Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What the Fluke?

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Here's What Happened - 

Olivia drops by the Q's house to see Ned. She tells him her pregnancy test was a false positive, but Ned knows it's not true. He asks why she lied. Olivia explains that she wishes it was true. Ned asks if she's going to have an abortion. Olivia says she's not comfortable with that option, but she doesn't want Julian to know it's his baby. Ned advises her to relax and offers to take her to the hospital for a check up.

Alexis comes to the hospital to see Julian and tells him she didn't break up with Ned yet. Julian isn't happy to hear it, but Alexis explains that she got held up trying to get him released from custody. She tells him that Scotty decided to drop the charges. Julian is very pleased. At the end, Alexis takes Julian out of the hospital and they run into Ned and Olivia. 

Helena tells Tracy, Lulu and Nikolas at Wyndermere about what she knows regarding Luke. She tells them that Jerry Jacks had Luke as a guest in Amsterdam. She says she met up with Luke there and Luke said he wanted to take Sonny down. Helena explains that Fiason was just a fall guy, but says Luke waffled and at times appeared to have no memory of making an alliance with her. Then Helena claims she found Luke arguing with Bill's dead body in the basement and calls Luke deranged. Helena thinks something in his childhood is the key to his behavior. In shock, Tracy and Lulu decide to leave. 

Fluke gets a surprise visit from Bobby in jail. Bobby is disgusted with him and demands he explain his behavior. She's outraged at Luke for ordering the hit that caused Lucas to be shot, but Fluke says Lucas isn't even blood. Bobby can't believe what she's hearing and says he was always her protector as a child. She talks about their childhood and it appears to snap Fluke back into being Luke. He appears confused and says, "Bobby, what's going on?" Bobby thinks he's playing games, disowns him and storms out. 

After Bobby heads to Kelly's and meets up with Lulu and Tracy. She's frustrated and says Luke was acting like two different people. Tracy explains to Bobby what Helena told them about Luke and Helena's theory about Luke's childhood. Meanwhile back in his jail cell, Luke screams that he's innocent and demands help. Then he sees himself in a guard's uniform standing outside his cell. The guard version of Luke tells him that they are one in the same. Poor Luke screams in confusion, but then sees the true police guard standing in front of him screaming at him to shut up. 

Jake talks to Liz about his brain surgery options in Patrick's office. The realization of dying under the knife or staying under Helena's control make him say "better to live free or die!"  Liz offers to speak with Nikolas to see if he can get Helena to "neutralize" the chip in his brain somehow, but Jake says they can't trust Helena. Meanwhile, Sam comes to the hospital and runs into Patrick. He explains what's going on with Jake and it reminds Sam of how Patrick saved Jason's life years ago. 

Later Jake and Liz walk up to them and Jake says he wants he wants the surgery. Patrick tells him him that he can't promise he'll survive. Jake says he wants to go through with it anyway. After Jake is taken to surgery, but Sam stops him. Jake has a memory of a wedding ring and tries to tell Sam about it. Meanwhile back at Wyndermere, Nikolas wants to talk about Jake Doe. Helena shows Nik a wedding band and says Sam gave it to Jake on their wedding day. At the end, Jake goes into surgery. Under sedation, he starts to remember his various conversations with Helena. Then he recalls that Helena said his name was Jason Morgan!

End of show!

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  1. I hope that TPTB do not turn Nikolas dark. He can get a little shady but don't turn my prince dark. And definitely don't let anything bad happen to Spencer or I will turn off GH after 47 years of watching!!! I hope at some point they find a romantic partner for The Prince and I don't mean Elizabeth!! Someone maybe from his past before he came to Port Charles someone who is an equal or above to him and someone who will truly love Spencer and that is not Elizabeth!!!! Love seeing the Prince in a storyline front and center and not on the back burner. The Luke story is finally getting good but they let it drag out for too long. Luke's split personality is very interesting maybe it can explain Laura's rape and Luke being so rotten to Nikolas.

    1. I think even if Nik goes bad for awhile, it will be because Helena did something to him.


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