her in trouble. Then Franco says they are way more than just friends and they kiss. Nina forgives him and at the end she asks how they're going to get out of Shadybrook.

Julian runs into Carlos outside of Kelly's. Julian attacks him and chokes Carlos for killing Ava. Carlos says that Ava threatened Sabrina and framed him for AJ's murder. Julian backs off. Carlos tries to explains his position and says he heard Julian was getting his operation back together. Carlos says Julian used to be his friend and he could use his help running things. Julian thinks about and agrees. Then they shake on it.

Ava isn't happy with waiting at the hospital in NYC. Silas tells her to sit tight, but when he leaves the room she watches the courthouse proceedings in Port Charles on her tablet. She sees Carly holding Avery and gets upset. Ava tries to get out of bed and falls down. Silas walks back in and Ava says she needs Julian to save her daughter. Silas tells Ava she can't do anything without risking returning to prison. Then Ava asks if he's going to turn her in anyway when she's healed. Silas replies no, because he's got her back and still cares about her.

Liz tells Jake she has feelings for him at the hospital. She says, "I like you Jake...a lot!" He asks if that means he still has a chance with her. Then Agent Sloan walks in and wants to talk to Jake. Liz gets defensive and says agent Sloan isn't taking Jake anywhere. Agent Sloan tells Liz to leave and when she does, he tells Jake he's dropping the charges against him.

Later Nikolas calls Liz and tells her the hospital in Boston is great. He thanks her for pushing him to bring Spencer there. Meanwhile Agent Sloan offers Jake a job doing undercover work for him against the Jerome's. Jake doesn't think it will work out. Agent Sloan says if he doesn't comply he'll go to jail. He gives Jake time to think about it.

Ric cross examines's Michael in the courthouse and accuses him of wanting revenge. Michael says he just wants to save his sister from getting caught in the crossfires of a mob war. Then Ric brings up Michael killing Claudia and says Michael has no blood ties to Avery. Ric also brings up Sonny's heroics with the bomb on the Haunted Star. At the end, the judge asks them all to think about a compromise for Avery's sake.

End of show!

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