Monday, February 9, 2015

Pardon Me

Free at last!
Monday's Recap - 

Patrick wakes Sam up in bed with coffee and they talk about Jake. Sam says she can't stop thinking about why Jake decided not to kill them. Then she tells Patrick that Jake said he remembered being in bed with her and her giving him Jason's dragon. Sam also mentions Helena's involvement. Patrick thinks they should celebrate that both Jake and Helena are in jail. After they have sex. At the end, Sam looks longingly at her phoenix and dragon before getting into the shower with Patrick.

Jake gets a visit from Elizabeth in jail. She is angry at him for lying to her and says Sam was right about him all along. She demands an explanation for his behavior. Jake says Helena has been mind controlling him. He asks Liz to believe him. She answers that she does, because of what Helena did to Lucky in the past. At the end, Jake asks how they are going to stop Helena.

At GH, Sonny gets a full pardon from the governor. Michael is outraged and says Sonny belongs behind bars for killing AJ. The governor says his decision is final and Michael needs to accept it. After Michael accuses Sonny of working a deal to get a pardon. Carly tries to calm Michael down, but he storms off insisting that he's going to fight this. 

Spencer and Nikolas discuss Helena at Wyndermere. Nik tells him that Helena's been arrested. Spencer asks what she did so Nikolas explains that she tried to hurt Lulu. Nik says Helena doesn't care who gets hurt as long as she gets what she wants. Spencer compares Helena to the worst witch in the scariest fairy tale. However Spencer says sometimes he likes Helena and Nik agrees that he thinks the same. Nik says no one is all good or all bad, even Helena.

Nathan tells Tracy and Lulu at the morgue that the Fluke in jail is actually Luke, according to the fingerprints the police ran. Tracy and Lulu are incredibly confused (as are we), but Tracy thinks Helena might have some answers. Lulu mentions how Helena brainwashed Lucky back in the day and they decide to confront her. Nathan wants Lulu to talk to Dante first, but Tracy says she's going to straight to the PCPD. Later Lulu calls Dante to fill him in over the phone.

Fluke/Luke & Helena continue to chat from their neighboring jail cells. He says he's the one and only Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. Fluke explains that he did dig up Bill's body for reasons that confuse Helena. After Helena wants him to find a way for them to get out of jail. She mentions using Jake, but Fluke thinks he's a waste of time. Later Tracy shows up and demands that Helena unbrainwash Luke. Helena says she'll only do that if Tracy can get her full immunity. 

Morgan pays Kiki a visit at Silas's apartment. She asks about Sonny and Morgan tells her that Sonny on his way back to prison. After Kiki gets emotional over Ava and Morgan hugs her. Then baby Avery gets fussy so Kiki picks her up and the three of them comfort each other. At the end, Sonny and Carly stop by to see Avery.

End of show!

Baby Avery is so cute!

Have a great day!

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