Tuesday, February 3, 2015

There's a Bomb on the Boat

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Tuesday's Recap - 

Nathan comes to rescue Dante in Bill Eckert's basement just before the bomb goes off. Meanwhile Liz sees a news report at GH saying that "Jake Doe" was arrested. She also hears about an explosion on Elm Street. Then Nathan comes into the ER with Dante on a stretcher. Liz tells Nathan to call Lulu and let her know what happened to Dante. After Nathan decides to go save everyone on the Haunted Star. At the end, Dante starts to wake up, remembers there's a bomb on the Haunted Star and tells Liz about it.

Near the site of the transport van accident, Johnny points his gun at Sonny while Julian sits nearby with a bloody leg. Johnny tells Sonny to say hello to Anthony, because he'll see them both in hell. Johnny goes to shoot Sonny, but Julian surprises Johnny with a bullet from his gun. Johnny takes a hit in the arm and runs off. After Julian tells Sonny to go find Ava.

Franco storms in on Heather and Nina at Shadybrook. Heather holds the LSD syringe to Nina's neck. Franco tries to talk Heather down by pretending he doesn't care about Nina. Heather doesn't believe it at all so Franco redirects and tells Heather to hurt him instead. Right then Nina stomps on Heather's foot, breaks free of her and Franco grabs Heather's arm. He pulls the syringe from Heather's hand and after gets a hold of a gun Heather was hiding. Heather threatens to have Franco's prison sentence extended and runs away. After Franco decides to inject himself with the LSD and says he's not leaving Nina's side.

Carlos corners Ava on a bridge near the downed transport van. He holds a gun on her. Ava begs for her life, but Carlos laughs. He says she's in the game with the big boys now and it's too late to cry. Then he shoots her in the chest. Ava is shocked, goes to lunge at Carlos and he pushes her over the edge of the bridge. Then Johnny runs up to Carlos and tells him they need to get out of there. Shortly after Sonny comes on the scene and finds Ava hanging off the side. Sonny debates letting her fall, but eventually offers Ava his hand. She grabs for him, but loses her grip and falls. Then Julian stumbles over distraught about Ava and tells Sonny to go save their sons. 

At the Haunted Star, Maxie tells Lulu she doesn't believe Dante would act the way Luke claims. She says she knows about dramatic father's and something is off with Luke. Nearby Bobby and Tracy chat about Luke's odd behavior. Tracy decides to go looking for him to find out what's going on. Later Patrick and Sabrina chat about Sam. Meanwhile Lucas tells Michael that Sonny and Julian broke out of prison. Michael is disgusted and says all Sonny cares about is himself. 

Fluke and Helena talk on the docks about their nefarious plans. He tells her that he's sick of the idiots in Port Charles. Helena agrees and remarks that they're perfect for each other. Right then Tracy walks up and sees them. Tracy demands that Helena step away from Luke. Helena decides to kiss Luke's cheek's in front of Tracy. Outraged, Tracy accuses Luke of not being in his right mind. However Luke assures Tracy he's feeling just fine. At the end, Sonny finds Luke alone on the docks and points a gun at him.

Jake tells Sam he remembers her giving him the phoenix in the PCPD interrogation room. He remembers taking the phoenix from her house and says he recalls being in bed with her. Sam doesn't understand and says Jake seems disoriented. She asks if someone told him to come into her apartment. Jake flashes to Helena and tells Sam that Helena wanted her dead. Then he remembers taking Sam hostage and is distraught at the thought of doing something like that. He realizes he's under Helena's control. Sam says she wants to help him. At the end, Jake remembers his last order from Helena and screams, "there's a bomb on the boat!

End of show!

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